The Drug and Other Stories: Fully revised and expanded edition

The Drug and Other Stories

FULLY REVISED & EXPANDED EDITION OF ALEISTER CROWLEY’S THE DRUG & OTHER STORIES NOW AVAILABLE… A revised and expanded second edition of Aleister Crowley’s The Drug & Other Stories is now available from book publisher, Wordsworth Editions. The book brings together fifty-four of the religious philosopher, writer and poet’s stories, with extensive editorial end-notes giving full details about the texts…. Read more »

Catalpa Monographs

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The Catalpa Monographs by Dr William Wallace – A Critical Survey of the Art and Writings of Austin Osman Spare Featuring 93 colour images and 50 unpublished artworks by Spare this book expands upon the books first publishing in the 1980s. The author returns to his earliest writing as the basis for a newly updated inquiry into the volatile essences… Read more »

Exclusive interview with Occult author/illustrator John R. King IV


Tune in for an exclusive interview with John R. King IV, Friday, Oct 2nd @ 6:00pm PST. John has an extensive background and knowledge with magic and has written over a dozen successful books on the subject. He is an illustrator, artist and much of his work is hand written with images. John is also a professional goldsmith and a… Read more »

New release: Colin D Campbell’s Of the Arte Goetia


New release: Colin D. Campbell’s ‘Of the Arte Goetia Richard Kaczynski: Teitan Press has just announced the release of Colin D. Campbell’s ‘Of the Arte Goetia’, in which Campbell examines the evolution of The Goetia from the proto-Goetia of Wier’s Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, through the first English translation in Scot’s Discoverie of Witchcraft, to the English-language manuscripts from which most modern… Read more »

David Tibet: The Moons At Your Door


  This from David Tibet: We are OverAllTheMoons to announce details of an imminent anthology by David Tibet, released at the same time, and with the same title, as the new album by Current 93 93/93 The Moons At Your Door, published by the ever-wonderful Strange Attractor Press, is an anthology of the strange fiction and hallucinatory tales that have most moved… Read more »

Perdurabo (Where is Aleister Crowley?)


‘Perdurabo’: Written and directed by Carlos Atanes. Cast: Toni Arteaga, Neus Bernaus, Alejandra Soler, Raúl Mena, Marta Timón, Colombia, Florence Coulais, Jordi Vilavendrell, Agustín Gálvez, Pee-Wee. Music by Xavier Tort. In time of Mussolini, a mysterious man travels to Sicily looking for famous British magician Aleister Crowley. But when he arrives, he discovers that Crowley has vanished, and into the… Read more »

Clive Barker Producing TV Series Based On His Novel ‘Weaveworld’


The CW is developing Weaveworld, a drama series based on the horror / fantasy novel by Clive Barker (Hellraiser). The genre writer-filmmaker is set to executive produce the project, written/executive produced by Jack Kenny (Warehouse 13). The show gives a contemporary makeover to the premise of the novel, which was published in 1987. In the TV adaptation, an app designer teams up with a… Read more »

Essays 2 of McMurtry-Cornelius A.’.A.’.


I am pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Essays 2 of the McMurtry-Cornelius A.’.A.’. This second volume in an ongoing series contains twenty-three essays by A.’.A.’. Adepts on magickal topics. Taken as a whole, the essays shed special light upon the theory and practice of the BABALON formula, culminating in J Edward Cornelius’ new magickal biography of Frater Achad… Read more »