Catalogues from Nicholas Culpeper

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The name of Nicholas Culpeper will be a familiar one to all readers of books by Aleister Crowley, featuring prominently, as it does, on the Acknowledgements pages of many recent editions.

I’m therefore very happy to announce the arrival of two new catalogues: one books and the other periodicals. In all some 550 items covering: Occultism, Crowleyana, Fantasy fiction etc.

Read on for details of how to obtain these rare catalogues…
To cover postage:

UK send A5 s.a.e.

Europe, paypal payment of £1-10 or send 2 x $1-00 bills (refunded on purchase)

USA & rest of world, paypal payment of £1-70 or send 3 x $1-00 bills (refunded on purchase)

Nicholas Culpeper
1 Bury Water Lane
CB11 3TZ


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