Silverstar 10: Call For Submissions

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Now seeking submissions for Silverstar 10

Silverstar: A journal of New Magick
Direct comments, questions and all submissions (and we ENCOURAGE submissions) to:

Publication date: Fall Equinox
Deadlines: All submissions are due by September 1

There is no payment for submissions except good Karma. Authors/artists retain copyrights.

I request that submissions, if possible, be sent in MS WORD as attachments or as text documents (rich text is fine as well). Images as GIFs or JPGs, please keep them small memory-wise and size wise-and please title each piece and put your name as you wish it to be shown ON the piece. Thanks. The journal often has text centered on the pages, one reason for this is the format in which I receive submissions, often this is the best way I can display them on the web page without intensive editing.

Note: I do NOT edit for style, content, grammar or typos – I spend my energies getting it up online- so send ready-to-print materials. In other words, all typos and grammar errors are owned by the authors.

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