Publication Announcement: An Interview with Soror Meral

418 Lodge, O.T.O. publishes a rare and historic interview with Soror Meral (Phyllis Seckler)
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

418 Lodge is pleased to announce our new publication:

An Interview with Soror Meral
(26 pages, saddle stitched, full-color cover, b&w pages with photos)

Soror Meral (Phyllis Seckler) founded 418 Lodge in 1979, and was one of the most important and influential forces in modern Thelema. Never before released, this interview from 2000 gives a fascinating look into Soror Meral’s remembrances of her time at Agape Lodge of O.T.O. in the 1940s, her views on the initiatory path, and the development of the modern O.T.O.. This interview was conducted using questions from initiates across the country, with a special focus on the role of women in Thelema. It is being released now, in conjunction with the Mystics, Mothers and Magicians Symposium, in celebration of the life of our dear friend and teacher, Soror Meral. Also contains archival photos, some never before published. $10.95 plus shipping

The book can be purchased here for $10.95 plus shipping.

A limited number of copies will be available at 418 Lodge events, in addition to direct ordering from (using the link on the Store page.) We think you will really enjoy this one of a kind publication!

Love is the law, love under will.


David Shoemaker
Master, 418 Lodge
Co-Editor, An Interview with Soror Meral

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