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Lion & Serpent 13:2 is now available in print format only.

With this new print release, we have now made the low-resolution version of the previous issue, 13:1 available for download from our website. Click the banner in the full news item to be taken to the main L&S page.

Lion & Serpent, the Official Journal of Sekhet-Maat Lodge, O.T.O.

Volume 13, Number 2 – now available in print only
* Baphomet by Soror Morgana
* A Word from the Editor by Frater Peredur
* Musings from a Minerval by Soror Brigid
* Anpu by Frater Arun
* Follow Through by Sister Story Reese
* Cosmology of the Unicursal Hexagram by Sister Sheridan M. Horning
* The Four Portlanders of the Apocalypse by Sister Liv Rainey-Smith
* AUMGN by Frater Peredur
* that harlot portlandia by Soror Lola Daydream
* Hermetic Typhon by Frater Arun
* New in the Sekhet-Maat Library! by Frater Domino
* Samhain by Soror Lola Daydream
* Babalon by Soror Morgana

Volume 13, Number 1 – now available to download
* PAN by Sister Beth Wilson
* A Word from the Editor by Frater Peredur
* Dao De Jing chapter 1 by Sister Sheridan M Horning
* Practical Alchemy of Self by Frater ZyGoat
* Po Door by Soror Theodora
* A Meditation on Babalon, Lucifer, and the Number 7 by Frater Samekh ben Shahar
* 7∴ 7∴ 7∴ — The Marriage of Lucifer and Babalon by Frater Samekh ben Shahar
* The Cosmology of the Unicursal Hexagram, Part I by Sister Sheridan M. Horning
* SATVA by Frater ZyGoat
* One Child by OPHION
* Last Night in Troy: A Divination Ritual by Frater Andropos Troy
* Recipe: Okra and White Bean Stew by Sister Beth Kimbell
* the cascade continues by Sister Sheridan M. Horning
* Book Review: Zen and the Brain by Brother Jeff!
* Undead Inveigler by Brother Joseph Thiebes

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