Gregory von Seewald's Library For Sale

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Gregory von Seewald's personal library being offered for sale.

Following the tragic passing of Greg in May of 2013, his daughters have now decided to offer his extensive library for sale in the hope that many of his prized belongings will find good homes.

On offer will be rare Thelemic and other occult books, Crowley ephemera, Marcelo Motta literature and signed items of considerable interest and scarcity that likely will not come on to the market often. Greg's daughters are slowly sorting through these items, which will be posted as they are catalogued and priced. Prices are pitched as being very fair, and some items are open to offers being made as well. If you are interested, please go and have a look at the link below.

The offering of a library such as Greg's is a once in a lifetime chance to see and acquire items that have been collected with care and love by a committed Thelemite over many, many years.


Crowley's Egypt: Sacred and Profane

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UPDATED 19 April 2015: The presentation is no longer available and publication plans for the related book have been aborted.



Crowley's Egypt: Sacred and Profane

Paul Feazey
Owner & Editor
The Aleister Crowley Society

A presentation based on early research towards a forthcoming book. 

Donations via PayPal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Aleister Crowley in Berlin

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Aleister Crowley, English occultist, mystic, painter and poet, arrived in Berlin just as the Weimar Era was drawing to a close and the sound of Nazi jackboots was growing ever louder.

Join William Thirteen for a discussion of The Beast's lovelorn days and nights on the Ku'Damm and the Mystery of The Mouth of Hell.

Thursday 9 April 2015 at 8pm
Weserstrasse 166, 12045 Berlin, Germany 


Tarot and Liber 231 - Bob Stein

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Treadwells, London:

Wednesday 13 May 2015
Tarot & Liber 231
Bob Stein

Tonight a longstanding magical practitioner of Thelemic magic examines one of Thelema's important texts, Liber 231, in connection with the tarot. Tonight is one for the practising Thelema folk and people grounded in kabbalistic tarot, for whom this evening will offer new insights and perspectives. Bob Stein has been a member of O.T.O. since 1983 and has been involved with the organisation since then in a range of capacities.

Price: £7 Ring 0207 419 8507 or book online
Time: 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start.


Thelema NOW! Guest: Steve Vinson

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Professor Steve Vinson discusses the odd friendship between gruff but loveable Aleister Crowley and Egyptologist Battiscombe Gunn.

Ancient Egypt was one area in which modern scholarship and esotericism overlapped, and even converged. It is not often remembered today that in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a number of mainstream scholars of antiquity were interested in esoteric or occult subjects. One very interesting case is that of Battiscombe Gunn (1883-1950), still remembered as one of the most insightful Egyptologists of his generation.

What is less well known is that Gunn was associated, apparently in more than a casual way, with Aleister Crowley. Find out more...


Portrait of Lois Sturt Sold at Auction

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From today's The Telegraph:

The big surprise last week was at Dreweatts in Berkshire, where a bidding war broke out over the portrait of an attractive, unidentified young woman by the society painter Ambrose McEvoy, who died in 1927. Although mentioned by art historians in the same breath as his fellow Slade School of Art students Augustus John and William Orpen, McEvoy has never exactly set the salerooms alight, and this portrait carried a tame £700 estimate. But such was its allure that it soared over the estimate, more than doubling the artist's previous auction record to sell for £41,216.

[...] The sitter was the aristocratic British silent movie star Lois Sturt, a "wild child", according to her biographer, William Cross, and "the brightest of the bright young things" who, born in 1900, burned herself out and died at the age of 37.

[...] In 1920, when the Dreweatts portrait was painted, Lois was debutante of the year. Described by Barbara Cartland as "fiery, impetuous and with dark, flashing eyes", and by the artist Wyndham Lewis as "the most beautiful debutante of her day", she became a fixture on the London party circuit: she was a "flapper" who drove an open-topped car about town, breaking speed limits, and was seen at all the most fashionable night spots. [...] In the early Twenties, Sturt starred as Nell Gwynn in the silent film The Glorious Adventure, and learnt to fly an aeroplane... She married the Hon Evan Morgan, the homosexual son of Viscount Tredegar, who threw wild parties at his home, Tredegar House in South Wales, and consorted with the sinister occultist, Aleister Crowley, known as "the Beast", or "the wickedest man in the world".

The couple never consummated their marriage, and agreed not to interfere with each others' affairs. After they separated, Lois went to Belgrade, where she died of a heart attack brought on, it is thought, by the overuse of alcohol and slimming pills.


Kenneth Grant Short Story From Three Hands Press

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THREE HANDS PRESS is proud to announce Penumbrae, a collection of thirteen works of Occult Fiction.

The locus of this anthology lies in tales that embody a metaphysical position, as opposed to fiction that merely employs metaphysical trappings to enforce a materialist worldview. Occult fiction, by contrast, strives to evoke the energies that inform such symbols, and create a vital experience for the reader. Far beyond mere description, this is work that proves its value through its capacity to seduce, captivate, and incept states of magical consciousness. Like the practice of magic itself, the finest works of occult fiction will be distinguished by their power to evoke an embodied experience, and to tangibly compel shifts in consciousness while arousing the uncommon. It intoxicates the rite of reading as much as it permeates the spaces between readings.

Marriage between the objective and the imaginative often results in an enrichment of existence. All spiritual traditions stand upon a foundation of both worldly Act and transcendent Idea. Idea becomes Image, Image becomes Symbol, Symbol becomes Portal. Through the Act of passing through it, one is thereby transformed. It thus stands to reason that the annals of occultism are lush with fable, poetry, mythology, and tales. A delicate but highly potent quality of this work is the creation of a spirit-trap wherein the words and images themselves act as hosts to the experience itself. Under auspicious conditions, a reader may encounter a tale that hews so closely with their own interior universe that a Key is thereby given.

Penumbrae features tales from the following authors:

Kenneth Grant
Richard Gavin
Andrew D. Chumbley
Daniel A. Schulke
Sun Yung Shin
Hanns Heinz Ewers
Lee Morgan
Caitlín R. Kiernan
Don Webb
Patricia Cram
Michael Cisco
Dale Pendell
Brian Evenson


Weiser Antiquarian Catalogue 134: Aleister Crowley

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Anyone fancy a signed, first edition Scented Garden, or a numbered first edition White Stains? Simply the most extraordinary catalogue of Aleister Crowley books and ephemera I've seen in many years. My congratulations to Weiser Antiquarian...

The catalogue offers an extremely broad selection of material, ranging from paperbacks and comics (with Crowley related material), to two of the rarest Crowley first editions: his famously pornographic White Stains (ca. 1898) and The Scented Garden of Abdullah the Satirist of Shiraz [The Bagh-i-Muattar] (1910). Also of great rarity is the small eight-page California-published booklet The Oriflamme, Vol. I, No. I (1943) which was edited and included contributions by Jack Parsons, and would appear to be the only magical work published by Parsons during his lifetime. Amongst an interesting selection of other ephemera are two autograph letters, signed, from Aleister Crowley to Frieda Lady Harris, one of which is largely devoted to the Thoth Tarot, on which they were then both working, but which also includes a request that she provide him with a drawing for a magickal work aimed at putting "and end to the war." There are also three autograph letters, signed, from Harris to Crowley, all of which attest to their close, if sometimes tempestuous relationship. A lovely copy of the handsomely produced Order of Service for Crowley's funeral Aleister Crowley. October 18th. 1875 - December 1st, 1947. The Last Ritual, with Frieda Harris designs for the frontispiece, front cover, and back cover (the latter of which reproduces the design on her letter head) provides a fitting symbol for their parting.

Scattered throughout the catalogue are also a number of rarities relating to Marcelo Motta and his Society Ordo Templi Orientis [ S.O.T.O.]. These include spiral-bound photocopies of the 1984 Maine Court Trial and the 1985 California Court Trial which resulted in the defeat of the S.O.T.O. and the formal recognition of the O.T.O. as the legal heirs of the original O.T.O. in the USA. The California trial papers are particularly interesting, as they were obviously made from Motta's own set, and reproduce a number of his annotations. Also from the library of a former senior of the S.O.T.O. are a number of spiral bound copies of sets of documents from the Yorke collection. These include a copy of an early typescript of "The Amalantrah Working," a copy of the page-proofs of "Golden Twigs," copies of a series of letters and postcards from Leah Hirsig to Aleister Crowley and others, and copies of a series of letters and postcards from Norman Mudd to Aleister Crowley, Dorothy Olsen, Jane Wolfe and others. Far more elegant is one of the deluxe volumes of The Equinox. Vol. V, No. 2 (1979) limited to 200 specially bound signed copies, this copy signed twice by Marcelo Motta - once as '666' and once with his normal signature. Various other ephemeral items relating to the S.O.T.O., including a printed card announcing the death of Marcelo Motta, along with a later circular letter with some details of his death, are also listed.

Jeffrey D. Evans christibrany: The 'royal' 'us' is simply my magickal partner and myself. Of course, any 'royalty', as far as we're concerned, is any thelemite. (25.04.15, 23:43) 0
christibrany jeffrey evans who is the 'royal' 'us?' (25.04.15, 16:12) 0
christibrany that liberland is interesting esp as my father has a house in croatia....*thoughts of immigration and becoming liberlandese* :D (25.04.15, 16:11) 0
Jeffrey D. Evans 93! There is a fifth-dimensional mathematics of Thelema hidden in the text of Liber AL vel Legis, and it is the geometry of the Old Ones pointed out by H.P.L. & Mr. Kenneth Grant. Anyone interested in corresponding along these lines should contact us via e-mail at 93:93/93 (22.04.15, 20:52) 0
Horemakhet Yes, he certainly is! Rivalry. RTC has certaily not been a gentleman about it! (22.04.15, 18:06) 0
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OKontrair Oh look! A new country: (16.04.15, 18:51) 1
elitemachinery front page of today's LA Times website reposted a link to this: originally posted on October 12, 2010 at 7:47 am (16.04.15, 13:11) 0
christibrany interesting amalgamation of persian hebrew and french musicans (04.04.15, 02:53) 0
christibrany I really want to read Dark Doorway of the Beast so I was looking on ebay but I dont have 500 pounds. but i found this lol "N.B. THE PREVIOUS OWNER HAS ATTACHED PICTURES (APPROX 20) IN THE MOST PART NUDE MEN AND MADE NOTATION TO THE TEXT (SEE PHOTGRAPHS)" (03.04.15, 00:00) 0
christibrany Doctor of Dental Science ;) (29.03.15, 19:33) 0
Markus Is George Cecil Jones' motto known? I only ever find D.D.S. - but what does it stand for? (28.03.15, 23:52) 0
christibrany quote of the moment is clive barker and i love him. good on him for admitting things are real. my favourite of his that i have read are hellbound heart, and the damnation game. (27.03.15, 02:45) 0
christibrany apparently that didnt work. i meant this (27.03.15, 02:44) 0
christibrany this is funny for a bit. then it stops. but i like it cuz it reminds me of fu manchu films and i love love the books by sax rohmer they are really entertaining and actually quite clever. (27.03.15, 02:43) 0
ptoner Sorry for posting... Wish i had the cash but dont. Someone selling these off very cheap. (25.03.15, 14:02) 0
ptoner Aleister Crowley - The Equinox vol.1 no.1-10 £200 UK Gumtree.... Great Value.... (25.03.15, 14:02) 0
christibrany if its one thing that cheers me up and makes me laugh a lot no matter what its monty pythons flying circus. especially this ep. 3x4 :) (23.03.15, 01:44) 0
OKontrair Least insightful Crowley book cover design: (19.03.15, 12:33) 1
Markus In fact he's been rather busy lately: First Spock, then Terry Pratchett and now Daevid Allen. (13.03.15, 18:22) 1
lashtal ‘Death isn’t cruel, merely terribly, terribly good at his job.’ – Sourcery (12.03.15, 22:21) 1
Markus Rest in peace, Sir Terry Pratchett. (12.03.15, 17:20) 1
lashtal Artwork from the booklet accompanying Jimmy Page's new release of 'Sound Tracks' (including 'Lucifer Rising') features hieroglyphic text from the Stele of Revealing. (06.03.15, 20:25) 0
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