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Limited Edition 300 copies


A Book plus CD release: the 38 pages book comes with introductory essay by Vittore Baroni, and reproduction of the work of A.O.S. from Focus of Life, authorized by the literary executor Steffi Grant, plus Italian translation.

From the intro by Vittore Baroni:

'Over the years, Migliussi has made admirable efforts to promote the peculiar work of this artist-writer-magician-philosopher through reviews, essays and excellent authorized translations. Now Roberto has decided to confront A.O.S. in an innovative way, through recordings taken from The Focus of Life: in order to return from the printed page back to the corporeal, the esoteric/oneiric text must in fact be activated - as with any magic spell - by means of declamation.

'The word comes to life also thanks to the musical magick of deviLs Granziera, a veteran of the electronic experimental scene well experienced in this kind of material and who therefore knew how to support the reading, accompanying it with breezy melodic lines and inner ritualistic rhythmic patterns.

'Just as with the psycho-geographical sermons of Alan Moore, it is necessary here to seal the union of text and sound by means of arrangements which allow the words to reveal themselves without distortions, in a tradition of "spoken word" collaborations ranging from Timothy Leary/Ash Ra Tempel to Hakim Bey/Bill Laswell...'

LUNUS is a nom de plume used by Devis Granziera, Italian industrial/noise underground musician who started his activities in the early 1990s.

He is more known for his notoriuous Italian act TEATRO SATANICO.

MILUSIC aka Roberto Milusic Migliussi, was the founder of the influential fanzine/magazine IDOLA TRIBUS in Italy during the mid '80's. He has spread in the same land the knowledge of Austin Osman Spare translating and publishing privately the most important works of him. He has translated also works by Kenneth Grant, Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski, and many others. He is involved in the process of music, drawing and magick.

The music can be described as a mix between the some doped Coil sounds and the magik of certain Current 93 songs...

Orders can be placed here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Collected Works for sale at Auction

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A truly wonderful (even if overpriced) edition of Crowley's Collected Works is being sold at Christie's on June 12 in New York:

SALE 3750 Lot 72 

CROWLEY, Aleister (1875-1947). The Works. Foyers: Ballantyne, Hanson and Co for the Society for the Propagation of Religious Truth, 1905-07.


  • $20,000 – $30,000

Sale Information



LEILA WADDELL recognised at Bathurst 200 Celebration

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The art guild of Ordo Templi Orientis, Collective 777, recognised one of the 20th century's most important occultists at the Bathurst bicentenary celebrations over the weekend. In a joint project with OTO New Zealand and the Grand Lodge of Australia, the guild installed a life-size figure in the town centre of local violinist, LEILA WADDELL. The figure is one of 200 in the "People in Time" project celebrating the contributions of Bathurst people from all walks of life over the past 200 years.

Born 1880, Leila was a darling of the Bathurst and then, Sydney classical music scenes from an early age. She knew success internationally touring throughout Europe and the Americas as well as New Zealand and Australia and become known locally as "the girl who fiddled her way around the world." While she referred to herself as a "versatile" player, music critic and then Dean of Music at Sydney University, Gerald Marr Thompson recalled, "Besides possessing an excellent technique, Miss Waddell's style as a violinist was particularly marked by charm and refinement."

A student of violin greats Leopold Auer and Emile Sauret, Leila Waddell played on an Amati gifted to her by Sauret "in burst of warm admiration" after learning his Etudes off heart. She also owned what she considered to be "the best Guadagnini in the world."

Early in her travels to London, Waddell met and fell in love with English occultist, ceremonial magician, and poet, Aleister Crowley. She joined the fraternity Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O), one of the most important and influential fraternal orders of the modern age and went on to become a significant figure in that organisation. She is credited with co-authorship of magical tome, Book 4, along with Crowley and she is likely to have been the first Priestess in a Gnostic Mass – a sacramental rite celebrated that honours the feminine in an ecclesiastic context.

One reader of The Bathurst Times wrote to the editor at the time:

"It is good for Bathurst that her children should accomplish big things in the outer and bigger world, and it is good for ourselves that we should be delighted with our children's successes. Bathurst is proud of her daughter, Leila Waddell, and as loyal members of the family of Bathurst born, and those who make our city their homes, we welcome back to her native land one of whom the whole family is, pardonably, very proud."

The Peoplescape exhibition will run until 18 May and may be found at Kings Parade, Russell Street, Bathurst.


Liber L vel Bogus by R T Cole - The Evidence

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LAShTAL.COM presents a forum thread for the impartial, factual and peer-reviewed discussion of evidence presented in Liber L vel Bogus by Richard Cole, pre-publication copies of which appear to have been widely circulated. The thread will be strictly moderated to prevent the hype, hysteria, sock-puppetry and hubris that has infected the book's promotion and comments made by both its detractors and supporters.


Gregory von Seewald's Library For Sale

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Gregory von Seewald's personal library being offered for sale.

Following the tragic passing of Greg in May of 2013, his daughters have now decided to offer his extensive library for sale in the hope that many of his prized belongings will find good homes.

On offer will be rare Thelemic and other occult books, Crowley ephemera, Marcelo Motta literature and signed items of considerable interest and scarcity that likely will not come on to the market often. Greg's daughters are slowly sorting through these items, which will be posted as they are catalogued and priced. Prices are pitched as being very fair, and some items are open to offers being made as well. If you are interested, please go and have a look at the link below.

The offering of a library such as Greg's is a once in a lifetime chance to see and acquire items that have been collected with care and love by a committed Thelemite over many, many years.


Crowley's Egypt: Sacred and Profane

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UPDATED 19 April 2015: The presentation is no longer available and publication plans for the related book have been aborted.



Crowley's Egypt: Sacred and Profane

Paul Feazey
Owner & Editor
The Aleister Crowley Society

A presentation based on early research towards a forthcoming book. 

Donations via PayPal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Aleister Crowley in Berlin

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Aleister Crowley, English occultist, mystic, painter and poet, arrived in Berlin just as the Weimar Era was drawing to a close and the sound of Nazi jackboots was growing ever louder.

Join William Thirteen for a discussion of The Beast's lovelorn days and nights on the Ku'Damm and the Mystery of The Mouth of Hell.

Thursday 9 April 2015 at 8pm
Weserstrasse 166, 12045 Berlin, Germany 


Tarot and Liber 231 - Bob Stein

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Treadwells, London:

Wednesday 13 May 2015
Tarot & Liber 231
Bob Stein

Tonight a longstanding magical practitioner of Thelemic magic examines one of Thelema's important texts, Liber 231, in connection with the tarot. Tonight is one for the practising Thelema folk and people grounded in kabbalistic tarot, for whom this evening will offer new insights and perspectives. Bob Stein has been a member of O.T.O. since 1983 and has been involved with the organisation since then in a range of capacities.

Price: £7 Ring 0207 419 8507 or book online
Time: 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start.

christibrany No sir, but I love the name! I will have to check it out (23.05.15, 17:40) 0
Jeffrey D. Evans chrisitbrany: 93. Because the date you posted the video (19 May) was the same date we posted our 2nd blog. Jorma Kaukonen's been my favorite guitarist since 1966, the year I discovered Crowley. Ever listen to Jorma's group Hot Tuna? 93! (22.05.15, 23:04) 0
christibrany Jeffrey, 93! Pray tell, why it was a psychic video for 20 May? 93s :) (22.05.15, 16:33) 0
Jeffrey D. Evans 93. Quite a psychic video to post on this day. I still consider Jorma Kaukonen the finest guitarist of the era. 93:93/93! (20.05.15, 05:44) 0
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christibrany only if you are a fan of quotes without real substance ;) "chris stibrany circa 2015 on LAShTAL msg board (sic)" (02.05.15, 21:18) 0
arthuremerson Paul starts a post with the entreaty to up our game with respect to academic rigour, and wellreadwellbred is the first to post. Things are off to a smashing start, then. (02.05.15, 16:28) 0
Jeffrey D. Evans christibrany: The 'royal' 'us' is simply my magickal partner and myself. Of course, any 'royalty', as far as we're concerned, is any thelemite. (25.04.15, 23:43) 0
christibrany jeffrey evans who is the 'royal' 'us?' (25.04.15, 16:12) 0
christibrany that liberland is interesting esp as my father has a house in croatia....*thoughts of immigration and becoming liberlandese* :D (25.04.15, 16:11) 0
Jeffrey D. Evans 93! There is a fifth-dimensional mathematics of Thelema hidden in the text of Liber AL vel Legis, and it is the geometry of the Old Ones pointed out by H.P.L. & Mr. Kenneth Grant. Anyone interested in corresponding along these lines should contact us via e-mail at 93:93/93 (22.04.15, 20:52) 0
Horemakhet Yes, he certainly is! Rivalry. RTC has certaily not been a gentleman about it! (22.04.15, 18:06) 0
michaelclarke18 RTC - what a card! You know, vel bogus just keeps on givin' and givin'! (22.04.15, 04:59) 0
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christibrany interesting amalgamation of persian hebrew and french musicans (04.04.15, 02:53) 0
christibrany I really want to read Dark Doorway of the Beast so I was looking on ebay but I dont have 500 pounds. but i found this lol "N.B. THE PREVIOUS OWNER HAS ATTACHED PICTURES (APPROX 20) IN THE MOST PART NUDE MEN AND MADE NOTATION TO THE TEXT (SEE PHOTGRAPHS)" (03.04.15, 00:00) 0
christibrany Doctor of Dental Science ;) (29.03.15, 19:33) 0
Markus Is George Cecil Jones' motto known? I only ever find D.D.S. - but what does it stand for? (28.03.15, 23:52) 0
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