Hamal N.O.X. Just read your news! Very sorry to hear of your troubles. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery to full health. (14.11.14, 07:42) 0
lashtal Great new catalogue from Weiser Antiquarian! (11.11.14, 22:38) 0
N.O.X One final update while I'm still able to type as I'm having minor surgery on my arm in the morning. The cultures came back today and the infection is not nearly as serious as the doc had led me to believe! In the meantime I'm being kept comfortable with IV Dilaudud 2mg every four hours (and its my personal favourite opioid) as well as Percocet 10mg every 6 hours. So, at least I'm in good spirits today, and about the surgery tomorrow! I hope for a timely recovery so that I can come back home here! For here, among all of you, I indeed feel "home" (hope that didn't sound creepy :p ) Thanks for the concerns, condolences, and encouragements Mick, Paul, and Chris! (01.11.14, 20:54) 0
christibrany oh man bro im really sorry to hear that ! feel better asap! (01.11.14, 16:07) 1
LAShTAL Get well soon, N.O.X. I look forward to your return. (01.11.14, 12:04) 1
Michael Staley Sorry to hear that, N.O.X (01.11.14, 00:58) 1
N.O.X Well, my fellow lashtalians, I just wanted to let you all know that I may be "out of commission" for a while. I'm in the hospital with a serious infection from a work related injury. Please, my Brothers and Sisters, send some healing energies my way! (31.10.14, 22:39) 0
LAShTAL Sad synchronicity with the passing of Barrington Coleby, the artist who created the inside illustration for Led Zeppelin's fourth album which was re-released this week. Titled 'The Hermit', and reminiscent of the Tarot card of the same name, the illustration captured the musical mood perfectly. (28.10.14, 22:44) 0
christibrany 'WHATS IN THE (BABBLEON)BOX?!?!?' ;'o (28.10.14, 22:35) 0
christibrany and then he noticed the thumbs up button :P (28.10.14, 22:34) 0
christibrany this made me laugh out loud :) ' LAShTAL No more Speech In The Silence for 6 months, apparently. (25.10.14, 21:16) Michael Staley Just Silence, then. (27.10.14, 10:58) ' i like you mick youre funny' (28.10.14, 22:34) 0
LAShTAL Just for clarity: that's the SITS podcast I'm referring to, not this site! (27.10.14, 11:00) 0
Michael Staley Just Silence, then. (27.10.14, 10:58) 2
LAShTAL No more Speech In The Silence for 6 months, apparently. (25.10.14, 21:16) 0
michaelclarke18 I like the slideshow....but sometimes it makes me feel sea sick! (20.10.14, 11:11) 1
Horemakhet The slideshow is awesome! (18.10.14, 15:42) 1
Markus Friedrich Nietzsche born 170 years ago today. (15.10.14, 19:11) 1
ZIN Very Nice! (15.10.14, 14:29) 1
AbulDiz excellent work sir! (15.10.14, 14:26) 1
LAShTAL I hope you all like the new slideshow at the top of this page. (15.10.14, 11:39) 1
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An Unpublished Novel by Ithell Colquhoun

Written by Gorgon. Posted in Occult.

Ithell Colquhoun’s occult novel I Saw Water has just been published for the first time.

The action takes place in and around a convent on the Island of the Dead, but its spiritual context derives from sources as varied as Roman Catholicism, the teachings of the Theosophical Society, Goddess spirituality, Druidism, the mystical Qabalah, and Neoplatonism. It is informed throughout by Colquhoun's own personal experiences of magical rituals and teachings gained by her membership of societies that included the O.T.O.; the Saint Église Celtique en Bretagne; the Fellowship of Isis, the Theosophical Society, co-masonic lodges, and others.

More information can be found here:


Composed in the 1960s, I Saw Water consists largely of material taken from the author’s dreams experienced over the preceding twenty years. The novel challenges such fundamental distinctions as those between sleeping and waking, the two separated genders, and life and death.



Written by eamonn loughran. Posted in Aleister Crowley.

Pyramidos: Self Initiation in the Aeon of Horus by David Mattichak

Limited to 220 copies hand bound at the Hell Fire Club

Each copy sewn and bound full leather in dark blue crossgrain calf, red moire silk ends, black and gold headbands, red and blue marker ribbons. Hand gilt titles to spine, hand gilt sigil of the A.'. A.'. to the front board:


A superb work on the magick arte over 400 pages with diagrams.


The Major Arcana by Oliver Hibert

Written by Von Zos. Posted in Occult.

The Major Arcana byOliver Hibert is now available for pre-order from Von Zos.

The release consists of a custom pack of 22 tarot cards designed by Oliver Hibert together with a book featuring an introductory essay by Oliver Hibert and a substantial essay by Caroline Wise exploring the life, influences and legacy of Pamela Coleman Smith. The book also contains the publication of a previously unseen Pamela Coleman Smith painting. 

Available in both deluxe and standard editions, the deluxe is cloth-bound, signed and contains an original sketch by Oliver Hibert.

Available now at www.landofzos.com 


Weiser Antiquarian Books Catalogue 128: Aleister Crowley

Written by LAShTAL. Posted in Aleister Crowley.

Yet more gems sparkling brightly in the latest catalogue from Weiser Antiquarian...

The catalogue comprises a typically mixed selection, from rare books and ephemera, to relatively recent reprints of material by or relating to Aleister Crowley. Amongst the more unusual items are an autograph letter, signed, from Crowley to his physician, Dr. Charnock Smith, sent from his rooms in Netherwood, in 1945, in which Crowley laments the loss of a delivery of pharmaceutical heroin, and requests new supplies, as well as sleeping pills. Another extraordinary ephemeral item is an astrological chart prepared by Aleister Crowley for the Cecil Court Bookseller Harold Mortlake which is drawn on the verso of a proof pull of Crowley's Liber Oz, whilst an autograph letter signed, from Crowley's rather notorious friend, Tom Driberg to the "artist executant of" the "Thoth" tarot Frieda Lady Harris, (1937) reminds us how intertwined his circle of friends often was. Later ephemeral items include a nicely-produced announcement, printed by W. T. Smith, & Helen Parsons Smith: Notice. The Church of Thelema is Now Established (1949), while a crudely produced flyer "Into Aleister Crowley?! Why not visit his Magical Order the O.T.O. [etc. ]" (circa 1979), and the Crowleymas 1980 e.v. Souvenir Songbook recall the early days of the then-Caliphate O.T.O. Less ephemeral items include an early bound Typescript of Liber Aleph: The Book of Wisdom or Folly, prepared for one of Crowley's British followers (ca. 1940), a superb copy of the first edition of Moonchild, in the original Beresford Egan dust jacket, and a Subscriber's Edition of Magick In Theory and Practice (ca. 1930) which has, tipped in on the front free end paper, a telegram to Crowley on which he has written what is certainly the largest example of Crowley's signature that we have ever seen (some letters are 1 1/2 inches high and the signature is 6 inches across).

Aside from a number of works from Crowley's lifetime there are also some most unusual posthumous publications. These include a deluxe copy of the Karl Germer and Gerald Yorke edition of 777 Revised (1955) bound in full crimson vellum and limited to 12 numbered copies; one of only eleven copies of the first issue of the Martin P. Starr edition of The Scented Garden of Abdullah the Satirist of Shiraz (1991) bound in full white vellum; a copy of Roll Away The Stone: An Introduction to Aleister Crowley's Essays on the Psychology of Hashish (1968) inscribed by the editor Israel Regardie, and the leather deluxe edition of Living Thelema by David Shoemaker, limited to 31 numbered copies, this copy signed by the author. As always there are too many other unusual items to summarise in a short space like this, but the catalogue also contains a number of interesting periodicals, including Volume I, Numbers I - 8 of In The Continuum by Phyllis Seckler, Grady L. McMurtry et al, and a complete run of 7 issues (all published) of Agapé. The Occult Review.


New book from Society of Esoteric Endeavour

Written by Ben. Posted in Occult.


A New book has been published by the Society of Esoteric Endeavour.

Please note it will go out of print on Sunday 9th November 2014ev ie in 5 days time.

It is a reprint of a manuscript by Herbert Irwin, son of Major Irwin, a major figure in the pre-Golden Dawn milieu. Called the "Book of Magic" it is explicitly the book of the Fratres Lucis setting out a magical curriculum for the Order, recording meetings and so forth. Some book sources can be spotted, but much is unfamiliar and probably results from Herbert Irwin's skrying in magical mirror. He took opium to assist his visions, but died of an overdose. The first page of the manuscript illustrates how the book should appear, and that is how the Society of Esoteric Endeavour has designed them. The front board incorporates a portion of the manuscript to establish a magical link with Herbert Irwin's endeavour. The rear board incorporates a glass skrying mirror, to facilitate the practitioner's access to the mind spaces from whence this book arose, which is the same magical flux from that informed the Golden Dawn and the Theosophical Society. More information and photos can be found here:-



Ridley Scott to produce miniseries on rocket scientist Jack Parsons

Written by LAShTAL. Posted in Thelema.

Source: Dan Ruderman at Boing Boing

Ridley Scott to produce miniseries on rocket scientist, occultist Jack Parsons

The colorful life of Jack Parsons as revealed in the biography Strange Angel by George Pendle will appear on AMC in miniseries form, according to a Deadline report. Ridley Scott and David Zucker will executive produce the series, which will be written by Mark Heyman (Skeleton Twins, Black Swan).

[...] While Parsons as the passionate outsider driving technological advancement is in itself a compelling story, the plot twists of his personal life make it truly fascinating. As was the case for many intellectuals in the 1930's Parsons frequented communist gatherings, though he never joined the Party. His quest for alternative viewpoints led him to attend a Gnostic Mass at Hollywood's Agape Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis, run by followers of Aleister Crowley.

[...] While a feature film would be far too short to convey the many complex and engaging details of Parsons's life, a miniseries makes a lot of sense. In the hands of Ridley Scott, I expect that this production will reach a very high bar.


Kenneth Grant: Hecate's Fountain

Written by LAShTAL. Posted in Kenneth Grant.

Hecate's Fountain by Kenneth Grant was begun in the work of the New Isis Lodge as they created what the author describes as a 'tangential tantra', a profound disturbance which lies between dreaming and dreamless sleep in the realm of Night. Much of this material had a Lovecraftian weirdness and intensity... 

This will be an attractive, sewn hardbound book, octavo format, 318 pages, with a full-colour dust-jacket, and limited to 1500 copies.

Included is a twenty-page section of colour and half-tone plates, a new frontispiece, black and white custom printed endpapers, and line drawings throughout the text, as well as a Glossary, Bibliography and Index.

Further details about the content of the book, as well as how to order both the standard and the deluxe editions, can be found by visiting our website, or by following the direct link:



Quote of the Moment

Remember all ye that existence is pure joy; that all the sorrows are but as shadows; they pass & are done; but there is that which remains.

Aleister Crowley, 'Liber AL'



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