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For the first time, the English speaking world may read about Polish occult art and the relations between magick and the creative process as it is seen by the best Polish artists, drawing inspiration from Hermeticism, Alchemy, Witchcraft, Thelema, Zos Kia Cultus and Psychedelia.

CHAOSMOS.PL is a hardbound edition of 1111 hand-numbered copies. 152 pages, 210×278 mm., 67 colour and 56 black and white illustrations. The accompanying CD is 73 minutes of ambient, experimental, and ritual music recorded by 14 bands.

“” is the unique presentation of Polish artists inspired by the western esoteric tradition. Recognized and renowned practitioners such as Anna Maria Bauer, Marek Przybyla, Erwin Sowka, Robert Szczerbowski, Andrzej Urbanowicz and Henryk Waniek come together with a group of young, talented beginners, turn-of-the-century children of chaos.

Chaosmos marks the space where meetings occur between such diverse traditions as masonic and alchemical symbolism, artists’ books and grimoires, tantric and alchemical iconography, surrealism, psychedelia and automatic drawing. Artistic forms manifest similar diversity: paintings mix with drawings and photography, collages and graphics mingle with found objects. The book’s 21 artists showcasing their unorthodox imaginations are matched and pitted against the disc’s sound architects and their experimental and ritual auralities.

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