An Interview with Austin Spare – a commemorative video

The 15th May 2009 will be the 53rd anniversary of the death of artist & mystic Austin Osman Spare. To commemorate this event Jamie Gregory & Neil Dineen have teamed up to produce a short video intriguingly entitled – An Interview with Austin Spare.
Using the eight hundred and thirty one aphorisms of Spare’s posthumous work the Logomachy as oracle the duo ask the great maestro’s self – shade to give answers on various topics. Questions range from life in the Underworld to Spare’s art & mysticism, the source of his occult ideas, relations with his one time mentor Aleister Crowley and the influence on him of living in London.

The climax of this twelve minute film sees Spare kindly producing two new automatic images ‘via the menstruum of undines’.

An edited version of this video will be appearing on You Tube nearer the anniversary date; however Lashtalian’s will be able to download the complete 42Mb video, free of charge from the following link.

An Interview with Austin Spare – hosted by LAShTAL.COM

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