Maligned Creatures: Corvids, Ampibians and the Magickal Lore of the Witch

Bath (UK) Omphalos Presents a magickal natural history in poetry, prose and vision by Giles Watson.

VENUE: Percy Community Centre, New King St., Bath UK BA1 2BN
DATE/TIME: 13th April 2008 / 2.00PM for 2.30 Start – 4.00 Finish
– will be continued as the topic for the moot in the Hobgoblin at 4.30
COST: £5.00

Giles will be focussing upon the mythology, folklore and natural history of two maligned groups of animals, and is sure to excite your curiosity with tales of ‘tick-toads’, toad-men and toad-bones, toads in Romany folklore, witches’ familiars, crows in Greek mythology, the corvid manifestations of the Morrigan, and the magical significance of some other corvids; choughs, jays, jackdaws and rooks.

Could be of interest to anyone following up Crowley’s Toad Ritual.

Giles Watson is a published poet, an amateur naturalist and a regular in ‘The Cauldron’. He defines himself as ‘an idiosyncratic witch’. Giles has a PhD in Cultural History, has taught English, History, Drama, Sociology and Film-Studies. He has spent part of his life in rural England, part in Australia and is currently working on a book called ‘A Witches Natural History’. His other interests include songwriting, walking, art and photography.

Not to be missed!


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