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Aleister Crowley


Marlene's AC Walk

Written by Marlene. Posted in Aleister Crowley.

Marlene is organising a walk around Central London at Easter to some of the places Aleister Crowley lived in - with a short talk on each and a stop off for coffee at the end. It will be 2-3 miles.

If you feel up to such a walk, it is likely to be 1 April - Monday - weather permitting. Please let her know through LAShTAL.


Aleister Crowley: The Prince-Priest

Written by LAShTAL. Posted in Aleister Crowley.

As the result of interest from members of this site, I have placed a copy of a PDF of my presentation regarding the Cairo Working in the Downloads section of this website (look for Downloads under Resources in the main menu - the document is in the LAShTAL 'folder').

This is the PowerPoint slideshow I used as the basis for my talk at Treadwells for Hecate's excellent Save The Abbey event earlier this year at Treadwells Bookshop in London and I am presenting it here with her permission. I have retained copyright to the original material - other copyrights are listed in the Download description - and the document is not to be reproduced elsewhere in any format.

It is still my plan to make available all the material from the day's talks - presentations together with audio recordings or transcripts - available for download from this site.



Re-Creating the Abbey: A group show of contemporary work inspired by Aleister Crowley's Chamber of Nightmares

Written by Buratti Fine Art. Posted in Aleister Crowley.

"Re-Creating the Abbet" is a satellite show currently held alongside "The Nightmare Paintings: Aleister Crowley" and presents new original work from a range of contemporary artists including Barry William Hale and Mitchell Nolte.

The only surviving record of the images which adorned Crowley’s Chamber of Nightmares was an essay by the artist written circa 1920. Written as a tourist's introduction to the Sicilian village, it contained a catalogue of his paintings on the walls of the Abbey of Thelema. The piece remained unpublished during Crowley's lifetime.

The selection of work in this exhibition is inspired by these writings.


Fortean Times: AC's Art From The Abbey

Written by LAShTAL. Posted in Aleister Crowley.

Image from Krzysztof AzarewiczThis month's Fortean Times includes a substantial, illustrated article on Aleister Crowley's art, especially within the context of the current Gallery tour in Australia.

Jack Sargeant has done a good job, here, of introducing Aleister Crowley's painting style to a generally more appreciative audience.


The Crowley Collection: Art and Gifts

Written by Blair MacKenzie Blake. Posted in Aleister Crowley.


12" x 16" UV ink print from an original charcoal drawing entitled "Dark Halo" by L.A.-based artist Heather McMillen.  Strictly limited to only 93 hand numbered and signed copies printed on arches rives fine art paper.  Artist depiction of the aged Great Beast 666 deep in contemplation with pipe full of perique. (Based on an old photograph of Crowley).

Print also includes an original, previously unpublished 24-line prose poem entitled "Ideality With A Beast's Teacup" - individually hand-written, numbered and signed by Blair MacKenzie Blake on parchment paper. The same 'homage to Aleister Crowley' prose-poem also comes with a printed version on quality paper.  Highly collectible fine art piece and holographic mystical verses for all Crowley enthusiasts.


Tri-blend premium quality tee shirt featuring artwork by Heather McMillen (based on concepts by Blair MacKenzie Blake).  Front of shirt shows the famous hypnotic gaze of British occultist Aleister Crowley, beneath which are a crossed 'Swan' fountain pen and c1920's hypodermic syringe.  Back of shirt contains an in-quotes verse from Crowley's "The Diary of a Drug Fiend", encircled by an ancient esoteric Ouroboros symbol (designed by Heather McMillen).


Set includes four pint glasses with baked-on Crowley artwork by Heather McMillen and original drink recipes by Blair MacKenzie Blake.
  • GLASS ONE: "CHORONZON 333" features the magician Crowley in ceremonial garb with a recipe for a very potent, though quite palatable, cocktail created by using multiple types of liquor sequentially layered.
  • GLASS TWO: "BABALON RISING" contains the artist's depiction of Crowley's one time magical assistant, Leila (Laylah) Waddell, complete with the "Mark of the Beast" symbol between her breasts.  Comes with recipe for a refreshing British Navy Rum-based drink (with a liberal splash of... No, it's not what you're thinking!)
  • GLASS THREE: " CROWLEY COCKTAIL #69" features a portrait of the aging Great Beast 666 with shaven pate and hypnotic gaze. Includes the recipe for a pleasant concoction of effervescent champagne, Aphrodope Elixir and more. (A truly lovely coming together.)
  • GLASS FOUR: "HEMLOCK CLUB GREEN FLAME" contains the unicursal hexagram symbol of Crowley's "Thelema", along with a recipe for a flaming absinthe-based libation (being the modified version of an old classic – only now potentially more damning to one's soul!).

The Nightmare Paintings: Exhibition

Written by LAShTAL. Posted in Aleister Crowley.

The Nightmare Paintings: Aleister Crowley is a rare exhibition of original paintings and works on paper created by the artist during his period at the Abbey of Thelema in Cefalu Sicily, 1920 - 1923.

Previously exhibited as part of the Traces du Sacred exhibition at the Pompidou Centre and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, it comprises work from Crowley's three areas of focus: portraiture, landscape and magical or trance paintings, providing a rare glimpse into Crowley's most active period as a painter and an insight into the unique ideas which have long remained ignored by the mainstream art establishment.

With curatorial support from Marco Pasi (Amsterdam University) and Giuseppe Di Liberti (Palermo University, Sicily), The Nightmare Paintings is presented in Australia by Buratti Fine Art and will tour Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

A full colour catalogue is also available featuring essays by Marco Pasi, Giuseppe Di Liberti, Stephen J King, William Breeze, Tobias Churton and Robert Buratti.


Buyers abound as the Beast hits Perth

Written by LAShTAL. Posted in Aleister Crowley.

Excellent article in the (Australian) Financial Review...

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page’s people have been in touch, as have Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan’s.

Perth gallerist Robert Buratti won’t talk about the other customers for his next show – actual and potential – other than to say they include “prominent international and local business figures”.

But even before the November 30 opening night, he has sold $200,000 of the $500,000 total for the 13 works by magician, occultist and all round bad boy Aleister Crowley, variously known in his early 20th-century heyday as “the Great Beast and “the wicked­est man in the world”.

The show, which will travel to Sydney next year, is the latest in a flurry of idiosyncratic exhibitions looking to mop up excess cash riding around the wealthy west.

Perth property developer Nigel Satterley recently showed fashion­able Australian artist Tim Maguire in a Peppermint Grove mansion renovated for the purpose, a follow up to his 2012 Jeffrey Smart show, at which more than $4 million worth of work changed hands.

Painted during Crowley’s time in the 1920s in Sicily, where he founded the Abbey of Thelema – “a sort of occult boot camp,” says Burratti, the works were studies for the now rotting frescoes that covered the central room, decorated for initiations, of what looked more like a peasant’s cottage than an abbey.

Borderline naive and about as terrifying as a kid’s drawing, only a particularly potent magic – or Crowley’s other favourite, drugs – could have transformed the works into what he intended: an alternative Sistine Chapel. But while the art itself is a bit “hit and miss”, Burratti says they have already attracted interest internationally, not least from devoted Crowley followers such as Page. He has bought everything from Crowley’s clothes and manuscripts to his former estate, Boleskine House, on Loch Ness in Scotland down the years, and once described Page as “a misunderstood genius”. (Crowley’s rockstar cred was famously cemented by his appearance on the cover of The Beatles’ St Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band – alongside Mae West).


'Oh, is that what he looks like?' -- Ozzy

Written by Mutat. Posted in Aleister Crowley.

From an interview with Zakk Wylde in Rock Cellar Magazine...

Dude, I have to tell you a funny story.

A while back, Ozzy comes into my studio and he sees these posters on the wall. He looks at the Led Zeppelin one and starts telling me some stories about John Bonham and how they would get f****d up together in the bars.

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