Weiser Antiquarian Books Catalog # 48

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Not sure how I missed this one, but, a few days late, here’s information about the latest catalogue from Weiser Antiquarian Books…

Books by and About: Andrew Chumbley and the Cultus Sabbati & Kenneth Grant and the Typhonian O.T.O.

Welcome to this, the forty-eighth of our on-line catalogs. The catalog is divided into two sections, the first of which comprises a selection of books by Andrew Chumbley (1967-2004), and his friend and current Magister of the Cultus Sabbati, and “Verdelet of the Tradition,” Daniel A. Schulke. The second section contains an interesting group of books by and relating to Kenneth Grant and his Typhonian O.T.O.

The works of Andrew Chumbley offered include two different issues of his famous Azoëtia. A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft, one of which is the rare special edition limited to 44 numbered copies which includes a talismanic card, part printed and part hand-drawn by Andrew Chumbley, as well as a mint copy (with talismanic bookmark) of his Qutub, and a copy of his most sort-after work, One. The Grimoire of the Golden Toad. Those by Daniel A. Schulke comprise three different issues of his Viridarium Umbris. The Pleasure Garden of Shadows, including the seldom-seen edition de luxe (limited to 72 numbered copies) of the First Edition, as well as his recently released released reissue of the Ars Philtron.

Amongst the books by Kenneth Grant are a good selection of the signed, limited editions of a number of his Starfire publications: At the Feet of the Guru, Twenty-Five Essays, Beyond the Mauve Zone, Convolvulus and other Poems, Gamaliel: The Diary of a Vampire and Dance, Doll, Dance!, The Ninth Arch, and The Other Child and Other Tales. There are also two original copies of numbers of the Carfax Monographs, as well as the later Skoob and Fulgur reprints of the series, and a small selection of copies of the now-scarce Starfire journal, most of which are in near-mint condition.

As usual we have a variety of other catalogs in preparation. Future catalogs will be devoted to Astrology, Mythology, Eastern Religion,Theosophy, John Dee, Kabbalah, Grimoires, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Witchcraft, and other of our specialties, with a few suprises along the way. Of course we will also continue to regularly issue our Aleister Crowley catalogs.

If you would like to be notified by email when we post a new catalog on-line, please send an email with ‘subscribe’ in the subject line to books@weiserantiquarian.com. You can have your name removed from the list at any time, simply by asking, and of course we will not re-supply your details to anyone.

Further details about this catalog, and how to purchase books from it, can be found at the end of the listings.

For other books you can also always visit our website: http://www.weiserantiquarian.com where we currently have nearly 10,000 books listed, with new stock added weekly.

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