“To Perfect This Feast” by James and Nancy Wasserman

Drawing on nearly half a century of regular performance of the Gnostic Mass—and the countless classes and training sessions they have conducted during their O.T.O. careers—James and Nancy Wasserman (Bishops Tahuti and Mara) offer a coherent look at the ritual described by Aleister Crowley as “the central ritual of [the O.T.O.’s] public and private celebration.”

With no attempt to “improve” upon the teachings of the Master, they elucidate a method of performing the Mass whose entire rationale is a strict adherence to the instructions given in Liber XV. The authors have striven to understand the meaning of Crowley’s text—penned in the white-hot fury of his 1913 inspiration—and extract the relevant spiritual teachings embedded within this elegant ritual.

A series of insights, beginning in December of 2005 e.v., revealed solutions to long-hidden performance mysteries. The authors were encouraged to share these with a broader audience.

If you are interested in Aleister Crowley and the Gnostic Mass, this book will teach you how to perform it in a manner that conforms to his instructions.

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