Howlings reborn 6/6/9

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A second edition of this acclaimed volume of practical working with the grimoires from Scarlet Imprint.

In stock now for immediate dispatch 6/6/09

Thelemites will be particularly interested in the wealth of material regarding Liber 231.

HOWLINGS various
edited by Alkistis Dimech

HOWLINGS is an octavo book of two hundred and one pages, four sumptuous colour plates, handsomely designed and bound in peacock blue and gilt stamped cloth in a limited second edition of 666 copies.

This Edition is numbered sequentially from 334 to 999 inclusive.
The text remains the same as the first edition, though redesigned throughout.

A copy can be yours for the princely sum of thirty-three English pounds plus postage.

HOWLINGS comprises fourteen original and extensive essays which explore the Grimoires. These are passionate, informed and evocative pieces which create a unique testament to the vibrancy of the modern magickal current.

Our writers pursue knowledge, power and wisdom through the pages of:

The Picatrix
The Goetia, or Lesser Key of Solomon
Four Books of Occult Philosophy
The Voudon Gnostic Workbook
Liber 231
And the Grimoire itself

Our esteemed writers are,
David Rankine
Donald Tyson
Peter Grey
David Beth
Stafford Stone
Paul Hughes-Barlow
Krzysztof Azarewicz
Jack Macbeth
Thea Faye
Aleq Grai
Hafiz Batin
and the anonymous author of The Grimoire of Pharaon

Taking the established experts and ranging them alongside raw and hungry voices, we are creating a quite beautiful monstrosity of staggering scope. With the actual accounts of working magickians from a whole range of traditions, this is a unique collection.

Prepare to be delighted, inspired and intoxicated.

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