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Some very interesting items in the latest list from Caduceus Books, including a number of Austin Osman Spare originals, some Crowley pieces from the collection of C S Russell, and a very tempting library of Gerald Massey’s works. When will Mr Massey get the recognition he deserves from Thelemites that have enthusiastically repeated material from his books, not always with appropriate acknowledgment?

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1) Three New Books
2) A Collection of Works by Gerald Massey
3) Spiritualist and other Typescripts
4) Scarce Michael Bertiaux Items
5) Some Austin Osman Spare Items
6) Fraternity of Inner Light related Manuscript
7) David C. Smith items
8) Items from the Collection of C.F. Russell
9) Witchcraft and Modern Paganism
10) Journal of Dion Fortune’s Fraternity of Inner Light
11) Autonomic Satanists
12) Thelemic Symposium
13) Abbreviations
14) Payment Methods


Note all books are hardback, no dustwrapper unless otherwise stated. Prices are in UK Pounds. Not all email software has a pound sign. If not these symbol(s) will appear instead:- £


1) Three New Books

Frederick Hockley (scribe), A Complete Book of Magic Science, Containing the method of constraining and exorcising spirits to appearqnce, the consecration of Magic Circles and the Form of a Bond of Spirits, Teitan Poress 2008 Small format xviii + 115pp No. Ltd Ed. Of 450. Coloured plates. Ed. &n Intro Dietrich Bergman. In 1960 someone calling themselves Malachus Malachai published the Secret Grimoire of Turiel with an unlikley story (involving a defrocked priest) as to how he had acquired the text in 1927. Most informed readers considered it a modern contrivance. However the 1960 text, aside from some additional material apparently copied from Waite books, is a variant of sections of this text, scribed by Hockley in the middle of the mid 19th Century and which claims to be copied from a 16th Century Latin manuscript. The tenor of the grimoire is unusual. Whilst not explicitly Catholic it is quite “high church” with use of holy water, vestments and so forth. As with “ecclesiastical underground” material the spirits are called forth by the holy names of Christianity but here they are considered to be noble and benevolant rather than infernal. The incense recipes are decidedly non-vegetarian, including body parts from a variety of small animals. A number of coloured plates of the original manuscript are reproduced. These show Hockley’s drawings of the sigils which are elegant and thought provoking, some have shading suggesting three dimensionality. and the text is ably introduced and edited, with comparisons to the Turiel text, by Dietric Bergman. Hockley was a major figure in the pre-Golden Dawn occult milieu. In the field of occult publishing a new grimoire is always worth of note, this one is a special curiosity as it establishes an important pedigree for one often considered modern and spurious. New Order No. 520010 £31.50

John Whiteside (Jack) Parsons, Three Essays on Freedom, Teitan 2008 xiii + 72pp No. Ltd. Ed. Of 418. Excellent introduction by Hymenaeus Beta notable for describing Parson’s significance in rocket science, the political implications of his thought and the U.S. governnment distrust of him. He was consumed by flame in a suspicious laboratory accident on the day that he was going to take jis expertise abroad. Presents a number of essays:- Freedom is a Lonely Star (1st publication thereof); Freedom is a Two-Edged Star; Doing Your Will. New Order No. 520011 £28.50

Aleister Crowley & Others, Peintures Inconnues D’Aleister Crowley, La Collection de Palerme, Arche 2008 Paperback 68pp +16 full page coloured plates. Catalogue of exhibition of 16 Crowley paintings that had been retained in Cefalu. The Text is entirely in French:- Marco Pasi – Aleister Crowley, La Peinture et les Oeuvres de la Collection de Palerme; Bill Breeze – Caves of Sorcerers, les Debuts Americains de l’Art de Crowley; Giuseppe Di Liberti – Crowley Peintre a Cefalu, le Origines de la Collection de Palerme; Alessandra Sandrolini et Vaslerie Caradec – Every Man and Every Woman is a Star, A.C. Danes le Miroir de l’Art Contemporain; Edwin Pouncey interviews Kenneth Anger b- Kenneth Anger et la Redecouverte de l’Abbaye de Theleme a Cefalu etc. The 16 rediscovered paintings include some of the most striking and important ever executed by Crowley. All are presented here with good quality colour reproductions. Mint Order No. 520012 £22


2) A Collection of Works by Gerald Massey

Gerald Massey was born in 1828 in a hut, the son of an illiterate labourer. At the age of 8 he commenced work, doing 48 hours a week in a mill. Aside from some basic education at a charity school he was entirely self-taught. He grew up top be a Chartist and a Socialist active in promoting workers’ co-operatives writing in the underground press. He made a sometimes precarious living as poet, author, journalist and lecturer. He embraced spiritualism but in the later years of his life that he embarked upon a series of research and publication projects which he regarded as his most important work. These were ” …an attempt to recover and reconstitute the lost origins of the myths and mysteries, types and symbols, religion and language, with Egypt for the mouthpiece and Africa as the birthplace.” He applied the principle of Evolution to human culture seeing Africa as the birthplace of human civilization. many contemporary reviews were hostile however certain occult circles eagerly embraced his ideas. Massey had already been made Chosen Chief of the Most Ancient Order of Druids and included reference to their teachings. Albert Churchward described the same Egyptian in the “Origin and Antiquity of Freemasonry” and Leadbeater and others developed the theme. In fact Massey and Churchward, a high ranking mason, were good friends and collaborated closely. Their shared passion for the mysteries transcending Massey’s dislike of both Masonic secrecy and Churchward’s Tory politics. Blavatsky was impressed and enthusiastic, quoting Massey extensively in the Secret Doctrine. More recently Kenneth Grant drew upon Massey, attributing to him the idea that in Ancient Eygypt the first phases of religion were stellar and lunar in orientation with emphasis on the Mother Goddess, the male role in procreation not being realised. This was followed by solar orientated phases where the Father and Son became central to religious mysteries. This view is central to the Typhonian conception of Aeonics. In fact Massey intended that the first issue of the Book of Beginnings marked the beginning of a new Aeon and timed its issue to co-inside with associated astronomic events, to quote a notice that appeared in Vol.II:-

Mother Shipton’s Prophecy of the “End of the World” in the year 1881
Some relics of the ancient Circle-Craft are still extant in Britain, and we have misinterpreted Prophecies in common with the Hebrews (See pp338 – 398). According to one of these the world is to end in the year 1881.
The “end of the world” is the end of an Aeon. Age or cyle of Time, and we have seen the Prophecy fulfilled in the rare Lunar and Planetary Conjunction which occurred on the 3rd of March. It now remains for Scientific Astronomy to determine the length of this particular Cycle of Time and define its relationship to the period of Precession.
The Ending of the old World (or Aeon) and commencement is an appropriate date for the birth of a Book of Beginnings

The parallels with Crowley’s Aeonics are curious!

Remarkably Massey was specific as to which part of Africa civilization started, the Great lakes region. This is exactly the area that Louis Leakey did indeed find the earliest human remains and evidence of the first use of tools. Moreover, modern DNA analysis shows that Massey was exactly right. All humanity does derive from migrants from Central Africa. Linguists now attempt, as did Massey, to discern the original common language of our ancestors.

Despite the last volume being issued by a different publisher the first editions of Massey’s Magnum Opus offered here are of uniform format (11ins x 7.5ins) with the same binding of maroon cloth with restrained black decoration. His surname has been punned with “massive” and together they do weigh almost 10 kilos! The nine titles listed below are a collection and are offered in one lot.

1) A Book of Beginnings, Williams and Norgate 1881, Two volumes 503pp & 684pp Vol. I has spotting to the first half dozen and last couple of leaves, there is slight wear to top and tail of spine and very slight rubbing of cloth covering boards. There is slight creasing to the cloth covering the spine but this appears to be an original binding error. Vol. II has spotting to the first and last couple of leaves, top and tail of spine and corners bumped. Overall VG –

2) A Preface to, with Extracts from, a Book of Beginnings, 28pp Card covered booklet presenting a Preface (not present in the first edition) plus Massey’s response to hostile reviews, extracts and some reviews, two being printed on single sheets of paper, one loosely enclosed and another tipped in. VG+

3) The Natural Genesis, Williams and Norgate 1883, Two volumes xvi + 552pp & 535pp Both copies have slight rubbing to the cloth covering the boards but are VG+ clean tight copies

4) Ancient Egypt, The Light of the World, T Fisher Unwin 1907, Two volumes 944pp in total. Limited Edition of 500 Copies. Both copies have very slight rubbing to cloth covering the boards but are near Fine clean copies

5) Gerald Massey’s Lectures, Weiser 1974 vii + 287pp, The lectures include:- the Historical (Hebrew) Jesus and the Mythical (Egyptian) Christ; Paul as Gnostic Opponent, not the Apostle of Historic Christianity; the Logia of the Lord or pre-Christian Sayings ascribed to Jesus the Christ; Gnostic and Historic Christianity; the Hebrew and other Creations fundamentally explained; the Devil of Darkness or Evil in the Light of Evolution; Luminolatry Ancient and Modern; Man in Search of his Soul during 50,000 years and how he found it; the Seven Souls of Man and their Culmination in the Christ; the Coming Religion. The book is in Fine condition.

6) The Historical Jesus and the Mythical Christ, What Christianity owes to Ancient Egypt, Pioneer Press for the Secular Society, Not Dated card covered booklet 45pp. Date of issue a matter of speculation but the Pioneer Press tended to be associated with the Secular Society in the 1930s and 40s, after 1961 the organisation more consistently referred to itself as the National Secular Society Fine Condition

7) B.O. Flower, Gerald Massey, Poet, Prophet and Mystic, Arena 1895, iv + 113pp + vii adverts. Top edge gilt frontispiece and another plate, title page embellished with red, decorated endpapers. Enthusiastic eulogy to Massey. Based in Boston, USA the author shared Massey’s radical, reformist politics. Spine very slightly faded, slight wear to corners, overall VG

8) David Shaw, Gerald Massey, Chartist, Poet, Radical and Freethinker, Buckland 1995, Paperback 264pp Illustrated. Fine

9) Gene Kieffer, Secret Teachings, Unveiling the Luminous Son Within, Bethel 2000 xx + 642pp Illustrated. The introduction describes his extraordinary first encounter with the works of Gerald Massey in 1968. A close friend, a Democratic senator called Harold Hughes is visited by two angels who tell him two books will come to him from New York that will change the world. The books are Massey’s Book of Beginnings to which the author in introduced on the same day to by an enigmatic teacher of Gnosticism. It is interesting to note this teacher was a black guy, With his emphasis upon Africa Massey has recently received attention from Black Studies, significant to note Afro-American use of his work more than forty years ago. The author presents many of Massey’s ideas with modern references in a more concise form. The book is actually very scarce, especially in its dustwrapper. Fine in Fine DW

Collection of nine items Order No. Massey £850


3) Spiritualist and other Typescripts

Hannen Swaffer, Typescript Records of Seances, carbon copy typescripts, 1925 250 leaves, mostly 10ins x 7ins in three card binders. Records of séances running from 18th February to April 6th 1925. 26pp are accounts of visits to other, public meetings containing also reflections upon the séances. Some handwritten annotations by Swaffer. These record a famous series of séances with the direct voice medium George Valiantine.

It would appear from references in these typescripts that there was something of a crisis in the Society of Psychical Research. There were fears that members would desert unless proof of the claims of spiritualism was finally found. The mediumship of Valiantine promised to furnish the evidence. Many wished to attend, Swaffer names well over fifty including famous actors, singers, authors, aristocrats and diplomats. These include Radcliffe Hall, Somerset Maugham, E.J. Dingwall, Arthur Conan Doyle, Ivor Novello, Dame Clara Buck- a full list of those mentioned is available on request). The meetings were held in darkness the communications being received by means of a luminous trumpet which apparently floated in the air. There were spirit guides, named discarnate entities some of who were shared by other mediums. These were thought to facilitate the attendance of spirits of the beloved departed. One can understand why intelligent people thought Valiantine a genuine medium. These typescripts describe how the wife of the Chinese legate attended and was addressed by a voice she thought was her father’s which talked in the two (of twenty) dialects of Chinese that he spoke when alive. The wife of the Danish ambassador attends who is addressed in her native Russian. Other foreign language experiments were less successful though frequently the spirits give information that convinces the sitters that they are talking to the spirits of dead relatives. Participants felt they were on the edge of unprecedented recognition by modern society of the reality of survival after death, disincarnate intelligence and occult phenomena. This famous series of séances have been discussed elsewhere, for example Dennis Bradley’s “Towards the Stars” and Hannen Swaffer’s Northcliffe Returns and received a great deal of attention in the press and from Society of Psychical Research. It is difficult to overstate the importance of these substantial contemporary notes by one of the central participants. Later, the host of these séances and the main advocate of Valiantine’s powers, Dennis Bradley, accused him of fraud when he was asked to produce physical evidence. One view, that does explain all the facts, is that Valiantine was a ventriloquist and charlatan who, on occasion, had a truly supernatural ability to impersonate deceased relatives. Such an ability might be fuelled by the belief and excitement of the sitters which would be impossible to replicate now.

These typescripts are also an important historical document. Tensions within the Society of Psychic Research are alluded to. Two of its researchers who attended a number of meetings were Radcliffe Hall, author of Well of Loneliness, the first lesbian novel, and her partner Una, Lady Troubridge. There is no indication of any prejudice on the part of Swaffer or the other sitters, though one of the spirit guides notes their masculine clothes. Of course these were socially progressive scenes. Swaffer was a Socialist and there is here an account of a meeting held in the Minerva Café, a restaurant operated by the Woman’s Freedom League, a radical offshoot of the Suffragette movement.

There is a greasy stain which has affected the binders and the lower part of approximately half the pages. Whilst entirely legible (aside from Swaffer’s handwriting which is difficult to read regardless of condition) these items are in Good condition only. Order No. 500001 £650

4) Paul Carot, Diary, 31st January 1938 – 10th May 1938, Manuscript 92 large format leaves legibly written on one side in a contemparory folder. Magical diary written for Fraternity of Inner Light. The procedure appears to be a Salutation to the Inner Plane Masters is made around noon, then in the evening there is a period of meditation of about 15 minutes concerning a particular theme, the realisations and insights being recorded an hour or so later. The subjects meditated upon include:- Like attracts Like; Mystery Teaching; The Great God Pan; The Earth Goddess; The Atlantis Tradition; The Dark Ages; Tree of Life; Lightening Flash; Antechamber of Osiris; Astral Consciousness; Symbols; Night of the Gods; Group Soul; Angelic Hierarchies; Nature Spirits; Thought Forms; Ritual Elemental; Aether; Elementals etc. The diary is annotated with comments by Carot’s teacher in the Fraternity of Inner Light. A unique window into the operation of the Fraternity of the Inner Light during the lifetime of Dion Fortune VG Order No. 500002 £275

Baroness Adelma von Vay, Spirit, Force Matter, undated Manuscript 26 leaves, large format (13ins x 9ins) bound in limp faux leather binding gilt stamped with words “Baroness von Vay’s MS”. She practiced crystal skrying in Austria in the latter part of the 19th Century. This work was received by means of Automatic writing over a period of 36 days in 1869. It was published in Vienna a year later and was well received. She was highly regarded by Madame Blavatsky and was active in Spiritualist circles. The original manuscript has been lost. This manuscript is an English translation in a legible copperplate hand which is not the authors. It was produced some time after 1870 as it utilises the diagrams from an early German edition, cut out and glued to the manuscript. It would appear to be late 19th Century. The work itself describes spirits being generated from God, the spirits being either benevolent or malign. The process involved fluids (aether, or astral may be relevant concepts) and involves a system of sacred geometry. Paper somewhat browned, carefully repaired at some points VG Order No. 300122 £200

Rev. F.J. Bunse, The Earling Possession Case, An Ewxposition of the Exorcism of “Mary” Demoniac and Certain Marvelous Revelations Fortelling the Near Advent of the Antichrist and the Coming Persecution of the Church in the Years 1952 – 1955, Typescript 29 Large format leaves with typescript duplicated on one side in homemade card binder. First page blindstamped “Father’s Library, La Salette College” Written by a catholic cleric the text reports a case of possession that intermittently ran from 1912 to 1930. He considers the poor woman to be possessed by Beelzebub, Lucifer and numerous demons. However Jesus and the angels also fight for her sould and give predictions to her regarding the forthcoming antichrist, Curious, unpublished text Very Good Order No. 299702 £35

Victor Neuburg, Holograph Letter, 2nd October 1926 103 words. Addressed to “Dear Collier”. It discusses arrangements for a trip to Yorkshire where Neuburg will be lecturing. Signed “VN” with the inverted triangle of dots that Neuburg habitually used. VG Order No. 110514 £30


5) Scarce Michael Bertiaux Items

Michael Bertiaux & Others, Instrumentum, Vol. I and Vol.II, OTOA 1992, Two large format volumes, comb binding 1018pp altogether, illlustrated, homely production and design values. Reprint of journal originally published from 1977 to 1986. Numerous articles and considerable background as to the Order which arose from charter given by Papus to Lucian-Francois Jean-.Maine of Haiti with considerable interaction with other related traditions. A rich fusion of Voodoo, Thelemic, tantric, OTO, Choronzon Club, Gnostic and Typhonian traditions with a number of related organisational vehicles (ie, OTOA, Monastry of Seven Rays, La Couleuvre Noire, Transyuggothian Brotherhood of Shamans, Rite of Memphis and Mizrain, the Ecclesia Pohitica Anglicana, Franco-Haitian OTO). Betiaux sought mutual recognition and friendly relations with other traditions including :- Ekklesia Gnostica Spiritualis, Mysteria Mystica Mediterranea O.T.O., Q.B.L.H., Esoteric Order of Dagon, Typhonian OTO,Corrente 93 – OTO Italiae, Eclesia Gnostic Alba of Yugoslavia, Ecclesia Gnostica in Anglia, Fraternite Hermetique du Dragon Lunaire, Sun-Rays Gnostic Church of Nigeria, Les Compagnons de l’Aleph, Nephthys Arachna Power Zone. Instrumentum was intended for members and there is considerable and details discussion of sex magick techniques and considerble emphasis upon practical workings. When available new this edition was sold for US $250 when published (equivalent to $425 now) and is now very scarce indeed. VG Order No. MB01 £425

Michael Bertiaux, A Course in Cosmic Meditation, Technicians of the Sacred 1989. Large format, stapled card covers 49 leaves printed on one side. Homely production values. Recently republished by Fulgur in a far more handsome form, but it is interesting to see an early edition. Fine Order No. MB02 £20


6) Some Austin Osman Spare Items

Please note images of the pictures offered here can be found at;-

R.E,D. Sketchley, Austin Osman Spare, The Art Journal, 12pp. 2008 No. Ltd. Ed. Of 59 copies 9ins x 7.5ins No publisher is given but this item has been issued by the Mandrake Press Ltd. which produced Celebration, Existence, Adventures in Limbo, Oswell Blakeston, and the recent three volume Vera Wainwright /Austin Osman Spare collection. All available copies of these Spare items were snapped up, purchasers confident they were acquiring a high quality item that would soon be worth more than they paid. The present publication deliberately offers a similar opportunity in a more widely accessible price bracket. The original cover decoration of the Art Journal is reproduced on thick dark green card, the text and four illustrations being reproduced on 120 gramme cream goatskin parchment paper. The original journal is dated 1908 so this reprint comes 100 years later, it refers to the recent exhibition at the Bruton gallery. It gives testament to the stir caused by the young Spare in artistic circles starting “There must be few people in London interested in art who do not know the name Austin Osman Spare”. It discusses the controversial nature of his work and his creative process. “The source of his art is himself, the deepest, not yet fully known or controlled self from which, by thought, proceeds creative power of every kind. The text has been elegantly reset to create a handsome item. Order No. AOS_AJ £12

Pencil Drawing on artist’s card stock, 15ins x 10ins mounted in a modern folder 18ins x 15ins, A finely female head looks out while aetheric plant lines surge up around her from which, at the margins, three heads look out. The upper half of the drawing is given over to the swirling lines of plant energy. There is smudging, some damp staining plus scratches and marks to the surface of the board. Mounted in a heavy card folder (21ins x 15ins) for safe keeping Order No. AOS01 £425

Pencil on paper 10.5ins x 8ins. mounted on artist’s card stock mounted in a modern folder 18ins x 15ins. A female head looks out, to her side seven heads manifest from swirling lines. A band of discolouration down one side suggests that for awhile the picture was framed and displayed. The surface of the drawing is marked with, maybe, paint pigment that has smudged, there is some damp staining in the upper part of the picture Order No. AOS02 £425

Pencil drawing 11ins x 17.5ins (in glazed frame 17ins x 23.5ins) Signed AOS. We see a finely drawn old man with the folds of his cloak swirling upwards into amorphous energy that starts to manifest a mask, snarled at by an animal head formed by the folds of his sleeve. He views to aethereal women. They are also examined by a slightly deformed angel who rises between a grotesque woman protruding her tongue with the almost dark moon behind her. Above the scene swirls energy and a winged daemon head with an arrow for a tongue. A fine example of Spare’s occult art. There are about a dozen unobtrusive brown spots AOS03 £1275

Pastel 11.5ins x 22ins (in gazed and gilded frame 24ins x 33ins) Signed AOS twice and dated twice 1955 & 1956. Presumably the picture was added to at the later date. A small figure in red appears to pay homage to an immense stature of a lascivious Indian woman. In the middle distance lie ruins amongst a rolling landscape exquisitely depicted in smudged pastels. An excellent landscape of the imagination AOS04 £1650


7) Items by David. C. Smith

David C. Smith, drawing upon the such influences as B.O.T.A., O.T.O. Kenneth Grant, Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi, Robert Fludd, Robert Wang, Hieronymous Bosch, William Blake, Max Ernst, Crowley, Regardie the author creates artistically able and intelligent collages of alchemical mandalas to express esoteric principles, explained with commentary. A bit like Adam McLean on acid but not incoherent and important Very scarce and rather obscure

Chaim Dovid Benjosef (David C. Smith), Zion Matrix, Hermetic Tracts of Qabbalistic Import Vol. I No.1, 1997 Large format, card covers 74pp. Includes 28pp of full page symbolic diagrams. Titel page declares endeavour to be “Pertaining to the Mystical Practice of Inner Transmutation and the Restored Sanctun Sanctorum of the vibratory Living Temple of the Light of Ain Sof in the Heart of Man, here and Now, Forever Fine Order No. 510042 £45

David C. Smith, The Knowable World, A Creative expression of the Western Esoteric Tradition, 1994 Large format, card covers 64pp 23 full page illustrations with commentaries Fine Order No. 510043 £45

Frater David SolarIs, Mundus Intellgentium, Part One Deus ex Athanor, 1993 (2nd Ed.) Large format, Card covers 44pp including 20 full page illustrations with commentaries. Has consideration of the Qlippoth and Aeon of Horus. Signed by the author using magical name Fine Order No. 510041 £45


8) Items from the Collection of C.F.Russell

C.F. Russell was, for awhile a follower of Crowley withg whom he practiced sex magic at Cefalu. They fell out and Russell went on top found the Choronzon Club. In time Russell’s teaching moved from using sex to geometry as a vehicle for metaphysical endeavour. He was a formidable book collector. These items are from his collection though, as is usual, there is no ownership inscription. They well be supplied with a certificate giving provenance.

Aleister Crowley, Book of Lies, Wieland & Co. 1913 1st Ed Small format 3.5ins x 6ins One plate Text printed within black borders. 131pp including 14pp adverts for Crowley’s books “the excreta of Mr. Aleister Crowley” which are important as they imply a different publication to that given on the title page. This is interesting as Crowley recounts that Reuss accused him of publishing the Mysteries of the O.T.O. in one chapter, yet this happened prior to 1913. Gilt stamped design from the same die used for the Holy Books 1st Ed. . Has the errata slip which notes that its very existence is absurd “…as the whole book is a misprint”. This copy in mentioned on p31 of Russell’s Provenance. As is usual there is slight browning to the free end papers, very sligh spotting to top of page edges, very slight bumping top top corners of boards, overall a \very good + clean copy. Order No. 470001 £490

Aleister Crowley, Confessions, Vol. I & II, Mandrake 1929 1st Ed Large format (11ins x 9ins) 284pp & 307pp Has text & plates not in reprints. Striking decorated white cloth with gilt stamped spine. Bevelled boards, top edge gilt.Printed on jap vellum.. Audacious & compelling book design. Includes some plates relating to Crowley’s mountain climbing that have not been included in reprints. Loosely enclosed a page from Time magazine carrying Crowley’s obituary. Thoughtfully Russell has placed it in a blank sheet of paper to prevent its browning discolour the book. As always the white cloth shows slight grubbiness and there are slight marks to volume two. The gilt blocking on the spine is very bright. Overall a Very Good, far better than most seen Order No. 470013 £750

Aleister Crowley, The Stratagem, & Other Stories, Mandrake Press nd 1st Ed (c1930) Small format 139pp Also has the Testament of Magdalen Blair, His Secret Sin. Quarter cloth binding with boards covered in snakeskin like paper and a paper label on spine. The dustwrapper is important as it carries an plan relevant to the Stratagem story. The copy in Fine condition in a Very Good DW (slight chipping along to edge) Order No. 470002 £90

Frater Perdurabo & Soror Virakam, Book 4, Part I, Wieland & Co. Not Dated Limp binding, Small format 5ins x 5ins vii + 94pp + application to join A.’.A.’. Very eleganyt publication, the book being square and prices at four groats (ie one shilling) to emphasise the fourfold nature of the work. About 500 copies were printed , this being the second impression as indicated by the publication address, 33 Avenue Studios. Effectively self published, Eugene Wieland, a disciple, having allowed his name to be used as an imprint. Ever so slight spottint along top edge but a Very Good nice clean copy Order No. 470003 £115


9) Witchcraft and Modern Paganism

Violet Alford, The Hobby Horse, & Other Animal Masks, Merlin 1978 1st Ed xxxiv + 211pp Pls Very good book about practices that run to the core of living paganism Fine in Fine DW Order No. 3465 £12

Freya Aswynn, Ring of Troth, Lessons 1 – 6, Privately circulated 1992 A4 format 123pp plus 9pp photocopies of recipients answers (these not complete). In hardback library binding. The recipient did not complete the course so this items comprises the first 6 of a series of 12 lessons. These teachings were private and have not been published Fine Order No. 440069 £75

Anon, Wicca, A Course for Home Study, School of Intregrated Health Not Dated A4 format 159pp in hardback binding. 13 lessons in all, the teachings of a Wiccan coven.The anonymous voice who appears to be the main author states that he knew Gerlad Gardner and Jack Bracelin well but states that he was aware of three covens that Gerald was unaware of and that he (or she, but it sounds like a man) was initiated into a traditional coven in Essex. He states that, sometimes deliverately, Gardner taught a different form of wicca than that practised by his ibitiators. Curiously, in the section dealing with the origins of Wicca there are two pages about Charles Cardell who, under the name of Rex Nemorensis wrote a very well informed expose of Gardner. The writer is rather ambiguous about Cardell and applauds his alternative health products. Aside from the history of Wicca there are also instructions about the festivals, folklore, runes, the tarot, numerology, Gods & Gioddesses, magical lore of trees, possibility of communication with plantlife, tools of witchcraft, opening asnd closing of a circle, magic asnd sex. It discusses Gardnerian rituals and gives the Gardnerian first degree initiation but maintains that Traditional Wicca is somewhat variant. Surprisingly the writer does seem to advocate ritual nudity. It is claimed that these lessons derive from a school of Wicca akin to but predating and somewhat different from the Gardnerian craft. It sahould be emphasised that the great majority of actual very straightyforward teachings complied from published sources Fine Order No. 440070 £150

Evan John Jones and Robert Cochrane, The Roebuck in the Thicket, An Anthology of the Robert Cochrane Witchcraft Tradition, Capall Bann 2001 Paperback 182pp Illustrated Ed. Mike Howard Fine Order No. 110333 £7

Robert Cochrane with Evan John Jones, The Robert Cochrane Letters, An Insight into Modern Traditional Witchcraft, Capall Bann 2002 Paperback 186pp Fine Order No. 110334 £7

Ed Fitch, Rites of Odin, Llewellyn 1992 Paperbackxxii + 333pp Teutonic magic Fine Order No. 480201 £8

Lady Galadriel, The New Book of the Law, Grove of the Unicorn Not Dated (1988) Unusual slim format 16pp booklet. Influenced by Liber Al but entirely Wiccan and considered rather than inspired. Enclosed 2pp document decribing nature of Grove of the Unicorn and 1pp handwritten letter by the author dated 1988 VG Order No. 110766 £15

Michael Harrison, Roots of Witchcraft, Muller 1973 1st Ed Studies European records to discover in witchcraft the survival of an ancient fertility cult, in the court records he finds traces of the language of the witches which he endeavours to reconstruct Pls 278pp VG clean copy Order No. 590 £20

Prof. Ronald Hutton, Stations of the Sun, A History of the Ritual Year in Britain, OUP 2001 paperback xx + 542pp Author a respected commentator on modern paganism Mint Order No. 2230 £7

Ronald Hutton, Triumph of the Moon, A History of Modern Paganism, Oxford 2001 Paperback xv + 486pp Truly excellent study, being academic, scholalry and empathetic Order No. 26004 £7

Peter Hough, Witchcraft, A Strange Conflict, Lutterworth Press 1991 Paperback 199pp Author a member of Association for Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. Examines the then current moral panick against witches and satanists with considerable information concerning some of the personalites concerned eg 16pp interview with “Ramon OIF Orthodox Temple of the Prince, Scarce item. Fine Order No. 440037 £30

Nigel Jackson, Masks of Misrule, The Horned God & His Cult in Europe, Capall Bann 1996 Illus Pb 168pp M Order No. 2242 £7

Anthony Kemp, Witchcraft & Paganism Today, Brockhampton 1995 ix + 210pp Plates Informed & sympathetic account of modern scenes, now OP F in F DW Order No. 6036 £12

Michael Kunze, Highroad to the Stake, A Tale of Witchcraft, U. of Chicago 1987 xv + 424pp Some illustrations Readable account of the Papenheimers, a homeless family who were arrested in Bavair in 1600. Elements of the state sought a show trial to restore law and order and the poor family were torutred into confessing myriads of crimes done in league with the Devil. This particular case demonstrates the forces at work during the years of witchcraft trials F in F DW Order No. 6364 £12

Eric Maple, Dark World of the Witches, Pan 1965 Small format paperback 205pp Plates VG Order No. 2945 £4

Donald McCormick, Murder by Witchcraft, Arrow 1969 Paperback 190pp Plates Examination of the 1945 Meon Hill murder at Lower Quinton and the discovery of a skeleton in the hollow of the Old Wych Elm in Hagley Wood two years earlier. Both murders were considered to be witchcraft related at the time. The author, himself a member of wartime British intelligence, here argues that the Hagley wood may have had connections to spy rings. A very scarce book. Covers quite warn and creased Order No. 110906 £35

T.Ravensdale & J. Morgan, Psychology of Witchcraft, An Account of Witchcraft, Black Magic & the Occult, Bartholomew 1974 1st Ed 200pp Many Illus some Coloured OP VG in VG DW Order No. 388 £12

Margaret Murray, God of the Witches, Sampson Low n.d. (1931) 9pp & 214pp Plates. It has been suggested her speculation were informed by Traditional craft in her family. Certainly her assertion that witchcraft was a survival of paganism into the age of Christianity provided a powerful myth that inspired the witcchraft revival which, given she provided a forword for one of Gardners books, presumably she looked kindly upon. The researches of Carlo Ginzburg presented in Ectasies, Deciphering the Witches Sabbath, is reminiscent of Murray’s basic thesis though in ways very different to those envisioned by her. Slight spotting but G+ sound tight copy Order No. 42006 £30

Margaret Murray, The Genesis of Religion, RKP 1963 1st Ed. v + 88pp Appendix on cult of the head. Small library marks indicate this copy disposed of by British Library otherwise VG Order No. 440033 £6

Margaret Murray, Witch-Cult in Western Europe, A Study in Anthropology, Oxford 1921 1st Ed 303pp Variant blue cloth binding. Immensly important in revival of interest in the witchcraft & paganism, her description of a pagan mystery cult devoted to the Horned God & the Goddess fueled Gardner’s creation of Wicca some browning to free end papers Order No. 52054 £40

Prudence Jones & Nigel Pennick, History of Pagan Europe, Barnes & Noble 1989 Hardback xv + 262 Illus Modern pagans cast an eye on to the history of Paganism. Excellent and substantial F in F DW Order No. 2526 £12

Olivia Robertson, Call of Isis, Neptune Press nd (c1990) Author created the Fellowship of Isis, an international network of Goddess worshippers Illus Paperback 195pp Plates Slight creases to fron t cover VG Order No. 300285 £10

Olivia Robertson, The Call of Isis,, Cesara 1975 1st Ed Small format paperback vii + 126pp. Important work by founder of Fellowship of Isis. Some Illustrations. Signed by the author F Order No. 110759 £20

Ronald Seth, Children Agaist Witches, Hale 1969 190pp Plates Examines the role of children as accusers in the witch trials. This copy ex-library in DW Order No. 440007 £6

G.L. Simons, The Witchcraft World, Simmons 1974 Wide ranging, author has written on sexology & pays attention to the sexual component of historical witchcraft 231pp VG- in G+ DW Order No. 2466 £10

Starhawk, Dreaming the Dark, Magic, Sex and Politics, Beacon Press 1982 Paperback xvi + 242pp F Order No. 8423 £5

Montague Summers & Gerald Gardner, Discovery of Witches, , IHO 1999 Paperback. 68pp Illus Presents substantial Intro by Montague Summers, Matthew Hopkin’s essay, the Discovery of Witchcraft. There is also the Illus article by Gerald Gardner concerning protective charms used by Hopkins, this does through a new light upon Hopkins who appears to have been something as much practioner as well as persecutor VG Order No. 5765 £6

Various Anon Ed. Marion Gibson, Early Modern Witches, Witchcraft Cases in Contempory Writing, Routledge 2000 xiv + 338pp Presents 16 chap book accounts of witchcraft cases published from 1566 to 1621. They are given a modern typefae to ease reading but retain archaic spellings etc. The addition of an index for the book is especially useful as it allows one to research such themes as familiars, images etc through a variety of original sources F Order No. 80206 £25

Various, Northern Paganlink News / Pagan News, PaganLink 1988 – 1991 Large format 410pp A complete run of 31 issues, A4 format in hardback library binding, one issue being present in photocopy. Edited by Phil Hine, Rodney Orpheus, Stephen and Janet Cliff. Contributions by Phil Hine, Rodney Orpheus, Stephen Mace, Mike Howard, Stephen Sennitt, Julian Vayne, Magda Graham, John Balance (as Eden 230), Freya Aswynn, Starhawk, Iam Read.. Articles about Order of the Cubic Stone, Caliphate OTO, Odinshof, Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, European Ma’at Network etc. Started a 6pp monthly newsletter for Northern England and ended a 20pp national bi-monthly. Reminder of the concerns of the day, Satanic abuse allegations being very prominent. A rare opportunity to purchase a complete set. Fine Order No. 440059 £150

Various, Pagan News, Feb 1992 – No.. 36 1993 – a run, Phoenix Publications A4 format leaflets in hardback binding 176pp Contributors include Andrew Chumbley (The Question of Sacrifice), Phil Hine, Linda Falario, Stephen Mace, Mike Howard, Cat Sunners, Monica Sjoo, Maxine Sanders, Gareth Medway, Julian Philips, Steve Wilson, Chrys Livings, Bernard King, Sedily Bourne, Sheila Broun, Nigel Bourne etc.etc Fine Order No. 440067 £95

Various, The Dark Crystal, Vol. I No.1 to Vol. X No.3 1991-2001. A complete aet, Privately published A4 format 370pp 38 issues in hardback binding. Edited by “Merlin & Morgana” or “Lesley and Dennis” this magazine was available only to initiated Gardnerian Wiccans who had been recommended to the readership who are listed in each issue. At the most the readership was 40 individuals and couples, which presumably determined the print run. Though the editors were based in Holland it is entirely English language but with an international readership. Almost all contributors are identified by first names only but it is possible to discern many prominent wiccan from the UK, Norway, USA and Australia. There is considerable discussion as to the nature and history of Wicca, advice for running covens and so forth. Obviously a very rare insight into the nature of Gardnerian Wicca Fine Order No. 440068 £150


10) Journal of Dion Fortune’s Fraternity of Inner Light

Various, Inner Light, Vol. XI No.3 December 1937, Inner Light Publishing Large format, printed card covers with coloured embellishment (20pp) F.P.D. Magma Mater Part II; Dion Fortune – The Best of All Possible Worlds Part I / Age of Reason, Age of Faith; A.B.W. – Meditation on Milton’s Introduction to Ode on the Morning of Christ’s Nativity, Reader’s Forum, Library Additions etc Civers hcipped but G+ Order No. 500003 £20

Various, Inner Light, Vol.XII No.1 October 1938, Inner Light 22pp printed card covers with coloured embellishments. Articles include S.F. Annett – The Egyptian Mysteries Part I, Their Origin and Scope; Dion Fortune – Uplift / Black Magic; Nancy Morris – Historic Background to the Qabalah; F.P.D. – The Old Religion- a Study of the Symbolism used in Women’s Mysteries Part I; Anon – Cave in the Mountain; Book Reiviews, Lectures etc. One page blank by mistake, cover s chipped G+ Order No. 500004 £20

Various, Inner Light, Vol XII No.2 November 1938, Inner Light (22pp) printed card covers with coloured embellishments. Articles include S.F. Annett – The Egyptian Mysteries Part II, According to Archeology; Dion Fortune – The Racial Mind; F.P.D. – The Old Religion- a Study of the Symbolism used in Women’s Mysteries Part II; Dion Fortune – AT the Shrine of En-Dor Covers chipped G+ Order No. 500005 £20

Various, Inner Light, Vol.XII No.8 May 1939, Inner Light (20pp) printed card covers with coloured embellishments. Articles include S.F. Annett – Gnostic Hypostasis and the Grail (to be continued); H.M.F. – Scottish Pictures; Dion Fortune – Astrology & Fate / Circuit of Force Part III; E.P. – Vision of Isis; H.L. – Ritual G+ Order No. 500006 £20

Various (Ed. Dion Fortune), Inner Light, Vol.XII No.9 June 1939, Inner Light (20pp) printed card covers with coloured embellishments. Articles include S.F. Annett – Gnostic Hypostasis and the Grail (concluded); F.E.O – Avebury; Nancy Norris – The Mystery Teaching / Initiation by Way of the Cross; H.L – Aspects of Prayer / Scandanavian Mythology; L.P. – AN experience of the Green Ray; Dion Fortune – Circuit of Force part III etc G+ Order No. 500007 £20

Various (Ed. Dion Fortune), Inner Light, Vol. XII No.10 July 1939, Inner Light (20pp) printed card covers with coloured embellishments. Articles include S.F. Annett – The Grail Tests Part I(to be continued); A.K.B – The Risen Lord; Nancy Norris – Autosuggestion and Qabala (to be continued); Dion Fortune – Circuit of Force Part IV; James Sydney – Astrology and Freewill (to be continued) cover slight creased, staples rusted G+ Order No. 500008 £20

Various (Ed. Dion Fortune), Inner Light, Vol. XII No.11 August 1939, Inner Light (20pp) printed card covers with coloured embellishments. Articles include S.F. Annett – The Grail Tests Part II (to be continued); Nancy Norris -Autosuggestion and Qabbala Compared; Dion Fortune – Circuit of Force Part IV; James Sydney – Astrology and Freewill Part II (to be continued) VG- Order No. 500009 £20

Various (Ed. Dion Fortune), Inner Light, Vol XII No.12, Inner Light (20pp) printed card covers with coloured embellishments. Articles include S.F. Annett – The Grail Tests (concluded); H.L. – Myths of Babylonia and Assyria; Dion Fortune – Circuit of Force Part V; James Sydney – Astrology and Freewill (concluded) E. de le Bruyere – the Grail Castle Montsegur; R.H.M. – the Mighty Mother; Review of Alice Bailey, Treatise on Seven Rays by E.K.G. rust staples VG Order No. 500019 £20

Various (Ed. Dion Fortune), Inner Light, Vol XIII No.1 October 1939, Inner Liight (20pp) printed card covers with coloured embellishments. Articles include S.F. Annett – The Grail Degrees (to be continued) Dion Fortune – Circuit of Force Part VI; Nancy Norris – Magical Workings; Sydney McNair – Fate Freewill and Destiny (to be continued); James Rathbone – Return; Library Acquisitions rusty staples VG Order No. 500010 £20

Various (Ed. Dion Fortune), Inner Light, Vol. XIII No.3 December 1939, Inner Light (20pp) printed card covers with coloured embellishments. Articles include S.F. Annett – The Grail Degrees (to be continued) Dion Fortune – Circuit of Force Part VIII / Concerning Prophets (discussing the failure, including her own, of prophets and occultists to predict the War); Anon – Le Pardon d’Auray; J.G.F. – The Metrical Sepheroth (to be continued) rusty staples Order No. 500012 £20

Various (Ed. Dion Fortune), Inner Light, Vol. XIII No.4 January 1940, Inner Light (20pp) printed card covers with coloured embellishments. Articles include S.F. Annett – The Grail Degrees (concluded) / German Magic and the War; Dion Fortune – Circuit of Force Part IX; J.G.F. – The Metrical Sepheroth (concluded); R.H.M. – One Night on the Tor (visions on Glastonbury Tor) VG Order No. 500013 £20

Various (Ed. Dion Fortune), Inner Light, Vol. XIII No.5 February 1940, Inner Light (20pp) printed card covers with coloured embellishments. Articles include A.V.O – Chant of the Elements; Dion Fortune – Circuit of Force Part X / Temperment and Illness ; R.H.M. – Linked Hands (visions on Glastonbury Tor) / The Forest (to be continued); John Buchan Ford – Are Occultists Godless; Literary list etc G+ Order No. 500014 £20

Various (Ed. Dion Fortune), Inner Light, Vol. XIII No.6 March 1940, Inner Light (20pp) printed card covers with coloured embellishments. Articles include W.E. Butler – Psychic and Occult Forces; H.L. – Our Native Tradition; Dion Fortune – Circuit of Force Part XI / The Invisible Intelligences (to be continued) ; R.H.M. -The Forest (to be continued); Words of the Masters (teaching received from Inner Planes by Inner Group of Fraternity staples rusted but VG Order No. 500015 £20

Various (Ed. Dion Fortune), Inner Light, Vol. XIII No.7 April 1940, Inner Light (16pp) printed card covers with coloured embellishments. Articles include:- Dion Fortune – Circuit of Force Part XII / The Invisible Intelligences (concluded) ; R.H.M. -The Forest (concluded) / Isis; Words of the Masters (teaching received from Inner Planes by Inner Group of Fraternity; D. Courtice – Spring Magic; G+ Order No. 500016 £20

Various (Ed. Dion Fortune), Inner Light, Vol.XIII No.8 May 1940, Inner Light (16pp) printed card covers with coloured embellishments. Articles include:- Dion Fortune – Circuit of Force Part XIII / The A Son of the Night (to be continued); Words of the Masters continued (teaching received from Inner Planes by Inner Group of Fraternity rust staples, cover chipped G+ Order No. 500017 £20

Various (Ed. Dion Fortune), Inner Light, Vol.XIII No.9 June 1940, Inner Light (16pp) printed card covers with coloured embellishments. Articles include:-
Dion Fortune – Circuit of Force Part XIV / A Son of the Night (continued); Words of the Masters continued (teaching received from Inner Planes by Inner Group of
Fraternity) rust staples, cover chipped G+ Order No. 500022 £20


11) Autonomic Satanists


Anon, Niger Liber Benelus, Exoteric Lex, Orthodox Temple of the Prince 1986 Revised Ed LF 253 leaves printed on one side, some hand coloured diagrams, duplicated sheets in card binder. Introduction associates it with Prof R. Shareth & Ramon, in fact written by Ray Bogarde. It is substantial account of teachings & practices of Orthodox Temple of the Prince, or New Order of Satanic Templars or Benelist Satanists. Through George Brooke (from W.B.Crow) these may have had some Gnostic Catholic Church succession though this is not mentioned. The author joined the Order a few years after the Second World War. There appears to have been some conflict with the branch represented by this work parting company with other temples associated with coloured scenes operating prostitution rings and sex clubs. There is an attempt to codify the practice of different temples with this work, which was first written in 1972, this being a greatly revised version. A curious, and rare, item. Chapter headings include Comp0arative Witchcraf and Benelism; Traditional Witchcraft; Gardnerian Wichcraft; Orthodox Benelism; Organisation of the Temple; Piresthood Offices; Temple layout; Altar Faith; Initiation and Baptism; Degrees and Tests; Need for Trianing in Occult Study; Three Levels of Consciousness; Pentacle and Pentagram; First Three Silver Paths; Sigilogy; Sigils of the Spirits; Tanith & Atoroth; Rituals; Black Mass; Probationer to Neophite; Consecration of Higher Piresthood; Convocation of Higher Priesthood VG Order No. 510018 £475

Magda Graham, Ragnorok, Nos. 1, 2 & 3, 1978 All 20pp of 22pp stapled leaflet. Very early publication by woman who went on to produce Dark Lily. Overtly satanist, a very scarce and early example of her output Order No. 510017 £40

Various, Dark Lily, The Voice of the Left hand Path. Nos. 1 to 12, 1987- 1991 12 A5 card covers booklets, a run probably of all published, mostly 28pp. Edited and probably largely written by Magda Graham. Satanist jounral but also with other contributors, advertising etc. Loosely enclosed are two typed letter signed of one and wo sides. The longer one has discussion of Order of Nine Angles responding to the far right politics of its founder. Also a small signed note and various enclosures relating to the Sacred Trees Trust and Occult Census promoted by Sorcerer’s Apprentice. All Fine or Very Good condition Order No. 510009 £140

Various, Harsh Reality, No. 0 & 1, Not dated (1994?) A4 Foramt, card covers 44pp & 52pp. Illustrated. Articles include Pol o Cuileabhain – A Study of German Magic 1780 to the Present / Mark of Cain, Eugenics and Crisis of Degeneracy / Great Abnormals, Re-evallusation of Genius /the Survivalism of Jurt Saxon / D’Annunzio: Paul Cullivan – Ragnar Redbeard and the Right of Might Phil Hine – H.P. Lovecraft Visionary of the Void / : J. Cornelius – Agartha Shambhala; Nicholas Raven – Satanism and Reality. Racist under-current.Many reviews of Death Metal and Satanic music and extreme horror films Fine Order No. 510130 £45

Order of Nine Angles – associated with far right politics

Anon, Codex Saerus, A Practical Guide to Satanic Ceremonial (the Black Book of Satan), Order of Nine Angles nd Large format (acquisition inscription indicates pre 1999 publication date) spiral bound 54pp What is Satanism; the Temple; Conducting Ceremonial Rituals; the Black Mass; Death Rituals; the Rite of Initiation; Dedication of a Temple; Ceremony of Recalling;Satanic Orders; Sinister Chant; Organising a Satanic Temple etc. Fine Order No. 510010 £35

Anon, Hostia, Secret Teachings of the O.N.A. Volume I, Not Dated Large format, card covers, spiral bound. 120pp Post 1994 (date in text, pre 1998 (acquisition inscription0. Text is variant from other examples of this title:- Tradition of the Sinister Way; Selling Water by the River; Initiation; Essence of the Sinister Path; Diabolic Etymology; Guide to Black Magic; Satanic Influence – a Modern Tale; ONA Organisational Structure; the Deceitful Occult Ego; Reality of Magick; Manipulation; Ritual magick – Dure and Sedue Ceremonial; Alchemy of Magick, Acausal Existence; Concerning the Traditions of the ONA; Baphomet – a Note on the Name; Crowley, Satan and the Sinister Waythe Deofel Quartet; Satanism, the Sinister Shadow Revealed; Sinister Path – Aims and Intents; Satanism – Diversity and Development; Notes on the Septenary Stars; the Abyss; Nine Angles – Esoteric Meanings; Temple of Set – Brief Satanic Analysis; Secrets of the Nine Angles; A Gift for the Prince- a Guide to Human Sacrifice; the Sinister Calling; Septenary Star Game; Advanced Star Game; Internalk Adept; Grade Ritual; Aeons; Cliology; Fine Order No. 510012 £45

Christos Beest, Charnel House, Order of Nine Nagles, Era Horrificus 102 Small format Card covers 21pp. Limited edition of 33 copies signed by the author, this being No. 12. A handsome production Fine Order No. 510014 £35

Anton Long, Grimoire of the Dark Gods, O.N.A. 1986 18 large format leaves in card covers and comb binding. Scarce and unpublished work of the Satanic magickal order the Order of Nine Angles Fine Order No. 510009 £30

Anton Long, Naos, A Practical Guide to Becoming an Adept, Thormynd Press 1992 Limited edition of 63 copies this being No. 26 Large format, comb binding plastic covers. Large format 104pp Contents include Physis Magick (including the Star Game), Practical Guide to Becoming anAdept; Esoteric Sorcery; Esoteric MSS Fine Order No. 510013 £45

Tienno, Liber Nagoul, None given Not Dated 80pp Large format spiral bound card covers. Dated between 1987 (from title listed in a bibliography) and 1999 (acquisition inscription.. Contents include Seven Keys to Power; Way of the Shadow; Rune Magick, Bibliography; the Invisible Two-Edged Sword; An appendix by Forte Eibon. Appendix of symbols. Probably associated with Order of Nine Angles Fine Order No. 510011 £45

Various, Fenrir, No.3, Thormynd (1988) Dated “Year of Fire 99) 14pp A4 Leaflet. Esoteric Chants, a Gift for the Prince (re Human sacrifice); Images and Temple Artifacts; Confessions; Magickal Grades Some creasing and discolouration but VG Order No. 510022 £10

Various, Fenrir, Journal of Satanism and the Sinister, Brekekk 1990 26pp A4 stapled leaflet. Mass of Chorazaim (Mass for the Anti-Christ); Lidagon; Hymn to Inanna; the Nine Angles; Pete Carroll – Chaos in Magical Development; the Saturn Rite; the Azoth Rite; Message oif the One of Thoth Very Good Order No. 510020 £20

Various, Fenrir, No.4, Thormynd (1988) Dated “Year of Fire 99) 16pp A4 Leaflet. The Black Masss; Guide to Black Magick; Initiation; the Dark Forces Some creases but VG Order No. 510023 £10

Various, Fenrir, No.5, Thormynd (1989) Dated “Year of Fire 100” 16pp A4 Leaflet.Dark Magic Ways, Returning the Dark Gods VG Order No. 510024 £10

Various, Fenrir, No.8, Thormynd (1990) Dated “Year of Fire 101* 14pp A4 Leaflet.Forbidden Alchemy – An Introduction to Esoteric Black magic; The Star Game VG Order No. 510025 £10

Various, Fenrir, No.2, Thormynd (1988) Dated “Year of Fire 99) 12pp A4 Leaflet. The Whip Queen Speaks; Sinister Confessions, Guide to the Dark Gods, the LHP VG some creases Order No. 510021 £10

Various (Ed., Exeat, No.2, Thormynd Press 1990 Large format 20pp leaflet. Associated with ONA. Controversial journal with disputes between various Satanists.. K. Bolton – Contempory DogmaAlfred Forkbeard – Magick Sans Illusion; Correspondence from Michael Aquinon, Mgda Graham, Stphen Brown (aka Anton Long etc.) VG Order No. 510040 £20


Anon, The Vampire Bible; Vampire Predator Bible; Vampire Adept Bible; Vampire Sorcery Bible.
Temple of the Vampire Four large format card covered booklets. Not dated (c1990??) 24pp, 28pp, 24pp & 28pp. Contents include Calling of the Undead Gods, Vampiric Communion through Magical Ritual; Secret Methods of Vampism; Predator of Humans; Shurpu Kishpu, the Book of Dreaming; the Vampire Creed; Necromantium; Opening the Astral Gate; the Vampire God; the Vampiric Philosophy; Nine Laws of Magic; Four Dimensions of Experience; Nine Gates and Angles; Doctrine of Dreams; Sealing the Astral; Use of Reason in Vampirism etc. VG Order No. 510039 £60

Michael Aquino, Church of Satan, Publisher’s Flier, Temple of Set 1989 1pp printed on card. Describing significance of Aquino’s text concerning Church of Satan Folded VG Order No. 510032 £5

Zeena LaVey, Interview, The Fifth Path – Promotional Flier, Not Dated (1991??) 4pp article and front cover of magazine stapled together and issued as promotional material. Interview with Anton LaVey’s daughter VG Order No. 510033 £10

High Priest Luther, The Night Owl, Quarterly Newsletter, Not Dated (1989) Two copies, 34pp & 48 large format leaflets. Very amteurish Satanic journal from Illinois. Occult fiction, adverts etc. VG Order No. 510031 £20

Yaj Nomolos, Trident, No.57, Embassy of S.A.T.A.N. 1990. 16pp large format leaflet VG Order No. 510034 £10

Various, Brimstone, A Journal of the Ancient Brotherhood of Satan Vol. I Nos. 1, 2, 3, Vol.II No.2, 1989 – 1990 16pp, 21pp, 40pp & 48pp large format leaflets. Ed. John Dewey. Lively independent U.S. Satanic journal with much considerable correspondence concerning disputes beween the Tempe of Set and Church of Satan. Also information concerning UK O.N.A. and Dark Lily Fine Order No. 510028 £45

Various, Not Like Most, A Publication of Satanism in Action No.9, (1999) 32pp large format. Closely asscoiated with Church of Satan Fine Order No. 510035 £10

Various, Scroll of Set, Vol.XV No.4, Temple of Set (1989) 12pp large format leaflet, confidential for members of the Temple of Set. 4pp by Michael Aquino VG Order No. 510038 £10

Various, The Black Flame, International Forum of Church of Satan, Vol. IV Nos. 1 & 2, Hell’s Kitchen 1992 Large format card covers 44pp Illustrated Fine Order No. 510001 £12

Various, The Black Flame, International Forum of Church of Satan, Vol. IV Nos. 3 & 4, Hell’s Kitchen 1993 Large format glossy card covers 48pp Illustrated Fine Order No. 510002 £12

Various, The Black Flame, International Forum of Church of Satan, Vol. IV Nos. 1 & 2, Hell’s Kitchen 1994 Large format card covers 44pp Illustrated Fine Order No. 510008 £12

Various, The Black Flame, International Forum of Church of Satan, Vol. V Nos. 1 & 2, Hell’s Kitchen 1994 Large format glossy card covers 48pp Illustrated Fine Order No. 510003 £12

Various, The Black Flame, International Forum of Church of Satan, Vol. VI Nos. 1 & 2, Hell’s Kitchen 1997 Large format glossy card covers 56pp Illustrated Fine Order No. 510004 £12

Various, The Black Flame, International Forum of Church of Satan, Vol. VI Nos. 3 & 4 (No.15), Hell’s Kitchen 2000 Large format glossy card covers 80pp Illustrated. This issue has many memorials for LaVey Fine Order No. 510005 £15

Various, The Black Flame, International Forum of Church of Satan, Vol. V Nos. 1 & 2, Hell’s Kitchen 1994 Large format card covers 48pp Illustrated Fine Order No. 510007 £12

Various, The Black Flame, A Quarterly Forum for Satanic Thought, Vol.I No.1, Vernal Equinox XXIV A.S. Large format. 12pp leaflet well produced, some humour. Ed. Peter Gilmore, Articles include Max, Devil in Daylight / Mystical Junkie; Morgain Blake -|Choosinga Familiar; Clinton Smith – Recognizing Pseudo-Satanism; Diobolos Rex – Yuggoth Text VG Order No. 510026 £15

Various, The Black Flame, International Forum of Church of Satan, No.16, Hell’s Kitchen 2005 Large format card covers 64pp Illustrated Fine Order No. 510006 £12

Various, The Black Flame, The Quarterly Forum for Satanic Thought Vol.II No.2, XXV A.S. Large format 22pp leaflet Ed. Peter Gilmore. Articles include:- Peter Gilmore – Alienation; Nemo – Stanism Needs an Enema; Reuben Radding – Some People are more Equal than Others; Tani Jantsang – Undefining Satanism; Odditorium; Tradi-shuns; Physics of Mysticism; Philp Martin – Satanic Roots (Pt. II) Fine Order No. 510027 £12

Various, To The Left, No.2, 88 Temple ov Deities Not dated (1990?) Large format 20pp leaflet US satanist journal. Articles include:0 Unicircular Hexagram; Supreme Ritual of the Pentagam; Greek Dream Rite; Rites of the Apocalpse, reviews of Stanist Journals. Influenced by TOPY and more magically inclined than other Satanist journals. Secction removed from back cover, Good only Order No. 510029 £10

Kiwi Satanism

Various, Set in Motion, For the Shining Ones. Volume II, Not dated (c1985??) A4 Landscape format, card covers 28pp. Occasionally gossipy New Zealand occult journal. Some Temple of Set material and Michael Bertiaux illustration VG Order No. 510015 £15

Various, The Heretic, Nos.4, 6,7,8,, 1993 – 1994 24pp (except No.8, 28pp) Homely production values. New Zealand satanic journey friendly to Order of Nine Angles and closely related to Ordn Sinistra Vivendi. Quite gossipy in places VG Order No. 510015 £30

Various, The Watcher, New Zealand Voice of the Left Hand Path No.8, 1992 12pp photocopied leaflet, homely production values VG Order No. 510016 £7


12) Thelemic Symposium organised by Golden Dawn Society, Oxford 4th Octoiber 2008 Details at:-


13) Abbreviations

1st Ed First Edition; aeg All edges gilt; Anno. Annotations; bd Binding; bds Boards; Bkpt Bookplate; Bkt Booklet; cl Cloth; cold Coloured; dec Decorated; discold Discoloured; DW Dustwrapper; Ex-lib Ex-library with stamps etc; F Fine (almost like new); facs Facsimile; fep Free end papers; Frontis. Frontispiece; G Good (well used); gt bl Gilt (gold) blocking; HB Hardback; Illus Illustrated; Insc Insciption; IP In Print; Ltd Limited; LF Large Format; M Mint; Pb Paperback; mks Mark; n.d. Not Dated; OP Out of Print; o/w Otherwise; Pub. Published; SF Small Format; sp Spine; teg Top edge gilt; Trans. Translated; UP University Press; VG Very Good (some signs of use)Minor Inscriptions & small booksellers labels generally not mentioned


14) Payment Methods

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1) Payment through PayPal at, my user names
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