Trigrammaton Book Release

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R Leo Gillis is pleased to announce the release of The Book of Mutations – Trigrammaton Qabalah as a .pdf download from here:

The Book of Mutations

The product of over a dozen years of research, this book contains all of the most important material of the Trigrammaton English Qabalah in one volume.
The Book of the Law is extensively discussed, and decoded using the Trigrammaton English Gematria, based on Aleister Crowley’s own letter-attributions to the trigrams. Many of the other Holy Books of Thelema are also the subject of qabalistic commentaries, and a full dictionary of all the Holy Books is provided. Sacred geometry, magic squares, the tarot, the Tree of Life and the I Ching are also explored, in the context of the new paradigm of base 3 mathematics.

Most of this material has never before been presented in this form. With dozens of color charts, hundreds of trigram and hexagram graphics, and over 1100 pages in total, a print edition would have been too expensive to produce, and thus a pdf version is now available for a mere $13.13

This is the definitive source book for the number mysticism of the Aeon of Horus, and the ultimate compendium of the English Qabalah.

Love is the law, love under will

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