“Bronson” Director to Make Crowley Film

… and he’s looking for a script.

Fangoria magazine carries an interview with “Bronson” movie director Nicolas Winding Refn in which he covers some fascinating and familiar territory for visitors to this site.

“I’m a massive fan of filmmaker Kenneth Anger,” explains the Danish filmmaker, who’s currently finishing off his new horror/fantasy VALHALLA RISING…

“His work, like INAUGURATION OF THE PLEASURE DOME and INVOCATION OF MY DEMON BROTHER, informed the look and tone of BRONSON to some degree, and I was going through my Anger book collection to see if there was anything missing. I found ‘The Aleister Crowley Scrapbook’ by Colin Wilson [sic.], in which Anger speaks about the villa in Cefalu, Sicily where the infamous British occultist played a lot of his black magic sex games…

“It started me thinking about applying the same logic to a film on Crowley as I had on BRONSON. Bronson’s frustration was all about his inability to express himself through violent celebrity; prison finally transformed his aimless life into that of a sensitive artist. Similarly, Crowley finding himself through drugs, astrology, black magic and bisexuality could become another fascinating metaphor—to explore the concept of what it means to the British in terms of eccentric hedonism.”

Refn is aiming for more of a twisted biographical piece. “I am not knowledgeable at all about Crowley’s life,” Refn admits, “and I will need a good writer to put all these ideas in formation… I have no title as yet, and will not be able to get around to it until after the proposed PUSHER 4 at least. But there’s definitely a far-out, sexy, trippy, horrifying movie to be made out of this notorious, Satan-worshipping cult personality. Think Charles Manson times a billion, and that’s what I want to depict on screen.”

For the full interview visit http://tinyurl.com/da4u4l

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