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Fenris Wolf 7

Written by LAShTAL. Posted in Occult.

The Fenris Wolf, issue no. 7

Edited by Carl Abrahamsson. Cover art by Fredrik Söderberg.

This volume contains material on topics as diverse as Aleister Crowley, Rudolf Steiner, Anton LaVey, Sar Peladan, Fernand Khnopff, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Heinlein, William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Wilhelm Reich, Thelema, Satanism, Symbolism, psychoanalysis, Dada, apocalyptic witchcraft, psychedelic philosophy, visionary book covers, Cannabis, artificial human companions, sacred prostitution, German Expressionist cinema, slam poetry, independent universities, extraterrestrial influences, astrology, sexual magic, science fiction and more...

Contents include:

Stephen Sennitt – Fallen Worlds, Without Shadows
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge – Alien Lightning Meat Machine
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge – This Is A Nice Planet
Angela Edwards – The Sacred Whore
Vera Nikolich – The Women of the Aeon
Jason Louv – Wilhelm Reich
Peter Grey – A Manifesto of Apocalyptic Witchcraft
Carl Abrahamsson – Anton LaVey, Magical Innovator
Antti P Balk – Thelema
Kjetil Fjell – The Vindication of Thelema
Sandy Robertson – The Fictional Aleister Crowley
Emory Cranston – A Preface to the Scented Garden
Frater Achad – Living In the Sunlight
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge – Magick Squares and Future Beats

Published 2014. 360 pages, 148 x 210 mm, softbound. Limited to 777 hand numbered copies. The first 33 copies are hand bound by Swedish master book binder Roger Johansson in a half-French binding with buccram and hand marbled paper, slipcased and signed by Carl Abrahamsson and Fredrik Söderberg (Deluxe Edition). The following 100 copies are hardbound in buccram, with a dustjacket (Limited Edition).


Fortified Island 3: Out Now

Written by ptoner. Posted in Thelema.

The Irish Order of Thelema Presents Fortified Island 3
ISSUE THEME: Social and Political Thelema


Cover (compiled by Seán Paul Flanigan)
A Translation of Liber aL vel Legis, Chapter I – Seán Paul Flanigan
The Island Of Destiny – Frater Ildanach
Book Review: Aleister Crowley and the Temptation of Politics by Marco Pasi
Whip and Wand: BDSM and Sex Magick – John-Paul Patton
Awake, Arise – Frater Ildanach
The Reconstruction Ritual
Art and Social Change – Brian Breathnach

Now available for free download (though donations are always welcome)


In Memoriam: Donald Michael Kraig (1951-2014)

Written by LAShTAL. Posted in Occult.

Saddened to hear of the passing of Donald Michael Kraig, whose books are likely to have been read and enjoyed by many members of this site.

From The Wild Hunt:

Author, lecturer, and magician Donald Michael Kraig died yesterday after battling an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer. Kraig was a very influential author and thinker in the realms of ritual magic(k), magical theory, and related practices. He is perhaps best known for his book Modern Magick: Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts, which was dubbed a "modern-day classic" by Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero. Other recent works included a remembrance of author Scott Cunningham, and an occult-themed thriller novel. He was also an acquisitions editor at Llewellyn Worldwide.


LAShTAL.COM Classified Ads

Written by LAShTAL. Posted in LAShTAL.


As a result of frequent requests by members, and following the failed attempt to use free software, I have invested in a professional-quality 'Classified Ads' module.

Classified Ads may be viewed by any site visitors - i.e. members and guests - and Ads can be posted by any registered member, the only restriction being that Ads must be for items directly connected to the purpose of the site: Thelema and the life and legacy of Aleister Crowley.

Access to the Classified Ads section is simple: just click on Adverts in the menu at the top of the page.

Classified Ads may be posted free of charge.


Interesting Annotated 'Moonchild' For Sale

Written by LAShTAL. Posted in Aleister Crowley.

A very interesting annotated copy of Moonchild is currently available for sale from John Wilson Manuscripts Limited,  Painswick Lawn, 7 Painswick Road, Cheltenham in the UK... 

[CROWLEY, Aleister (1875-1947). Author and occultist.]

Kenneth Grant's annotated copy of Moonchild, first edition, Mandrake Press, 1929 (original cloth, worn, split in upper hinge, 8vo).

An highly significant association copy of the first edition of Crowley's magical novel, Moonchild, written in 1917 and first published by Mandrake Press in 1929, formerly owned by Crowley's 'heir apparent'. Its plot involves a magical war between a group of white magicians, led by the protagonist Simon Iff, and a group of black magicians over an unborn child. Moonchild is a novel held in high regard for its magical and occult significance and also for its complex and well written prose.

The present copy has autograph annotations by Grant on about 32 pages, many supplying the real names of the characters (Isadora Duncan, Will Rothenstein, Bergson, W.B. Yeats etc.) and also including other remarks such as biographical details and notes of professions and job and corrections to the printed text. Of particular significance are the elaborate calligraphic inscriptions giving the (claimed) secret magical mottoes (crytonyms) and claimed degrees of Grant and his wife, Steffi, on both sides of the front endpaper (the recto somewhat browned). A note at the head of verso identifying the book as Grant's copy, is in the hand of Gerald Yorke.

There are other more revealing notes as well: 'painted very badly'; 'Roy something - I suspect he was a Nancy of E.F.'s'; 'I used to avoid "I" "me" "mine" etc both in writing & speaking, as a "practice"'; 'This incident is elaborated from an actual episode in the career of Herbert Close - "Meredith Starr"'; 'Actually a rascally adventurer'; 'She was the bastard of a wealthy Londoner; he made her a small allowance a week, I think'; 'she was the brains behind Mabel Collins plot to expose H.P.B. I achieved quite a fair amount of success.' 'Walter Duranty, who took her over after A.C. had gone off somewhere.'

The former owner of this copy, Kenneth Grant (1924-2011), Brother Aossic, of whom Crowley was to write: 'Value of Grant. If I die or go the the USA there must be a trained man to take care of the English O.T.O.' He was Crowley's personal secretary, an important editor of Crowley's books, and later founded the Typhonian Order. He attended Crowley's cremation in 1947. Grant and John Symonds edited Moonchild for publication in 1974. Grant also wrote books on Crowley and Austin Osman Spare.


Thelema Now! Guest: Larry Kirwan of Black 47

Written by Frater Puck. Posted in Thelema.

'Remember the night I banned you for being too demonic?'; Hilly Crystal speaking to Larry Kirwan, just before Hilly's death.

'That's a story for another day, Hilly.' I instantly regretted my words - we both knew there wouldn't be one.' - Larry Kirwan

Thankfully we can still listen as Larry talks with me about being the first band banned from CBGB for doing a *gasp* banishing on stage.

Thelema Now! Guest: Larry Kirwan of Black 47 (35 minutes)

On this episode of Thelema Now, host Frater Puck talks with Larry Kirwan about the decision to end Black 47, and what it has been like playing music in Ireland and New York City.


John W Parsons: Songs for the Witch Woman

Written by LAShTAL. Posted in Thelema.

Exciting news from Fulgur Esoterica...

There are few modern love stories as passionate and poignant as the relationship between rocket scientist Jack Parsons and his artist lover, Marjorie Cameron. At once a muse, occult student and primal force of nature – a woman he proclaimed as his 'elemental' in a letter to Aleister Crowley – Cameron fascinated, troubled and inspired Parsons.

Songs for the Witch Woman is a project born from this turbulent love story. A series of poems written by Parsons reveal his feelings toward his often absent lover. And beside these words are images from the hand of Cameron, illustrating and echoing the intimate themes.

After Parsons' tragic death in June 1952 we find the notebook in which this work was recorded continues, as a bereaved Cameron keeps a diary of her magical working in Lamb Canyon, California. In the dark desert her words become a raw lament as she attempts to gain contact with her Holy Guardian Angel. And throughout the working, the memory of Jack is never far from her mind.

Now published more than sixty years after it was written, Songs for the Witch Woman stands as a testament to lasting power of love and loss.

This book represents a creative collaboration between two of the most important names in 20th century occultism. It includes:

  • The poems, drawings and diary entries published together for the first time.
  • A facsimile of the original 1950s notebook with text by Parsons and illustrations by Cameron.
  • The texts have also been corrected and typeset alongside a second suite of pen and ink drawings that Cameron produced for the work after 1952.
  • Contextual commentaries from William Breeze, George Pendle and Margaret Haines.

Publication Date: 17 March 2014


Thelema Now! Guest: Lon Milo DuQuette (35 minutes)

Written by fraterpuck. Posted in Thelema.

Thelema Now! Guest: Lon Milo DuQuette (35 minutes)

He's baaaaaaacccckkkkkkk!  Thelema Now's favorite guest Lon Milo returns!  Kicking off a great 2014! Lon talks about editing the Weiser Book series The Best of the Equinox, Volumes I, II and III!   Also, Lon explains how he perfected his guitar playing skills by... not playing guitar. (It makes more sense when you hear him tell it.) Enjoy!

Quote of the Moment

I slept with faith and found a corpse in my arms on awakening; I drank and danced all night with doubt and found her a virgin in the morning.

Aleister Crowley, 'The Book of Lies'



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