Initiation – The Western Magical Tradition

Lon Milo Duquette is about to begin an online course on the Western Magical Tradition under the auspices of the Maybe Logic Academy.

This course is designed as a six week initiatory experience – Initiation into an informal, (yet I assure you, very real) magical order. Like in other schools of the Western Mystery Tradition, this order is comprised of three degrees, each with its own ritual of self-initiation, secret password, grip, signs of recognition, and jewel.

Sound silly? I confess up front that we will have fun. But the underlying magical power of such silliness has its roots in the Egyptian Book of the Dead – a secret of human consciousness that (properly understood and mastered) is said to be the key to overcoming death.

The course is ideal for both magical novices and adepts. We will undergo real initiations and work real magick. The three degrees are:

First Degree: The Lesser Mysteries
Second Degree: The Greater Mysteries
Third Degree: The Supreme Secret

Cost is $145

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