Conference: Thelema Beyond Crowley

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There’s going to be a Thelemic Conference in April 2004 – the one-hundredth anniversary of the reception of The Book Of The Law – in Central London. Read the full story for all the details. I can vouch for the professionalism of those involved and it certainly looks interesting…

One-Day Conference

The Book of the Law: Thelema Beyond Crowley

It is almost 100 years since Aleister Crowley received The Book of the Law in Cairo. As we reach this important milestone, it is surely appropriate to mark the occasion, and to take stock of the nature and development of Thelema. After all, Thelema is not something which suddenly appeared out of nowhere, one hundred years ago in Cairo. On the contrary, it arose from antecedents, and is a living, growing, dynamic current. On this special anniversary, some fundamental questions spring to mind:

€ What is the essence of Thelema ?
€ What is its significance ?
€ How might it unfold and grow in the years ahead ?
€ How might we best anticipate and facilitate its development in our magical and mystical work ?

A Conference is taking place in central London (location shortly to be announced) on Saturday, 10th April 2004 e.v. to discuss these and other questions, as well as to celebrate the reception of The Book of the Law.

This is a Conference that reflects the diversity of Thelema. Accordingly, a variety of international speakers ­ some of them associated with Thelemic groups, others individuals with a interest in or association with Thelema ­will be giving talks which seek to address the themes of the Conference.

Speakers booked so far include Martin Starr, Andrew Collins, Monica Rocha, Mogg Morgan, and Michael Staley; other speakers are being booked, and will be confirmed later. The Conference will conclude with a lively panel discussion, with questions from the audience, discussing what conclusions we might draw from what we have heard in the course of the day. It will be followed by a social event later in the evening.

This will be an exciting and inspiring Conference, reflecting the force and fire of the Aeon of Horus. There has already been considerable interest, and we are now offering the first opportunity to reserve tickets in advance. The price of a ticket is £20.00. Payment must be in Sterling only, by cheque drawn on a U.K. bank or by International Money Order, payable to “Starfire Publishing Ltd”. We also have a PayPal account for those wishing to pay by credit card; simply go into and send payment to

All enquiries and payments should be directed to:

Starfire Publishing Ltd
BCM Starfire
London WC1N 3XX


Regular updates will be sent out giving further details as the programme for the event develops. If you wish to be added to our mailing list, please let us know.

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