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David Beth - Aleister Crowley and the Dawn of Aiwass

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With 2 print runs of his book Voudon Gnosis selling out, and through his past leadership of the Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua and La Couleuvre Noire, and current role with La Société Voudon Gnostique, David Beth has gained the reputation as the spearhead of the revival of Esoteric Voudon. Perhaps less known about him is the fact that he has also studied numerous occult systems throughout the world for the last 20 years. This includes extensive research and practice of Thelemic esoteric principles.

As a gift to the Thelemic community for their inspiration and their aid in research and ideas in the past, David has made available a revised version of his essay Aleister Crowley and the Dawn of Aiwass: A Gnostic Investigation. In it, he explores the transmissions of the "Aiwass Current" and how they can be used in a personal system of Gnostic sorcery. David considers this one of his finest non-Voudon related writings and invites conversation and feedback on it.


Walk Like An Egyptian

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My article, Walk Like An Egyptian: Egypt as Authority in Aleister Crowley's Reception of The Book of the Law, has been accepted by The Pomegranate: International Journal of Pagan Studies and is currently in press and due out very soon. The reference is The Pomegranate 12.2 (2010) pp. 20-47. I will link to the journal issue as soon as it appears on the web and if you want to access the article you'll need either a subscription to the journal, to pay for access to the article, or academic library access or a friend with academic library access (which means it'll be free).


'Crowley' Blu-Ray

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Regular visitors to this site will know that I'm fond of Simon Callow's performance as a (kind of) reincarnated Aleister Crowley in Chemical Wedding, also known as Crowley in the US.

The movie will be released on Blu-ray on 16 November from Starz/Anchor Bay.


'The Magician' on US Cable TV

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Thanks to HB…

There is a rare cable TV screening of the 1926 MGM Rex Ingram silent film The Magician: Sunday at midnight on Turner Classic Movies (US cable). So set your Tivos or set top recorders. I'm not sure about scheduling and coverage outside the USA but it is worth checking.

This is a very difficult film to see otherwise…


"Bronson" Director to Make Crowley Film

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... and he's looking for a script.

Fangoria magazine carries an interview with "Bronson" movie director Nicolas Winding Refn in which he covers some fascinating and familiar territory for visitors to this site.

“I’m a massive fan of filmmaker Kenneth Anger,” explains the Danish filmmaker, who’s currently finishing off his new horror/fantasy VALHALLA RISING...

“His work, like INAUGURATION OF THE PLEASURE DOME and INVOCATION OF MY DEMON BROTHER, informed the look and tone of BRONSON to some degree, and I was going through my Anger book collection to see if there was anything missing. I found ‘The Aleister Crowley Scrapbook’ by Colin Wilson [sic.], in which Anger speaks about the villa in Cefalu, Sicily where the infamous British occultist played a lot of his black magic sex games...

“It started me thinking about applying the same logic to a film on Crowley as I had on BRONSON. Bronson’s frustration was all about his inability to express himself through violent celebrity; prison finally transformed his aimless life into that of a sensitive artist. Similarly, Crowley finding himself through drugs, astrology, black magic and bisexuality could become another fascinating metaphor—to explore the concept of what it means to the British in terms of eccentric hedonism.”


007 and 666: A True Tale of Spies and Sorcery

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LAShTAL.COM is proud to publish a lengthy article by Micah A Hanks regarding Ian Fleming and Aleister Crowley, 007 and 666: A True Tale of Spies and Sorcery

This fascinating essay - reproduced by kind permission of the author -covers similar ground to the research by Richard Spence as presented in Secret Agent 666.

Micah describes the article in Nick Redfern's "Strangest Secrets" blog as: "A while back, I had begun working on an article that dealt with some of the more extraordinary (and in some cases, even paranormal) aspects of James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s career with British Intelligence Services during World War II. As most who have read the novels or studied James Bond’s history otherwise may know, many of Fleming’s experiences in real life later inspired the adventures of the world’s most famous secret agent. The article, however, was never published; therefore, I felt it was perhaps a good time, along with the release of Quantum of Solace in theaters, to present for the first time my original tribute to the 007’s classy creator. As the name implies, 007 and 666: A True Tale of Spies and Sorcery, is indeed based on real events that lead to the capture of the infamous Nazi Rudolph Hess. With a cast of characters that includes Maxwell Knight (then Fleming’s superior officer in MI5), the notorious Aleister Crowley, and Fleming himself, it is by far one of the oddest tales ever to stem from the annals of history."


"In Search Of The Great Beast 666": Audio Book

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This from Classic Media Group...

Last year Rick Wakeman recorded his score for the Aleister Crowley Film, produced by Classic, the production company also behind the release of the recent YES – Director’s Cut (DVD).

So, not only is it possible to hear Rick Wakeman’s wonderful score on the DVD, we have now, by popular demand, made it possible so you can now download the movie as an AUDIO BOOK from I-Tunes and other audio download outlets on the web. Rick recorded the film score in the most amazing fashion, using initially the Grand Piano on Classic T Stage at Shepperton Film Studios. Wakeman literally watched the film on the big screen in a candle lit soundstage and he played what he felt. Photos of the session are here:

In Search Of The Great Beast 666 - Aleister Crowley

Featuring the Voice of Joss Ackland and Music Score by Rick Wakeman

Aleister Crowley, self proclaimed "The Great Beast" and known by the press as "The Wickedest Man in the World", was perhaps the most controversial and notorious individuals in British History. This dramatically reconstructed film unearths the barely believable and shocking facts surrounding a man who was voted in a BBC poll to be one of the most influential Britons of all time. Was he related to US President George Bush? How was he connected to the founder of Scientology, NASA, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jack the Ripper, Winston Churchill, Ian Fleming and how did this Occultist, Spy, Poet, Writer and accomplished Mountaineer come to know and influence so many other remarkable people?

At the time of release there was some uproar as to why Rick would contribute his music to such a project….here was Rick’s response that he posted on his website:

"There is no doubt that Alistair [sic.] Crowley was one of the most evil men that walked this earth. His story is a testament to everything that is anti Christian. I find it astonishing that anyone should think, because I am doing music for a documentary film on his life, that that means I support his views. That couldn't be further from the truth. If it is the case that a composer should only write music for all he believes in, then I, along with many other musicians, would be out of work. I know Jewish composers who have supplied music for film about Adolf Hitler - should they not have done so? If I was asked to write music for a Saddam Hussein documentary, should I refuse? Of course not. My personal view is that, for as long as possible, films about evil people should be shown in order to educate continuing generations what evil can do. If you read the New Testament, it is full of examples where Jesus mixed with some of the worst people in society. Should he have not done so? Of course he should. Did this mean he condoned their ways? Of course not. Once again I must make it very clear that by supplying music for any subject matter does not mean I condone the subject matter."



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