Reproduction Stelae of Revealing

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The Atlantis Bookshop, in association with The Company of Heaven, is delighted to unveil replicas of the Stele of Revealing for sale.

The Book of the Law describes the Stele of Revealing as the Kiblah, the focal point of Thelema, and as ‘a proof to the world’, an outward, visible symbol of the new Aeon. The Book of the Law instructed Crowley to ‘abstruct’ the Stele, which he interpreted by having a replica of the Stele made.

The Company of Heaven was established to provide Thelemites with high quality reproductions of the Stele of Revealing. Each of our replicas is individually crafted and hand finished using ritually purified tools and materials, and following traditional rules for producing talismanic objects. All replica Stelae are made of a light weight fibre board and partially veneered with acacia wood. To give a close approximation to the surface texture of the original Stele of Revealing, the final finish includes a sprinkling of sand gathered from between the paws of the Sphinx at Giza. To ensure the highest degree of accuracy, the artwork used was painted over a faint photographic image of the original, and its colours proofed on-site in the Cairo Museum against the actual Stele of Revealing itself. When the Stele of Revealing was painted in Ancient Egypt, its surface was glazed for protection with a clear varnish. Over the centuries, that glaze has aged giving the Stele a translucent, honey-coloured background, highlighting the original brush strokes and runs in the varnish. Various layers of varnish are used to reproduce this distinctive effect on each replica.

Available in three sizes:

Personal Size (£31.00 plus postage and packaging)
For the individual who does not have a permanent altar or space for a larger replica, The Company of Heaven produces a personal-sized Stele of Revealing. Measuring approximately 21cm height x 13cm width, the personal Stele is based on a specification of 41.8% of the original Stele of Revealing. 418 is an important number in Thelema, qabalistically equivalent to the word ‘Abrahadabra’. The personal sized replica is made using the same materials, artwork and techniques as the other, larger versions.

De Luxe Limited Edition (£93.00 plus postage and packaging)
A limited edition of 93 copies, measuring approximately 36cm height x 22.2cm width, is based on a specification of 71.8% of the original Stele of Revealing. The Book of the Law describes the Stele of Revealing as 718 by those who “count well its name”. Crowley later discovered that 718 is qabalistically equivalent to ‘Stele 666’.
Each of the limited edition Stelae contain a unique magickal accumulator; an inverted triangle of real goatskin vellum painted red with genuine vermillon, gilded with a disc of 24ct. gold leaf and charged with the eleven-fold cross of Baphomet. The Baphometic Cross is encrusted with a special formula made of eleven ingredients, including metals, minerals, resins and plant material mentioned in the Book of the Law and others traditionally believed to have magickal properties. During its production, each limited edition replica undergoes three ritual purifications and dedications. Each is presented bound thrice with a cord, sealed with Crowley’s seal of Ankh-af-na-khonsu, and accompanied with a numbered and dated certificate. Due to the hand-crafted nature of the process, availability is subject to production. .

Authentic-Sized Replica (£156.00 plus postage & packaging. Please note that a non-refundable deposit of £35.00 will be required)
A full-sized replica, measuring 50.5cm height x 31cm width, can be commissioned. These are made strictly to order and are not held in stock. Each full-sized replica has an inner triangular chamber measuring 7cm x 7cm x 7cm x 1cm depth, allowing a personal token, such as a small talisman, to be included at the ‘heart’ of the Stele. In this case, the personal inclusion needs to be provided before production of the Stele can be started. Please note that, once sealed into the core of the replica, the personal token cannot be removed without causing serious damage to the finished Stele. Alternatively, a Cake of Light or a transcription of a verse from the Book of the Law can be included in the replica. Each full-sized Stele of Revealing will also be given a title, usually a name, word or phrase from the Holy Books of Thelema significant to the person commissioning the replica. As each full-sized replica is made to order, it can take up to eight weeks from receipt of the personal inclusion to complete the commission.

Please note: Due to the hand-made nature of the process, availability is subject to production as governed by the Moon.
Orders can only be placed through The Atlantis Bookshop.

With best wishes,
Bali Beskin and Geraldine Beskin.

The Atlantis Bookshop
49a Museum Street

+44 (0)20 7405 2120

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