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Scarlet Imprint are intoxicated with joy over the announcement of our newest title, Devoted.

Devoted is an octavo book of 172pp, bound in saffron book cloth, black chalice stamped and finished with night black endpapers. It is being prepared in a strictly limited and hand-numbered edition of 814 copies.

Devoted comprises fifteen essays by fourteen writers on their devotional work. It is a bloody and passionate blend of primal gnosis and poetic expression. These essays reveal powerful applicable magickal practice. They are suffused with the living experience of the Spirit world.

Devoted will enrich your own work, whether you are witch, magician, heathen, thelemite, or sorceror. From possession, to blood letting and fetishes, to sabbatic dance, there is a wealth of experience to explore within these pages.

Devoted provides indepth essays on working with:

The Yoginis
The Lwa
The Spirits of goetia

Our writers are a chorus of powerful new voices and established practitioners…
Stephen Grasso, Peter Grey, Mogg Morgan, Jake Stratton-Kent, Richard Ward, Levannah Morgan, Ruby Sara,
David Blank, Mark Smith,Charlotte Rodgers, Mordant Carnival, Tony Elliott, Alkistis Dimech, and George Sieg.

Devoted will be available for subscriber pre-order on November 27th at:

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