Moot with No Name

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The following two talks (out of the next five) will be of interest to Crowley enthusiasts:

July 30: Geraldine Beskin: Women of the Golden Dawn — but not just the ones you’d expect!

These Victorian and Edwardian young ladies threw away their whalebone corsets, went up the Tree of Life ahead of the men, gave grace and sensuality to magic as we do it, and remodelled Society in ways of which we are still reaping the benefits. And they had sex, but not just with their husbands…

August 27: Julia Phillips: Roie Norton – The Witch of King’s Cross

Both revered and reviled during her lifetime, Rosaleen ‘Roie’ Norton was one of those truly unique individuals whose influence extended far beyond her time and place. She was – and remains – Australia’s most persecuted (and prosecuted!) female artist, scandalising society by her bohemian and eccentric behaviour. She used a self-induced hypnotic trance state that resulted in an amazing array of occult art work over a period of more than 30 years. Some pieces are reminiscent of Austin Osman Spare, whilst others exhibit a somewhat darker tone and content. Others seem clearly influenced by the Thoth deck. In this illustrated talk Julia Phillips will provide a retrospective look at Roie Norton’s life and times and in particular, an overview of her occult studies and practices including her influence upon Gardnerian Wicca.
Alternate Wednesdays, 7.30 for 8pm. Upstairs, Devereux pub near Temple tube station. £2. (Unless otherwise stated.) Opposite the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand (near Aldwych) is a Tudor-style pub, the George. The Devereux is down the alley next to this. See map at

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