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Aleister Crowley: A Passion For Evil - London

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Aleister Crowley – A Passion For Evil by John Burns
29 to 31 October 2012
The Etcetera Theatre, London

"Gripping and compelling, held together by a strong and well-played performance which summons – and then exorcises – the spirit of The Great Beast." - The Edinburgh Spotlight

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Aleister Crowley and Western Esotericism

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Visitors to this site will be as excited as me by the announcement of the publication of:

Aleister Crowley and Western Esotericism
Edited by Henrik Bogdan and Martin P Starr

This volume is the first comprehensive examination of one of the twentieth century's most distinctive iconoclasts.

Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was a study in contradictions. Born into a fundamentalist Christian family and educated at Cambridge, he was vilified as a traitor, drug addict, and debaucher, yet revered as perhaps the most influential thinker in contemporary esotericism. Moving beyond the influence of contemporary psychology and the modernist understanding of the occult, Crowley declared himself the revelator of a new age of individualism. Crowley's occult bricolage, Magick, was an eclectic combination of spiritual exercises drawn from Western European magical ceremonies and Indic sources for meditation and yoga. This journey of self-liberation culminated in harnessing sexual power as a magical discipline, a "sacrilization of the self" as practiced in Crowley's mixed masonic group, the Ordo Templi Orientis.


AC on BBC Radio 3: Sunday 19 August 2012

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Words And Music: Beyond Good and Evil

BBC Radio 3: 6.30pm on Sunday 19 August 2012

Aleister Crowley's poem, Hymn To Lucifer, will feature in the August 19 2012 edition of BBC Radio 3's highly acclaimed Words And Music series.

Words and Music on the theme of Evil. Readings by Ann Mitchell and Andrew Wincott. With texts from the Bible, Beowulf and Blake. With Music by Berg, Britten and Black Sabbath.

A whirlwind tour through the dark alleys of Evil: from the Garden of Eden in Genesis and Milton's Paradise Lost, to the vampires and dominatrices of Baudelaire and Swinburne, via the black magic of Aleister Crowley and Marlowe, to the apocalyptic visions of Blake and Dante, taking in the Evil lurking in the German forest to the cloven hoof on the carpet where Evil is located by Auden in the everyday world, "unspectacular and always human".


Aleister Crowley: Wandering The Waste

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Exciting news from Martin Hayes...

It makes me immensely happy to report that my old pal and cohort Roy Huteson Stewart has recommenced work on our graphic novel Aleister Crowley: Wandering the Waste. Contracts have been signed with Markosia and it's all systems go. All we need to do now is finish the bloody thing.

The road has not been easy but at last it looks as though we'll see this book on shelves before we're all dead and rotting in the ground. It's nearly two years since Crowley was supposed to be completed and published. It seems longer than that, since the original publisher collapsed in a wholly avoidable and bile-filled fashion, since my first trip to a lawyer's office, since the long and tedious exchange of emails with a worm masquerading as a man. But that's all in the past. And we're back on track. And we will finish this awful cloying bastard of a book.


Netherwood: Last Resort of Aleister Crowley

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Now available from Weiser Antiquarian Books:

Netherwood: Last Resort of Aleister Crowley

by "A Gentleman of Hastings" [Antony Clayton]
with contributions from
Frater Amor Fati [Gary Lachman]
& The English Heretic [Andy Sharp]

Foreword by Anok Pe [David Tibet]

A fascinating study of Netherwood, the guest-house in Hastings (England) and the time spent there by its most famous resident, Aleister Crowley. In addition to a background history of the building, the book includes a lengthy chapter on each of the years that Crowley spent there, exploring the daily life of the Beast in his final years, and his interactions with other guests and those who visited him, including Kenneth Grant, David Curwen, John Symonds and others. The author, Antony Clayton, lives in Hastings and is an established writer whose previous books include "Subterranean City: Beneath the Streets of London," "The Folklore of London," and "Decadent London." The book opens with a Foreword by Hastings resident, musician and Crowley aficionado David Tibet, and has additional essays "The Mark of the Beast" by occult researcher, musician and author Gary Lachman and "Conjuror with Belief: Aossic in the Atom Age," by Andy Sharp writing as "The English Heretic," the collaborative occult/musical/experiential project in which he features. Generously illustrated with many seldom-seen photographs of Netherwood, Crowley and friends, as well as colour photographs of some of Crowley's artwork that probably once graced the walls of the building.


Allan Bennett - Towards an Academic Paper

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Conference Notice – 1st call for papers

South-East Asia as a Crossroads for Buddhist Exchange: pioneer European Buddhists and Asian Buddhist networks 1860-1960

Study of Religions Department, University College Cork, Ireland

13-15 September 2012

The recent discovery of the extraordinary life of 'The Irish Buddhist' U Dhammaloka (documented in the special issue of Contemporary Buddhism 11:2, December 2010) has stimulated new avenues of research into numerous significant but neglected East-West and global Buddhist encounters. This conference focuses on forgotten or under-represented Buddhist pioneers, their connections and collaborations, and the contribution of these individuals and networks to the construction of Buddhist modernities.


The Scarifyers: The Horror Of Loch Ness

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Celebrated speed ace Sir Malcolm Campbell (Alex Lowe) is carrying out speed trials on Loch Ness when a bank of fog suddenly descends. When it lifts, Sir Malcolm and his boat have mysteriously vanished...

MI:13’s Harry Crow (David Warner) and Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) are soon shaking up the sleepy loch-side village of Inverfarigaig. Aided by kindly local GP Dr Pippin (Philip Madoc), they discover a connection to the erstwhile Laird of Boleskine and Abertarff - occultist, bon viveur and occasional nudist Aleister Crowley (David Benson).

Crow and Dunning swiftly realise that there’s more to Inverfarigaig than meets the eye: fraudulent Nessie hunters, demonic bed sheets, Caledonian witches and things that go bump in the night. Joined by Crowley, their investigations into Sir Malcolm’s disappearance will lead them into terrible danger, as an old foe threatens to unleash... THE HORROR OF LOCH NESS.


Hymn to Pan: The Last Sorcery

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Hino a Pã, O Último Sortilégio

[Hymn to Pan – The Last Sorcery]

Fernando Pessoa and Aleister Crowley


Official Site

Release Date: November 2012

Genre: Feature Film / Documentary

Studio: Videoteca Municipal de Lisboa, Imagens do Século
[Video Library Hall of Lisbon, Images of the Century]

Directed By: António Cunha

Produced By: Joana Cunha



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