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Sekhet-Maat Lodge has produced its Annual Report for 2008 ev and has announced its Eighth Annual Thelemic Symposium featuring panelists Eliza McBryde, Michael Kolson, and Dathan Biberstein.

Sekhet-Maat Lodge has completed its Annual Report for 2008 ev. We strive to remain as transparent as possible so that anyone may examine our work in detail. The only things we have redacted from the report are matters pertaining to initiatory mysteries or private information about individuals.

We invite all our brothers and sisters in the Order as well as those outside the Order to come and explore our Lodge to find out about what we have accomplished in the last year, the challenges we faced, and what we plan to do in the coming year. We also welcome critique, feedback, and questions about our work.

Featuring panelists Eliza McBryde, Michael Kolson, and Dathan Biberstein - March 28, 2009 e.v. - Sekhet-Maat LodgeThelemic Symposium VIII – Sekhet-Maat Lodge – March 28, 2009 e.v.

Online tickets and more information at:

Thelemic Symposium is a panel discussion and question/answer session engaging the considerable experience and knowledge of three long-time Thelemites. We are proud to present this, the eighth annual Symposium, featuring panelists Eliza McBryde, Michael Kolson, and Dathan Biberstein. More information about the panelists is available at

*** The Event ***

+++ Introductions +++
– The Symposium will begin with the panelists introducing themselves by way of biographical and/or editorial commentary explaining their perspective on Thelema and how they came to embrace it.

+++ Three Questions +++
– After the introduction, each panelist will answer the following three questions. They have had time to prepare answers to these questions and they may, at their option, discuss each others’ answers during this portion of the Symposium. The questions are:
1. Crowley described Thelema as a solar-phallic religion. To some, this sounds like another way of saying “patriarchy.” In what ways do you find solar-phallicism to be inclusive of women?
2. In his _New Comment_ Crowley writes, “Every fight is to be a fight to the finish; each one of us for himself, to do his own will; and all of us for all, to establish the Law of Liberty.” In his recruitment drive for O.T.O., he recommends that we contact the Order to organize the fight for Liberty. In _Liber Aleph_, he notes that we “must by Law assure to every Man a Means of … protecting him from any that may seek to deprive him of these vertebral Rights.” How do you see the Order serving the cause of Thelema in this vein?
3. Our community has a long and honored tradition of being skeptical towards fundamentalism, and we have long heard about the problems of fundamentalism in Thelema. Can you see any aspects of it that might be beneficial to our work? What is your overall perspective on “Thelemic fundamentalism?”

+++ Questions from the Audience +++
– Following the “prepared answer” section, the audience will have an opportunity to pose questions to the panelists.

+++ Reception +++
Finally, the Symposium will dissolve into a wine and hors d’oeuvres reception.
– Food & Drink
Feast on a substantial selection of hors d’oeuvres and non-alcoholic beverages, included with admission. You’ll also find microbrews and wines available for purchase.

– Vending
Sekhet-Maat Lodge will have a selection of items for sale, including abramelin oil, mugs, stickers, SML lamen t-shirts, posters, and more.

More information and online ticket sales at:

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