New Films By Kenneth Anger at Anthology Film Archives NYC

Newest work since Mouse Heaven presented at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC. July 18th & 19th at 7:30 pm.

Check website for schedule.
This program features ten recent films by Kenneth Anger, six of which have yet to be screened in New York.

Together they reveal dimensions of Anger’s ironic art and personality that have often been overlooked in his past work, which has ranged from the operatic (INAUGURATION OF THE PLEASURE DOME) to the dream-like (FIREWORKS), from pop/fetish rites of passage (SCORPIO RISING) to symphonic studies of the movement of liquids and classical figures (EAUX D’ARTIFICE). Anger’s cinema is multifaceted, self-conscious in the best sense, and wide-ranging in its meaning. These new works include a film documenting the art of Aleister Crowley, an essay on Mickey Mouse that the Disney Company surely would not endorse, a surveillance film, and a stunning relic of the Nazis’ attempts to raise a generation of soldiers for the Fuhrer.

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