Is this 19th century England’s ‘most evil man’? – Stratford Herald

THIS ghostly figure pictured two weeks ago in the window of one of the most haunted rooms at Warwick Castle could be that of renowned spiritualist, Aleister Crowley.


It was taken, by chance, on an iPhone by paranormal investigator Mariehanna Dickson.The 30-year-old, who lives in Henley, snapped the figure during a visit to the 1,100-year-old castle as she prepared for a paranormal investigation there in October.


And she believes it could be the figure of Crowley, who, in the late 1800s, was considered the most evil man in England, because of his séances at the castle where he regularly summoned ghosts.

Source: Is this 19th century England’s ‘most evil man’? – Stratford Herald

Anniversary of the Death of Major Grady Louis McMurtry – Zero Equals Two

Today is the anniversary of the 1985 passing of Major Grady Louis McMurtry aka Hymenaeus Alpha. McMurty took the reins of Ordo Templi Orientis in 1969 based on written authorization from Aleister Crowley and working with the tiny remnant of active members at that time, started the Order on its path to revival.

Source: Anniversary of the Death of Major Grady Louis McMurtry – Zero Equals Two!

Beyond the Robot by Gary Lachman

Historian Gary Lachman delivers a fascinating, rollicking biography of literary and cultural rebel Colin Wilson, one of the most adventurous, hopeful, and least understood intellects of the past century.

You will embark on the intellectual ride of a lifetime in this rediscovery of the life and work of writer, rebel, and social experimenter Colin Wilson (1931-2013).

Author of the classic The Outsider, Wilson, across his 118 books, purveyed a philosophy of mind power and human potential that made him one of the least understood and most important voices of the twentieth century. Wilson helped usher in the cultural revolution of the 1960s with his landmark work, The Outsider, published in 1956. The Outsider was an intelligent, meticulous, and unprecedented study of nonconformity in all facets of life. Wilson, finally, became a prolific and unparalleled historian of the occult, providing a generation of readers with a responsible and scholarly entry point to a world of mysteries. Now, acclaimed historian Gary Lachman, a friend of Wilson and a scholar of his work, provides an extraordinary and delightful biography that delves into the life, thought, and evolution of one of the greatest intellectual rebels and underrated visionaries of the twentieth century.

Source: Beyond the Robot by Gary Lachman | 


Supernatural thriller takes Houdini’s niece from Coney Island to upstate’s Esopus Island

“This island was the perfect setting for the conclusion to my story because it has an eerie history that continues to pique the curiosity of Hudson Valley residents and visitors alike,” Herdling said. “That’s because in the summer of 1918, the renowned British occultist Aleister Crowley canoed out to Esopus Island and spent 40 days and nights there in meditative isolation.”


Crowley and Esopus Island both made their debut in the first novel of the series, “Piper Houdini: Apprentice of Coney Island,” though the name of the island was only alluded to. In the novels, the year is 1926, and Crowley has returned to the tiny island to conclude his sinister ritual. Only Piper and her friends from the Dreamland Freak Show stand between him and the demonic subjugation of the human race. Along the way, Piper encounters a variety of real-life luminaries from the 1920s, including author H.P. Lovecraft and a Rudolph Valentino zombie. “I rode the Wonder Wheel as part of my research for the Piper Houdini novels, but I have never set foot on Esopus Island,” Herdling admits. “It’s something I intend to do before the end of the year.” “Piper Houdini: Nightmare on Esopus Island” is currently available exclusively as an e-book at and will be released in print later this year.

Source: Supernatural thriller takes Houdini’s niece from Coney Island to upstate’s Esopus Island | Brooklyn Daily Eagle

The House That Love Built – The New York Times

From the New York Times:

EILEEN GRAY WAS 51 YEARS OLD when she completed her first private residence. It was a white Modernist villa on a slope descending to the sea in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, a small village on the Côte d’Azur. Her lover, the Romanian architect and editor of L’Architecture Vivante, Jean Badovici, was 36 when they moved in, in 1929. The house was situated between the train tracks and the beach, among rocks and pine trees with a view of the bay of Monaco. Seen from the sea, it resembles a white yacht anchored behind reddish rocks. In designing the house Gray adopted a number of precepts formulated by the architect Le Corbusier in the mid-1920s. The structure stands on thin stilts, the windows form a horizontal band. Badovici was a close friend of Le Corbusier, and Le Corbusier and Gray knew each other from Paris. She was nine years Le Corbusier’s senior and one of the best-known furniture designers of her time. But Gray was the darker of the two. She was a close friend of the occult celebrity Aleister Crowley and had an open affair with the singer Damia. The two women cruised the boulevards of Paris wearing Lanvin, a panther curled up in the back seat of their car.

Source: The House That Love Built — Before It Was Gone – The New York Times

New Book About Pushers of Fake Crowleyana

The Second Edition of My Hands Were Clean has arrived! It includes the full text of Tom Bradley’s original drug-fueled sex-cult rejections, along with a new preface that includes the latest hip term for MDMA.

By the author of ELMER CROWLEY (Mandrake of Oxford), this book takes its title from the Autohagiography: “My responsibility to the gods was to write as I was inspired; my responsibility to mankind was to publish what I wrote. But it ended there. As long as what I wrote was technically accessible to the public…MY HANDS WERE CLEAN….”

This is fitting, because this book is itself something of a saintly memoir. Read about Tom Bradley’s teenage gig performing grotesquely on the harp at a geothermal spa, deep in the savage Utah desert. The place is run by a coven of polygamist Kali-worshipping tantric orgiasts who sell fake Crowleyana to rock star Jimmy Page.



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