Journal of Thelemic Studies Vol.2 No.1

Thanks to IAO131

Journal of Thelemic Studies Vol.2 No.1 for Autumn 2008 has been released… It is available in print in both color and a cheaper black & white form, as well as a free PDF download for those who will.

Autumn 2008, C.E. – 50 pg.
Print: Color – $20.50 / B&W – $7.77 / PDF: Free! [download]

Table of Contents
* Introduction by the Editor
* An Essay upon the Unity of all Thelemites by Frater Oz
* “Lotus” by Jesse Lindsay
* Equilibrium: The Basis of the Work by Jason Augustus Newcomb
* The Will is Supra-Rational by IAO131
* “Beastly Haunting” by Jay W. Plogger
* The Significance of the Occult in the Modern Era by Augustus Sol Invictus
* “Alchemical Reaction” by Jesse Lindsay
* Kenneth Grant, Crowley, and Dr. Black: Magick, Smoke, and Mirrors by Dr. Dave Evans
* The Writings of V. by Frater Victus

The Journal of Thelemic Studies can be found at The Journal of Thelemic Studies was created to foster the most modern, current thought in the Thelemic community by propagating the literature of various authors on the subject of Thelema. The subject matter of the Journal of Thelemic Studies will not be that of a certain ideology within Thelema, but will give equal voice to those of divergent and perhaps even conflicting viewpoints. The Journal of Thelemic Studies is not affiliated in any way with the estate of Aleister Crowley, or any formal organizations including Ordo Templi Orientis and College of Thelema.

Click here for the print version in color
Click here for the print version black & white
Click here to download the free PDF version

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