The Equinox Stele of Revealing

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The Equinox Stele of Revealing

2009 e.v. marks the centenary of two important events:

– Crowley’s final acceptance of the Book of the Law, what he described as his ‘conversion to his own religion’
– The first issue in 1909 e.v of The Equinox , a periodical that became a major vehicle for his promulgation of the Law of Thelema

To celebrate this centenary year, The Company of Heaven, in association with The Atlantis Bookshop & Weiser Antiquarian Books, will produce 100 miniature Stelae of Revealing based Crowley’s own design.

To advertise the publication in 1937 of The Equinox of the Gods, Crowley’s last and most thorough-going attempt to fulfil the instructions given in the Book of the Law for its publication, Crowley had miniature Stelae produced to display in bookshop windows.

Based on the dimensions of two surviving examples in private collections, The Company of Heaven has re-created these miniature stelae using similar materials and techniques.
These are available as:

– An edition of 28 numbered, facsimile replicas;
– An edition of 72 magical stelae.

These two series of The Equinox Stele differ visually in respect of the positioning of the Equinox label. Crowley had the label pasted on the top front of the base, as it was designed to advertise the publication. This is where it appears on the facsimile edition. On the magical edition, the label has been pasted to the bottom of the base so that the object, whether displayed on a shelf or placed on an altar, presents as a work of art.

A Numbered Facsimile Edition of 28

Crowley was 28 years old when he received the Book of the Law in Cairo in 1904 e.v. He did not, however, accept it until five years later when he recovered the lost manuscript in 1909 e.v.

28 years later, in 1937, he famously gave copies of The Equinox of the Gods to representatives of the races of humanity during a ceremony at the winter solstice held at Cleopatra’s Needle, an ancient Egyptian obelisk located on the Thames Embankment in London.

The facsimile edition of 28 were all produced during the period between the spring equinox 2009 e.v., and 10th April 2009 e.v., the 3rd day of the Feast of the Writing of the Book of the Law.

The facsimile edition is available exclusively from:

Weiser Antiquarian Books
P.O. Box 2050
York Beach
ME 03910

Tel: 207 363 7253

Price: US $93.00 plus postage & packing

A Magical Edition of 72

To complete the celebration of the centenary of Crowley’s ‘conversion’ to Thelema, The Company of Heaven is creating 72 magical Stelae of Revealing, one for each year of his life.

22 December 2009 e.v. is the 72nd anniversary of Crowley’s ceremony at Cleopatra’s Needle and Crowley himself died in 1947 at the age of 72.

The design of the 72 magical stelae is based on the dimensions of Crowley’s 1937 e.v. promotional Equinox of the Gods stele and made in the same way, using similar materials.

Each of the 72 magical stelae is presented with a removeable black wax impression of the Secret Seal of Solomon, with which he is said to have sealed the 72 spirits of the Goetia into the brazen vessel.

Before the obverse image is applied to the 72 magical stelae, a specially designed talisman is impressed on the face of the upright board. The purpose of the talisman is to create the ‘secret door’ referred to in Verse 38 of the third chapter of the Book of the Law, a magical doorway for the energies of the New Aeon.

The magical edition of 72 is available from:

The Atlantis Bookshop
49A Museum Street

Tel: 020 7405 2120

Price £48.00 plus postage & packing


Both facsimile and magical editions of the Equinox Stele are presented in a specially designed box covered with vellum-coloured paper and foil blocked in gold with a design that combines the Stele of Revealing with the heraldic supporters of the Equinox coat of arms.

Further Information

Further detailed images will soon be available in the Company of Heaven gallery on LAShTAL.

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