Doomsayer’s Digest I:2

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This from idolater718

The Subtlety or Force Encampment, as far as I know the newest body in at least the US OTO, has released the second issue of its quarterly publication, The Doomsayer’s Digest, and it is now available for purchase. There are only 187 in print with less than 150 remaining!

This publication is developed and edited by the Director of the US-OTO’s “best of” anthology project as announced on USGL’s website’s 2007 Strategic Plan. It is designed in response to a lacking of exploratory academia he noticed while surveying Local Body Publications from within the past 20 years.

The Doomsayer’s Digest attempts to bring an academic rigor into esoteric studies and creative writing. It does not feature poetry or art, despite the editor’s appreciation of each, but specializes its pages to a pursuit of hermetica. It combines traditionalist analysis, academic standards, and subject matter relevant to Thelemic culture, history, and interests.

In Volume 1, Issue 2, 2008’s winter issue, there are three featured articles and several added sections…
“A Man Among Men”, an in-depth analysis of this invocation from Aleister Crowley’s “Gnostic Mass” in light of the myths of the Hidden Imam, the possession of Min by Amoun Ra, the coming of the Beast, the Judgment of Yama, and Rudyard Kipling’s, Jungle Book.

“Modeling Mind Molding”, A survey of current neuropsychological analyses of Yoga-related practices and their effects on brain, body, and mind. Analyzes holes in psychological literature and proposes analytical tactics for future researchers.

“Frederick of Hohenstaufen”, A bibliographical ode to King, Conquerer, Anti-Christ, and Holy Roman Emperor whose successful undertaking of the Sixth Crusade led to Jerusalem’s conquering by the Heathen Hordes!

Also included:
The Traditionalist and Traditionalism Trees of Life,
Khabs am Pekht by Aleister Crowley,
letters to the editor section with thorough responses,
and much more!

I do personally hope yall enjoy it and get yourself a copy and a subscription. They’re on sale for $5 (plus shippin’) a pop.

You can order a copy for yourself at the Subtlety or Force Encampment’s website: Subscriptions are also available at a reduced rate for shipping!!!

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