Equinox Festival – second transmission: Comus lives!

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Comus – performs First Utterance!

After 35 plus years, the Equinox Festival is proud to present, the first UK performance of the reawakened Comus. Comus have decided to make the Equinox Festival the first time in more than 3 decades this highly influential band will perform live in the UK. The inspiration for Current 93, Opeth, and many others Comus will present their seminal album First Utterance in its entirety. This is a rare and exceptional performance that Equinox is honored to be a part of. Don’t miss your chance to experience this outstanding night.
The Equinox Festival is proud to announce the addition of the following artists to the 2009 lineup.

Due to the intimate atmosphere of our historic venues tickets will be limited. Get them while they last.


Music performance:

John Zorn
Rob Mazurek
Dieter Muh
Pietro Riparbelli
Kinit Her
Burial Hex
James Ferraro (Skaters)
Chaos Majik (aka Todd Pendu)

Ritual Performance:

Arktau Eos
Barry William Hale’s NOKO
Raymond Salvatore Harmon


Ralph Metzner
Erik Davis
David Beth
Edwin Pouncey
Paola Igliori
Masamba Fall
James Curcio
Carl Abrahamsson
Kendall Geers
Philip Farber
Aaron Gach
Matt Wiley
Robert Ansell
Stephan Grasso
Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

Cinema program –

DeZ Vylenz
Mindscape of Alan Moore

Ira Cohen
Kings with Straw Mats

Timothy Leary and Ram Dass
8 Circuit Model of Conscious

James Ferraro
Diminishing Shrine Recycles

Massamba Fall (with Paola Igliori)
The Seed of Joy

Paola Igliori
American Magus & The Seed of Joy

Craig Baldwin
Mock Up On Mu

Harry Smith
Heaven and Earth Magic

Alejandro Jodorowsky
The Holy Mountain

Maya Deren
Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti

Raymond Salvatore Harmon
YHVH & Tree of Knowledge/Tree of Life

Tickets go on sale now via Wegottickets.com
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