AOS Absinthe

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A O Spare is the second Absinthe in the Brevans series. As well as the first one, this is also dedicated to a famous artist: The English painter Austin Osman Spare, who died in 1956.

The first batch was distilled on Spares birthday (Dec. 30) and is released on April 3rd 2009. The developing stage product Prototype 37 was released in summer 2008 and was appreciated by international Absinthe connoisseurs. The basis for the formula was taken from the well known book “La fabrication des liqueurs” from J. De Brevans dating back to 1897. As usual in the 19th century the formula has been slightly modified to gain a nicely balanced distillate. Oliver Matter just uses botanicals cultivated to eco standards from nearby or equally high quality herbs such as Anise e.g. Of course no sugar or any other artificial substances are used. Oliver Matter just uses herbs such as small wormwood, hyssop and others for colouring Absinthe. The result is a pretty complex yet smooth, harmonic and mellow Absinthe. We’re sure Austin Osman Spare would have been proud of it and most likely enjoyed the Absinthe himself a lot. We would like to thank Ossian Brown for letting us use one of Spares most important paintings “Astral Body and Ghost” for this Absinthe!

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