Dedalus Book Of The Occult

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Flicking through the arts section of The Independent (UK) today, I was surprised to see a small picture of Leila Waddell…

It was included in a favourable review of The Dedalus Book Of The Occult by Gary Lachman (given as Bary Lachman in the review).

Gary Lachman wrote the rather excellent Turn Off Your Mind.

I’ve reproduced the brief review in the Reviews section of this site. “Aleister Crowley – aka the Great Beast 666” gets a name-check.

Coincidentally, the adjacent review is for The Selected Works Of Cyril Connolly. Alan Richardson’s Dancers To The Gods mentions that “Cyril Connolly made the most acidly perceptive comment about Crowley, for example, when he described him as the man who bridged the gap between Oscar Wilde and Adolf Hitler.”

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