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Lots of interesting and attractive items in the current catalog – number 25 – from Night Of Pan Books.

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Night of Pan Books
Catalog #25

All books listed are cloth unless otherwise noted. It is best to call in advance, or e-mail, to reserve your selections and to insure that they are still available. I will hold books for seven days to await payment, unless other arrangements have been made. Shipping and handling will be $6.00 for the first book and $2.00 for each volume thereafter. International orders please inquire about shipping costs.
Payment may be made by check, money order or credit card (Visa, Master Card or American Express.) or Paypal.

Codes for abbreviations are: D/W= Dust wrapper. HC= Hardcover, non-cloth. PB= Paperback. N.D.= No publication date. F= Fine, or like new. VG= Very good, shows some light wear. G= Good, shows some definite wear, but contents are in good shape. Otherwise exact condition will be noted, as will any specific damages.
I am also interested in buying books, whole collections or individual volumes write or call for more information.
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Catalog 25
Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians

The Book known as the Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians was originally published in 1785 in German, the German edition being titled Geheime Figuren der Rozenkreuzer. The Book seems to have been a product of the famous and influential Order, the Gold- und Rosenkreuz, or the Golden and Rosy Cross.

Offered for sale here is the Franz Hartmann edition of the Secret Symbols book and some books related to it and the Secret Symbols generally. Crowley called it an “invaluable compendium” His own annotated copy showed up for sale not too many years ago. It is a striking work and worthy of deep study.

A.) Hartmann, Franz. Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th Centuries. 1888. Boston: Occult Publishing. First edition thus. Elephant folio. Bound in dark olive cloth with gilt stamping and designs to the front cover. Title page printed in red and black. 26 very nicely hand colored plates. Title page to section 1 and one other illustration are also hand colored. This copy formerly from the collection of Paschal Beverly Randolph’s associate J.C. Street, who wrote Hidden Way Across the Threshold. Street’s signature is written on the front free end page, dated 1892. Condition: Front hinge is cracked, but holding. Front free end page is almost loose. Plate 2 has a small piece missing from the bottom of the page, not coming close to affecting the illustration. There is a previous owner’s book plate on the front paste down, there is also a “gummy” section” where an older book plate had been removed. The book plate is from one Premel el Adaros, who was President of the Society of Transcendent Science, Masonic Temple, Chicago, Illinois. Their address is typed unobtrusively at the bottom of the title page. Cover, bottom outer corners are worn, light edge wear and small nick down the front cover. The cover is otherwise in very good condition and with bright gilt stamping. An overall very good copy of this important and rare edition. $1,000.00

B) Hartmann. Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians. 1969. Mokelume Hill: Health Research. Folio staple bound paperback. Plates are colored, though much more crudely than the original of 1888 of which this is a facsimile. Offered here as a more affordable edition. Very good. $50.00

C) Hartmann. An Adventure Among the Rosicrucians. 1887. Boston: Occult Publishing Co. First edition. 8vo. 181 pp. + adds and a 4 page prospectus for Secret Symbols. Bound in a dark mustard colored cloth with gilt stamping to the front cover and spine. Light wear to the extremities. A couple of pieces of paper are pasted to the front free end page. Front hinge starting. Very good copy considering age. This edition very rare. $200.00

The above two works were attacked by Manly Palmer Hall, in his Codex Rosae Crucis, where he labeled them the “Franz Hartmann Hoax”. All seems a little overblown in today’s day and age, but Hall even quotes George Redway as saying that the Hartmann works are “bibliographic jokes” and not appreciated. Now we can appreciate the work that Hartmann accomplished and even in its day the book went out of print quickly. Hall’s book is recommended to study in conjunction with other editions of The Secret Symbols my favorite edition of Halls work is offered here:

D) Hall, Manly Palmer. Codex Rosae-Crucis ~ D.O.M.A.~ A rare and curious Manuscript of Rosicrucian Interest. 1971. Los Angeles: Philosophical Research Society. Folio. Printed paper covered boards. Heavily illustrated. 3 full color plates. Fold out of the Magical Calendar of Tycho Brahe. Facsimile of the D.O.M.A. Mss is printed in red and black as is the title page. 113 pp. A very good copy. $150.00

In 1935 Ares Press in Chicago printed an edition of The Secret Symbols edited by George Engelke. I believe that this was the basis for a later reprinting by AMORC’s Abdiel Lodge. This edition is more complete than the Hartmann edition and so is also recommended. It is no where near the same level of “book art” but is worthwhile to give a more faithful and full edition of the original 18th Century German text.

E) Anonymous. Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th Centuries. 1967. Long Beach: Abdiel Lodge, AMORC. Folio. Stapled paper bound. 58 pp. Stated to be a limited edition, but no number or limitation is given. Some light staining to the back cover, good+ to very good-. $100.00

1) Frater Achad. Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing. 1923. Chicago: Yogi Publication Society. First edition (not the later common reprint) 8vo. 116 pp. Light blue paper covered boards spine is red burgundy cloth. Gilt stamping to the front cover and spine. Light wear to the head and tail of the spine and edges, else a very good copy. $125.00

2) Anonymous. Thoughts Inspired by the A∴A∴ Scottish Rite Degrees. 1919. Chicago: Edgar A. Russell Co. Published for the Oriental Consistory S∴P∴R∴S∴ Valley of Chicago. 12mo. Wraps. 186 pp. Printers error where the last 8 pp. are printed upside down. Meditations on each of the Degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry. Good. Wear to edges and spine, lower 1 ½” of the spine is torn revealing signatures underneath. Still holding together well though. Rare. $100.00

3) Bailey, Alice A. A Treatise on White Magic: Or, The Way of the Disciple. 1967. New York: Lucis Publishing. 8vo. 705 pp. Gilt stamping to the spine and front cover is slightly faded. About a very good copy. $20.00

4) Betiero, Dr. J.T. Nedoure Priestess of the Magi or Blazing Star. An Historical Romance based on records Elucidating the Conflict between White and Black Magic; together with Much of the Teachings of Both. 1958. Quakertown: Philosophical Publishing. 8vo. 248 pp. Some light stains to the fore edge of the pages, gilt is slightly worn from the spine. Very good- $25.00

5) Brown, Sanger. Sex Worship and Symbolism. 1922. Boston: Richard G. Badger, the Gorham Press. 8vo. Illustrated. 149 pp. One page opened a little roughly, else a very good copy. $50.00

6) Burman, Edward. The Templars: The Knights of God. 1986. UK: Crucible. 8vo. 207 pp. Very good in same D/W $20.00

7) Claudy, Carl H. Introduction to Freemasonry. Entered Apprentice; Fellowcraft and Master Mason Complete in One Volume. 1948. Washington D.C.: The Temple Publishers. 8vo. 181 pp. Masonic gift inscription on the FFEP. Very good in good D/W $20.00

8) Clymer, Dr. R. Swinburne. America’s Betrayal. Is America, our America, the Home of a once proud cultured highly successful people, doomed as so many fear? 1961. Quakertown: Humanitarian Society. 8vo. Staple bound. 42 pp. Good+. Previous owner’s signature to the front cover. Interesting and rare pamphlet that is written as an attack on Aleister Crowley and lays to blame all of America’s problems squarely on the shoulder of the Great Beast himself. From the prologue: “Early in the present century there came forth an Englishman…who like a dark cloud of Cholera that once upon a time destroyed millions in body but left the mind and Soul untarnished, spawned forth a doctrine that is now destroying the morality and Spirituality of the people of America… That man was ALEISTER CROWLEY”. $50.00

9) Clymer. The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross. 1935. Quakertown; The Rosicrucian Foundation. Bound in blue cloth with gilt stamping to the front cover. 4to. 76 pp. Frontis. Very good copy. $100.00

10) Clymer. The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross. Another copy bound in red cloth good- condition. Wear to the edges. The cloth is worn away from the top inner front board and the bottom outer corners. Appears to be an earlier edition than the one listed above. $50.00

11) Clymer. The Philosophy of Immortality. 1960. Quakertown: Philosophical Publishing Co. 8vo. 251 pp. Ex-library but the only indication that it is so is an old pocket and check out card attached to the rear free end page. Bound in pink cloth with gilt stamping. The spine is faded, else very good. $30.00

12) Clymer. The Philosophy of Fire. 1907. Allentown, PA; The Philosophical Publishing Co. Second edition. Green cloth with gilt stamping to the spine and a gilt triangle on the front cover. 8vo. 254 pp. + 2 pp. of adds. Good. Edge wear, gilt stamping is worn on spine. Old bookplate and similar device have been removed from the front paste down and FFEP. This is a truly rare and early edition of this often reprinted author. $75.00

13) Collins, Mabel. The Blossom and the Fruit: A True Story of a Black Magician. 1889. New York: Frank F. Lovell. First American edition. 8vo. Grey cloth with ornate stamping to the front cover and spine. 290 pp. Light soiling to the boards, pages have darkened and there is some foxing throughout. Old maritime library stamps to the FFEP and front pastedown, previous owner’s signature to front and rear end pages and paste downs. Important work of fiction that was highly influential on Aleister Crowley who recommended it in his A∴A∴curriculum reading. Collins was one of the founding members of the Theosophical Society and a very important person in late 19th Century occultism. Rare. $100.00

14) Colqhuhoun, Ithell. Sword of Wisdom: MacGregor Mathers and the Golden Dawn. 1975. New York: G.P. Putnam’s. First American edition. 8vo. 307 pp. Flawed but important as it is the only full length study of this important and pivotal figure in modern occultism. Very good in same D/W. $60.00

15) Conway, David. Magic: An Occult Primer. 1972. New York: E.P. Dutton. First edition. 8vo. 286 pp. illustrated. End pages are images of Gnostic gems printed in purple. Previous owners book plate on the FFEP. Very good copy in very good- D/W (corner wear, 1/3” tear). $50.00

16) Cooper-Oakley, Isabel. Comte de St. Germain. 1985. Adyar/ Wheaton: Theosophical Publishing House. 12mo. Trade paperback. 249 pp. Illustrated. + 1 large foldout. Very good $15.00

17) Crowley, Aleister. The Book of the Law. 1976. Kings Beach, CA: Thelema Publications. 8vo. 59 pp. Published by the OTO with a Dublin, CA address. Red cloth hardcover with gilt stamping to the spine and front cover. Has loose sheet “A Few Indications for the Student of the Line to be adopted in his elucidation of Liber Al” printed on light brown paper. Helen Parsons Smith was the publisher of this edition. Very good. $250.00

18) Crowley. The Book of the Law: Liber AL vel Legis. 1974. San Francisco. Level Press. Trade paperback. 8vo. 67 pp. Unique edition as such in that it contains an attempted typescript of the MSS. Very good. $100.00

19) Crowley. The Book of the Law. 1976. New York: Weiser. 12mo. Limp red leatherette. 115 pp. Light soiling to the page edges, very little bit of the gilt stamping has worn from the spine; previous owner has placed a piece of blue tape on the FFEP most likely to cover up a previous owners signature. Good. $10.00

20) Crowley. The Book of Lies. 1991. York Beach: Weiser. Trade paperback. 196 pp. Very good. $8.00

21) Crowley. The Book of Thoth. No date (1970’s) New York: Lancer. First trade paperback edition of The Book of Thoth. 8vo. 287 pp. Light darkening to the covers and pages else very good. $20.00

22) Crowley. Clouds without Water. No date (ca. 1970’s) Des Plaines: Yogi Publications. 12mo. 140 pp. Bound in red limp leatherette. Very good. $6.00

23) Crowley. Energized Enthusiasm. 1979. New York: Weiser. Staple bound. 28 pages. A very important essay, more so in what it hints at then what it reveals outright. Originally published in the Equinox. Very good. $8.00

24) Crowley. Heart of the Master. 1973. Montreal: 93 Publishing. 12mo. 44 pp. Edited by Grant and Symonds. Bound in white cloth with gilt and red stamping to the front cover. Half title in gold, title page in red. Striking publication. Spine is darkened and there is some soiling to the boards, still a good copy. $125.00

25) Crowley. Konx Om Pax. No date. Chicago: Yogi Publications. Limp leatherette. 8vo. 108 pp. Very good. $7.00

26) Crowley. Liber Aleph. 1986. San Francisco: Stellar Visions. 4to Vello-bound. 217 pp. Tie-dyed style front end page. Facsimile of the first edition. Top strip of the vello binding is loose, else good+. $35.00

27) Crowley. Little Essays Towards Truth. 1991.Scottsdale: New Falcon. 8vo. Trade paperback. 3 pages are crinkled in their upper corner, some light edge wear. Good. $35.00

28) Crowley. Magick without Tears. 1989. Las Vegas: Falcon Press. 8vo. Trade paperback. xxxi + 528 pp. Single light crease to the spine else very good. $65.00

29) Crowley. Moonchild. No date (ca. 1970’s) New York: Weiser. 8vo. Trade paperback 335 pp. Light spine creases. Two small stains to the inside cover and FFEP. Good+. $8.00

30) Crowley and Adams, Evangeline. Astrology Your Place Among the Stars. 1930. New York: Dodd Mead and Co. 8vo. 526 pp. Very good in Good (edge worn and torn) D/W. Ghost written by AC. $20.00

31) Crowley and Motta, Marcello. Thelemic Magick: Unexpurgated, Commented being the Oriflamme Volume VI: Number 5. 1987. Rio de Janeiro; S.O.T.O. Only edition thus. 8vo. Trade paperback. 419 pp. Consisting of Magick in Theory and Practice (intro to Chapter XII) and Motta’s “History of the O.T.O. since Crowley’s Death PT. III; OTO News; and finally a collection of book and movie reviews. Light edge wear, an over all very good copy. $200.00

32) [Crowley related] Parfitt, Will and Drylie; A. A Crowley Cross Index. 1976. ZRO. Staple bound. 36 pp. Though some what dated, a rare and still useful Crowley bibliographic reference. Very good. $50.00

33) [Crowley related] Staley, Michael (editor) Starfire: Volume 1; No. 1. 1986. UK: Starfire Publications. 4to. Staple bound wraps. 52 pp. Contents: Foreword; Liber LXXVII vel Oz; Ordo Templi Orientis: A brief History; Evocations of Absence by A. & A. Campbell; The Tarot and Liber Al by P. Turner; The Vaisnava and Sahajiya Cult of Bengal (pt.1) by I Renwick; Great Dismal by Linda Falorio; Going Beyond by Michael Staley; The Minotaur by A. & A. Campbell; Nagarjuna the Way of Paradox by C. Morgan; The Stele of Revealing the Abomination of Desolation by S. Dziklewicz; Book reviews and announcements. Light staining the cover. Good+. Very rare first issue of the official Journal of the Grant’s Typhonian Order. $150.00

34) [Crowley related] Staley, Michael (editor) Starfire: Volume 1; No. 2. 1987. UK: Starfire Publications. 4to. Staple bound wraps. 52 pp. Contents: Foreword; Liber LXXVII vel Oz; Cults of Cthulhu by Peter Smith; The Hiss of the Serpent by Stephen Dziklewicz; The Eye of the Abyss by Lindsey Calvert; Women and Liber Oz by Ann Campbell; The Vaisnava-Sahajiya Cult of Bengal (pt. 2) by Ian Renwick; Two Poems by Ann Campbell; Ixaxaar by Peter Smith; The O.T.O. After Crowley by Michael Staley; The Vampire Vortex by Peter Smith; The Twin Terminals and the Tree by Kenneth Cox; Yoggoth by Peter Smith. A couple of light stains, else a very good copy. Rare. $150.00

35) [Crowley related] Staley, Michael (editor) Starfire: Volume 1; No. 4. 1991. UK: Starfire Publications. 4to. Wraps. 80 pp. Contents: Ciphers in Flesh by Mouse; The Mark of the Beast by Gareth Hewitson-May; Book Review by Mouse; The Vision and the Voice by Michael Staley; Meditations on Liber Al by Lindsey Calvert; Psychonauts in the World of Dreams by Zivorad Mihajlovic-Slavinski. Dagon Rising by Stephen Dziklewicz. Perfect bound unlike the earlier staple bound issues. Old phone number written lightly in pen on the rear cover. Very good-. $80.00

36) [Crowley related] Staley, Michael (editor) Starfire: Volume 1; No. 5. 1994. UK: Starfire Publications. 4to. Wraps. 202 pp. Contents: It’s an Ill Wind that Bloweth… by The Editors; Consciousness and Liber Al by Robert Taylor; Sanctum Sigillum by Paul Lowe; Zos: The New Flesh of Desire by Gavin Semple; Lam the Gateway by Michael Staley; Wisdom for the New Flesh Andrew Chumbley; Manifestations of Nu by Stephen Dziklewicz; Morningstar: The Tradition and Odyssey of Austin Osman Spare by Randall K. Holmes; Stooping at the Angels and Feathers by Michael Staley; Zero Equals Two by Frater Shiva, 77 ‘.’; In Nomine Babalon/ The Serpents Kiss by Paul Lowe; Book reviews, an in memoriam for Jeffrey Willis. Excellent illustrations and a much improved format are notable upgrades with this issue. The essays by Chumbley and Semple are a must. Very good. $150.00

37) [Crowley related] Staley, Michael (editor) Starfire: Volume 2; No. 1. 1996. UK: Starfire Publications. 4to. Wraps. 154 pp. Contents: Forward; The Dreaming Attention by Paul Lowe; Bastrum-Enoi/ Ast Rubi-Onem by Soror Pasht-akhti; Ghostly Amalgam by Michael Staley and Soror Artemis 656 ‘.’; Gerald Massey: His Life and Works Rey Bowen; Magick for Fools by Margaret Ingalls (aka as Nema); The Cult of the Divine Artist by Andrew Chumbley; Two Poems by Paul Lowe; Love Letters (for no-one that I loved) by Gavin Semple; The Gnostic Intensive by Zivorad Mihajlovic-Slavinski; The Lam-Serpent Sadhana by Michael Staley; Magick and the Imagination by Robert Taylor; Marjorie Cameron: An Appreciation by Michael Staley; Reviews and Afterword. New and improved format from the previous issues along the lines of 1; 5 but even better. Very nicely illustrated and printed on higher quality paper with printed glossy wraps. Very good. $150.00

38) [Crowley related] Staley, Michael (editor) Starfire: Volume 2; No.2. 1996. UK: Starfire Publications. 4to. Wraps. 200 pp. Contents: An Official Statement concerning OTO; The Dreaming Attention (pts 2-3) by Damian Sinclair; The Black Stone by Robert Taylor; Iridescent Undulations and the Sacred Fire by Michael Staley; How to Leap Forth by Standing Still by Nigel Aldcroft-Jackson; Chaos Magick and Maat Magick by Margaret Ingells (Nema); Into the Depths of Severity and All Beauty by Nicholaj Frisvold; Pax Nobilis by Damian Sinclair; A Mantra for Evoking the Great Old Ones by Stephen Dziklwicz; Opening the Way for the Daemons of the Void by Andrew Chumbley; Transformation: Austin Osman Spare and the Besz-Mass by Michael Staley; Liber AL Intelligence; An Instrument of Succession and Reviews. Bound as 2:1 this copy is unfortunately badly water damaged, it is still very readable and most of the staining affects only the lower part of the pages, still a research copy only and thus $50.00

39) [Cowley related] Cole, Richard T. Thelema Revisited: In Search of Aleister Crowley. 2007. UK: Orange Box Books. 4to. Wraps. 102 pp. Amazing color photographs adorn this wonderful tale about a pilgrimage to the Abbey of Thelema. Richard also accounts Crowley’s time at the Abbey and details the condition, floor plan, and history of this important part of Thelemic history. Glad that some one took on this work before there was nothing left to document. A wonderful must have, recommended. New. $45.00

40) Culling, Louis T. The Complete Magick Curriculum of the Secret Order G∴B∴G∴. 1971. St. Paul: Llewellyn. Second Impression. 4to. 130 pp. Illustrated. Frontispiece in full color. A very good copy in good+ D/W. $150.00

41) Drower, E.S. Water into Wine: A Study of Ritual Idiom in the Middle East. 1956. London: John Murray. First edition. 8vo. 273 pp. Illustrated. A study of Eucharistic celebration with a focus on Orthodox churches; the Mandeans and the Yazidis. A very good copy in good D/W. Highly recommended. $60.00

42) Flowers Ph. D., Stephen E. Lords of the Left Hand Path: A History of Spiritual Dissent. 1997. Smithsville: TX; Runa-Raven Press. 4to. 259 pp. Excellent study with a focus on Anton LaVey and more particularly Michael Aquino. Fine. $75.00

43) Gardner, Gerald B. Witchcraft Today. (Introduction by Dr. Margaret Murray). 1955. New York: Citadel Press. First American edition. 8vo. 159 pp. Historic publication on Wicca. Very good in good, rare, worn and torn D/W. $75.00

44) Gilbert, R.A. The Golden Dawn: Twilight of the Magicians. 1983. UK: Aquarian. Printed paper cover boards. 144 pp. Hardcover editions of this work are quite uncommon. First few pages a little crinkled at the top outer corner else very good. $60.00

45) Gilbert. Revelations of the Golden Dawn: The Rise and Fall of a Magical Order. 1997. London: Quantum. 8vo. Trade paperback. 200 pp. Nicely illustrated including 8 pages of color plates. Very good. $15.00

46) Gilbert. (Edited and introduced by) The Sorcerer and His Apprentice: Unknown Hermetic Writings of S.L. MacGregor Mathers and J.W. Brodie-Innes. 1983. Aquarian Press: UK. First edition. 8vo. Trade paperback. 224 pp. Very light edge wear else a very good+ copy. $70.00

47) Gilbert, R.A. (edited and introduced by) The Sorcerer and His Apprentice: Unknown Hermetic Writings of S.L. MacGregor Mathers and J.W. Brodie-Innes. Another copy, slight slant to the spine, else very good. $65.00

49) Gurdjieff, G.I. Meetings with Remarkable Men. 1963. New York: E.P. Dutton. First American edition. 8vo. 303 pp. Very good in same D/W. $30.00

50) Haggard, Howard W. Mystery, Magic, and Medicine: The Rise of Medicine from Superstition to Science. 1933. New York: Doubleday, Doran & Co. 8vo. 192 pp, Hardcover. Wear along the edges else Very Good. $15.00

51) Harris, Thomas Lake. The Wedding Guest: Jesus-in-Yessa. Second Visit. 1877. Santa Rosa, CA: Brotherhood of the New Life. Wraps. 52 pp. Treats on Harris’ teachings on Man fallen into sexuality; Our Lord and Lady Manifested, teachings on lady’s day; Lessons from Masonry etc. Some staining to the wraps, chipping along the edges and spine. Very rare. $60.00

52) Haining, Peter. The Warlock’s Book: Secrets of Black Magic from the Ancient Grimoires. 1972. New Jersey: University Books. 8vo. First Trade paperback edition. 110 pp. Illustrated. Previous owners blind stamp to the title page, “cancelled” stamp on the rear inside cover. Light cover wear, else very good. $35.00

53) Hall, Manly Palmer. The Rosicrucians and Magister Christoph Schlegel: Hermetic Roots of America. With supplements by A. Russell Slagle and Donald Kerr. 1986. Los Angeles: The Philosophical Research Society. First edition. 8vo. 250 pp. Brown leatherette. Illustrated. This copy inscribed by Slagle “For Dr. Ernst Behler, Sometime ago you kindly sent me a copy of your Friedrich Schlegel Kristiche Ausgode xix. I am returning the compliment. Yours Truly, A. Russell Slagle. May 26th, 1987.” A very good copy in same D/W. $30.00

54) Hewlett, Maurice. Lore of Proserpine. 1913. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons. First edition. 8vo. Green cloth with bright gilt stamping to the cover and spine. 245 pp. Authors account of his experiences in the land of the Fairy, from his preface “I hope that nobody will ask me whether the things in this book are true, for it will then be my humiliating duty to reply that I do not know” Aleister Crowley said of it “A suggestive enquiry into the Hermetic Arcanum” and thought well enough of it to place it in the list of books recommended to Aspirants. A very good copy. $30.00

55) Hobhouse, Stephen. William Law and Eighteenth Century Quakerism. Including some unpublished letters and fragments of William Law and John Byrom. 1927. London: George Allen & Unwin. First edition. 8vo. 342 pp. 8 plates. Spine is sunned; previous owner had clipped the inner fold of the dust jacket and taped it to the FFEP. Otherwise a very good copy. $30.00

56) Hoeller, Stephen A. Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowledge. 2002. Wheaton; IL: Quest. First edition. Inscribed by Hoeller on the half title “To Jim with Best Wishes/ Stephen Hoeller Oct 5 2002”. 8vo. 257 pp. Very good+. $20.00

57) Howe, Ellic. The Magicians of the Golden Dawn: A Documentary History of a Magical Order 1887-1923. 1984. York Beach: Weiser. 8vo. Trade paperback. xxviii + 306 pp. Very good. $35.00

58) Igliori, Paola. Harry Smith: American Magus. 2003. Rome. 8vo. 283 pp. Trade paperback. ITALIAN language edition. Heavily illustrated. Very good. $30.00

59) Juste, Michael. The White Brother: An Occult Autobiography. No date (1927) London: Rider. 8vo. First and only edition. 216 pp. Juste was a member of the Theosophical Society and founded London’s famous Atlantis Bookshop. Purple cloth, spine faded. Hint of perfume with the book. Light foxing to the outer edges else very good. Rare. $125.00

60) King, Francis X. The Flying Sorcerer: Being the magical and aeronautical adventures of Francis Barrett, author of The Magus. 1992. UK: Mandrake Press. 8vo. Trade paperback. First edition. 78 pp. Though flawed and not as exhaustive as one might want this is a valuable contribution and presents the only known and scant details of the life and times of this important 19th Century Occultist. Light edge wear, very good. $30.00

61) Knight, Richard Payne and Wright, Thomas. Sexual Symbolism: A History of Phallic Worship. 1957. New York: Julian Press. 8vo. xi+ 217 pp. + 196 pp. Excellent and influential study. VG in G D/W. $20.00

62) Komjathy, Louis. Title Index to Daoist Collections. 2002. Cambridge, MA: Three Pine Press. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. 216 pp. Very good+. $50.00

63) Levi, Eliphas. Letters to a Disciple. 1980. UK: Aquarian Press. 8vo. Trade paperback. 128 pp. Important work originally serialized in Lucifer from 1894-95. First edition thus. Light shelf wear, very light spine creases. A very good copy. $60.00

64) Linden, Stanton J. Cauda Pavonis: Studies in Hermeticism. New Series Vol. 12 Nos. 1&2. Spring & Fall 1993. Washington State University. 4to. Staple bound.24 pp. Articles in this issue: Thoth, Hermes, Trismegistus; or the Ancient Faces of Mercury by Antoine Favre; In Marvell’s Alchemical Garden with Northrup Frye by Thomas S. Willard; Recent Huntington Library Acquisitions of Books on Alchemy by Winfried Schleiner; Book reviews; Select Bibliography of Hermetic Studies 1990-1993 by Rhonda L. Blair; + announcements. Fine. $20.00

65) Linden, Stanton J. Cauda Pavonis: Studies in Hermeticism. New Series Vol. 13 No. 1 Spring 1994. Washington State University. 4to. Staple bound.20 pp. Articles in this issue: Chymical Conjunctions: Newton’s Alchemical Applications of Sexual Symbolism by Carolyn D. Williams; Alchemy in Modernism by Evans Lansing Smith; Announcements. Fine. $20.00

66) Linden, Stanton J. Cauda Pavonis: Studies in Hermeticism. New Series Vol. 15 No. 2 Fall 1996. Washington State University. 4to. Staple bound.24 pp. Articles in this issue: Marcel Duchamp’s Etant donnes: How Walter Arensberg Explained Alchemical Iconography by John F. Moffitt Bohemian Nobility and Alchemy in the Second Half of the Sixteenth Century: Wilhelm of Rosenberg and Two Alchemists; Recent Books in Brief by Thomas Willard; book reviews. Fine. $20.00

67) Mathers, S.L. MacGregor (trans). The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage: As delivered by Abraham the Jew Unto His Son Lamech. A Grimoire of the Fifteenth Century. 1948. Chicago: De Laurence. 4to. xlviii + 268 pp. Brown cloth with gilt stamping to the spine and front cover. Lighter white-ish mark going across the front cover. This is not very obtrusive. Very light edge wear else a very good copy. $125.00

68) Mathers. The Kabbalah Unveiled. 1954. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul. 8vo. xiii + 360 pp. Very good copy in good+ D/W. $45.00

69) Michell, John. At the Center of the World: Polar Symbolism Discovered in Celtic Norse and Other Ritualized Landscapes. 1994. London: Thames and Hudson. 8vo. 184 pp. Illustrated. Very good in same D/W $15.00

70) Partner, Peter. The Murdered Magicians: The Templars and their Myth. 1987. UK: Crucible. 8vo. 209 pp. VG in same D/W. $20.00

71) Patton, Laurie L. Bringing the Gods to Mind: Mantra and Ritual in Early Indian Sacrifice. 2005. University of California Press. First edition. 8vo. xv + 289 pp. Very good+ in same D/W. $35.00

72) Pinch, Geraldine. Magic in Ancient Egypt. 1994. UK: British Museum Press. 4to. 191 pp. Nicely illustrated, valuable study. Very good. $15.00

73) Plangiere. The Grimoirum Verum. 1997. Seattle: Trident. 8vo. xiv + 86 pp. Printed wraps. Limited to 500 copies, this one not numbered. Title page printed in red and black. Fine. $75.00

74) Plummer, Dr. George Winslow. The Art of Rosicrucian Healing. 1947. New York: Society of Rosicrucians. Staple bound in nice heavy card pictorial wraps. 25 pp. + 3 pp. of adds. Very good+. $35.00

75) Raleigh, A.S. Occult Geometry and Hermetic Science of Motion and Number. 1981. Marina del Rey; DeVorss Publications. These works were originally published in 1932 and 1924 respectively. 8vo. 206pp. Trade paperback. Light edge wear else very good. $40.00

76) Randolph, Paschal Beverly. Ravelette: The Rosicrucian’s Story. 1939. Quakertown; Philosophical Publishing. 8vo. 283 pp. Water staining to the spine and inner part of the pages, does not affect text or readability, but essentially makes this just a reading copy. $20.00

77) Redgrove, Stanley. Magic and Mysticism: Studies in Bygone Beliefs. 1971. New Hyde Park, NY: University Books. 8vo. xiv + 205 pp. Essays ranging from Pythagoras to Ceremonial Magic to an interesting chapter on sexual symbolism in alchemy entitled “The Phallic Element in the Alchemical Doctrine”. A very good copy in same D/W. $20.00

78) Rodwell F.R.A.S. F.C.S., G.F. Birth of Chemistry. 1874. London: Macmillan. 8vo. 135 pp. 24 illustrations in text. Studies the birth of Chemistry via Alchemy. Chapters include: Metallurgy among the Ancients; Associations of the metals with the 7 planets; The Alchemists; Latin and English MSS on Alchemy; A Chapter on various Alchemist; The Character of Alchemy and Alchemists; with only the last 20 or so pages dealing with
Chemistry. Limp brown cloth boards with bright gilt stamping to the front cover and spine. Light edge wear else a very good+ copy. $60.00

79) Rutherford, Ward. The Druids & Their Heritage. 1978. UK: Gordon and Cremonesi. First Edition. 8vo. Hardcover with silver stamping to the spine. 179 pp. Very good in same D/W. $35.00

80) Scott, Sir Walter. Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft addressed to J.G. Lochart esq. 1900. New York: A.L. Fowle. 12mo. 338 pp. Bound in deep purple burgundy cloth with green rules and a green four leaf clover to the front cover. Spine stamped with four leaf clover and title, very much faded. Aside from the stamping to the spine, there is some edge and corner wear, else very good. $75.00
81) Shirley, Ralph. Occultists and Mystics of all Ages. 1920. London: Rider. First edition. 8vo. 175 pp. Chapters on: Apollonius of Tyana; Plotinus; Michael Scott; Paracelsus; Emmanuel Swedenborg; Count Cagliostro; Anna Kingsford. Shirley was the editor of the famous occult magazine “The Occult Review”. Very good. $20.00

82) Spare, Austin Osman and Bax, Clifford. The Golden Hind: A Quarterly Magazine of Art and Literature. Volume 1 no 2. 1923. London. Folio. Wraps. 40 pp. Striking illustrations including two from Spare. Light wear to the coves. A very good copy. $200.00

83) Stearn, John G. An Inquiry into the Nature and Tendency of Speculative Freemasonry with an Appendix to which is added, Plain Truth, a Dialogue, and the Authors reasons. 1858. Utica: Seward & Thurber. 12mo. 314 pp. Original brown blind stamped cloth. Wear to the corners and head and tail of spine. Light wear to the gilt stamping on the spine. A classic of anti-masonry. Very good. $200.00

84) Tavenner, Eugene. Studies in Magic from Latin Literature. 1966. New York: AMS Press. 8vo. Originally published in 1916. Excellent study of Magic in the ancient Roman World. No jacket as issued, Very Good. $30.00

85) De Villars, Abbe Nicholas de Moutfaucon. Le Comte de Gabalis and The Irreconcilable Gnomes. The latter is by Antione Androl. 1983. Quakertown: Philosophical Publishing. 8vo. 181 pp. Very good in same D/W. $100.00

86) Welch, Holmes and Seidel, Anna (editors). Facets of Taoism: Essays in Chinese Religion. 1979. Yale University Press. 8vo. Trade paperback. 301 pp. Very good. $35.00

87) Woodroffe, Sir John. The Garland of Letters (Varamala) Studies in the Mantra Shastra. 1963. Madras: Ganesh and Co. 8vo. 285 pp. Very good. $25.00

Special Addenda:

Last year at NOTOCON the OTO had a fantastic surprise for entertainment after the banquet. Hymanaeus Beta and the OTO’s Grand Treasurer General were going to do a trio performance with somebody new to all of us, a remarkable jazz pianist named Eric Muhler. The big surprise, of course, was that Eric is the Grandson of none other than Aleister Crowley himself. His mother Astarte Lulu Panthea was born at Villa Santa Barbara at Cefalu to Ninette Fraux Shumway and AC. His music is an amazing amalgam of improvisation, fabulous melodies, blue tinges, all powered by an incredible technique and always carrying a hint of the Thelemic power one might expect. At the grand piano, all agreed, Eric is truly an adept. We have four CDs of Eric’s original music available. Two are solo piano, one is for sextet, and one is piano trio with bass and drums. After performing with HB and the GTG Eric did two solo piano tours de force and brought down (actually up onto their feet for a standing ovation) the house!

CD-1) Live at the Jazz School: featuring Michael Wilcox on Bass and Rob Gibson on drums. Recorded at Berkeley’s Jazz Scholl, this CD features twelve original compositions and the remarkable pianism of Eric Muhler. $15.00

CD-2) Something New: is a live recording at Peidmont Piano, San Francisco, on the fabulous $200,000 Fazioli Grand Piano. It features four standards by Billie Holiday, Toots Theileman, Horace Silver and Cole Porter as well as two improvisations and six original compositions. $15.00

CD-3) Red Daze: is Eric’s original CD recorded at Berkeley’s Live Oak Studio with his sextet Quit Fire. It features Dave Creamer on guitar, Michael Wilcox on bass, Larry Schneider on saxophone, Kenneth Nash on percussion and Paul Van Wageningen on drums. $15.00

CD-4) Other Worlds: is a solo piano studio recording done at Berkeley’s Fantasy Studios. It features five original compositions by Eric and three spontaneous improvisations. Alternately spare and intensely busy with cascades of melodic. $15.00

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