Project: Irish Order of Thelema Library

Project: Irish Order of Thelema Library

In Autumn 2014 one of the members donated a sizeable library to the Order with the purpose of establishing a cornerstone to a reference library and loan library for members. This collection includes work on the qabalah, ritual magick, paganisms, shamanism, Celtic studies, divination and more. Our goal is to put up book shelves, finish indexing and put in place a system for loans and reference for members of the Order. It will be housed in the Belfast temple/ community space.


Book Launch: Lost Envoy – The Tarot Deck of Austin Osman Spare

Wednesday 11 May, 7.00 – 9.00pm / free

Launching Lost Envoy, a new book edited by artist Jonathan Allen, which brings into public view the recently discovered hand-painted tarot cards by English artist and mystic Austin Osman Spare.

The book launch at Camden Arts Centre on Wednesday 11 May includes talks by Jonathan Allen and Phil Baker from 7.10pm and a short performance by artist Marcia Farquhar at 8.30pm.

This event is accompanied by a showcase of the cards in the Artists’ Studio until Sunday 15 May.

Source: Book Launch: Lost Envoy – The Tarot Deck of Austin Osman Spare – What’s On – Camden Arts Centre

New Book: On Getting A Bullshit Meter, Or, ‘If I Remember Lemuria, Will You Pay Me $100 a Year?’

By 2016, Erica M Cornelius, PhD, had risen up to the grade of Adeptus Minor in Aleister Crowley’s A.’.A.’.. Her first task as an Outer Adept in Tiphereth-6 (תפארת) or the Sun was to learn that the light of her inner Star doesn’t always shine unhampered.

Her goal was to lift these clouds, these shadow-like miasma and phantoms she had created which controlled her ‘personality’ or ego as it relates to those spheres below her Star toward Malkuth-10 (מלכות). Like a scientist she began researching what was real and what was incorrect, vanquishing every aspect of false Knowledge that has hindered or would hinder her growth. She learned how to use a Bullshit Meter.

Her essay on the correct use of reason in magick weaves autobiography, history of new religious movements, Crowley scholarship, and magickal theory.

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