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I’m very pleased to have been given permission by Ben at Caduceus Books to publish his latest list.

Read on for some remarkable gems!

Ben Fernee
Caduceus Books
28 Darley Road
LE10 2RL
England, U.K.

Private premises, visitors welcome by appointment

Tel. 01455 250542 (+44 1455 250542 from abroad)
Fax. 0870 0552982 (+44 870 0552982 from abroad)


1) The Stele of Revealing
2) Artwork by Daniel Schulke
3) Some Xoanon Titles
4) BBC TV Programme about Austin Osman Spare
5) A Miscellany of Esoteric and Occult Books!
6) Abbreviations
7) Payment Methods


1) Cairo Stela 666, Stele of Revealing, Amen Press 2008 Limited edition of 93 copies each copy is individually numbered but, as they have been supplied to me shrink wrapped, it is luck of the draw as far as numeration is concerned!, 28pp illustrated booklet printed on quality paper. Crowley worked with two translations of the hieroglyphs on the Stele of Revealing. One he commissioned before the Reception of the Book of the Law, this was attributed to the assistant curator of the Boulak Museum, Monsieur Delormant. However there is a mystery here as no one of that name was ever employed by the museum! From this Crowley compiled his poetic paraphrase of the text. Crowley commisssioned a second translation by Gardiner and Gunn which appeared for publication in the Equinox. This publication compares these two versions with a new translation, benefiting from modern scholarship, by Terence Duquesne. Each set of hieroglyphs is reproduced in colour with the associated translations below. The booklet is enclosed in an elegant clothbound folder, gilt blocked with the title. Also in the folder is a set of loose plates printed using high quality offset litho, so they do not pixilate when viewed closely. The images on the prints are up to 20cm x 12cm. The images consist of obverse and reverse of Stele with Crowley’s poetic version of the hieroglyphs on the reverse; another set of obvers and reverse of Stele, but these with no text on back so that they can be used to make a reproduction Stele as instructed in Liber Al.; Crowley in magical robes giving sign of Horus with scrying stone and book titled “Perdurabo Magister” in front of him; Leon Enger’s Kennedy, the Master Therion; Aleister Crowley – May Morn (painting); someone in magical robes giving sign of Silence framed by Egyptian columns; Leila Waddell in magical robes playing violin; magical drawing by J.F.C. Fuller featuring lion, snake etc. The loose plates can be kept safe in the folder but also are suitable for framing. Order No. STELE-01 £17.50

Postage (in UK Pounds):-

UK 1.85
Europe Airmail 2.18
Rest of the world airmail 3.64
Surface anywhere 2.14


2) Artwork by Daniel Schulke

Daniel is a practitioner of English folk magic and the sorcery of the Dreaming Sabbath, the ecstatic confluence of waking, oneiric, hypnotic and hypnagogic states. Since the death of Andrew D. Chumbley in 2004, he has been presiding Magister of Cultus Sabbati, a Magical Order comprised of traditional cunning-craft initiates in which a number of lineal streams and bodies of folk magical customs converge and intersect. In 2001 he began serving the Order in the office of Verdelet, concerned with the gnostic parameters of plant-genii and the Spirits of Place. In this wise he has authored two texts for Xoanon Publishing: Ars Philtron (2001, 2008), concerning the occult praxes of the potion and other ensorcelled fluidic media; and Viridarium Umbris: The Pleasure-Garden of Shadow (2005), concerning the secrets of trees and herbs as delivered by the Fallen Angels unto man. He has also authored numerous articles in the occult periodical ‘The Cauldron’ as well. Under the greater aegis of Cultus Sabbati, he is also the present preceptor of the sorcerous guild known as ‘The Companie of the Serpent-Cross’ and of ‘Arbor Infernis’, a magical sodality whose concerns directly appertain the sorcerous dominions of plant-lore and charming.

Images of the artwork described here can be found at:-

Phiala Lilitu
Study for Ars Philtron – Codex Vasculum Pen and ink on paper, 7.5″ x 9″, 2008 A formulaic representation of the Nectareum Succubus or classic ‘love philtre’, here invoking the sexual genii of the Lilim. Beneath the flask of threefold mystery, the Vessels of Clay are firmly fixed in the earth. But their mouths are open, ready to receive the Ecstatic Libation from the Blessed Host.

Study for Ars Philtron – Codex Vasculum Pen and ink on paper, 7″ x 10″, 2008 Exaltation of the Menstruum Liliya, that ritually-empowered fluid arising from the Fons Veneris of the priestess at the height of her fertility. £200

Shade-Emanant of Sylvan Congress
Oil on canvas panel, 6″ x 8″, 2008 The coming forth of spirit unto the Virgin-Vessel. Not for Sale – In Private Collection

The Versipellis I
Oil on canvas board, 9″ x 12″, 2008One of a series of atavistic self-portraits catalysed by the gnosis of Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger). This particular image draws noesis from the hypnotic state attained by inhalation of the fumes from the smoldering seed-pod. Not For Sale

The Flesh Prefulgent
Oil on canvas panel, 14″ x 18″, 2008. Exaction of ritual sacrifice -in this case the Offering of the Body-wherein ecstasis becomes coterminous with light and fire. Not For Sale

Distillation of Sexual Poisons Oil on canvas board, 9″ x 12″, 2009
Further to a series of technical portraits arising from the work of Ars Philtron, the picture represents an operation whereby the demonic aspect, or dross, of the Lillitu is subjected to careful refinement and separation within the Sabbatic retort. The result is a division of infernal and celestial fractions of sexual poison, each of which is employed as a specific -though opposing – offering within the Circle of the Art Magical. Not for Sale

Mescaline God
Oil on canvas board, 8″ x 10″, 2009 The alkaloid complex of mescaline occurs across a small band of cacti in the Americas, where it has been revered since ancient times as a bringer of wisdom and transcendence of mundane consciousness. This particular representation is an amalgam of a retinue of king-like or angelic entities attending the phytognostic state of the poison. £425

Umbral Rubefaction
Oil on canvas board, 8″ x 10″, 2009
Projection of the Body of Shadow via the Red Urn of the Philosophers, which signifies a stage of Mastery in the Work. As with the Aurum concealed within the Prima Materia, the Carrion Bird is also present in the final phase of the Red Work as a Hidden Master.

Woodwose Christ
Oil on canvas board, 9″ x 12″, 2009 The disgorging head of the Woodwose is here masqued as the verdant Christ Triumphant, robed in the mantle of the Greenwood itself, his arms outstretched upon the Tree as a sign of victory over death and the life-giving virtue of the phallus £475

Dryadic Consort
Oil on canvas panel, 8″ x 10″, 2009 An oneiric portrait of dendritic autosentience, painted in devotion to Goat Willow (Salix capra), Dweller in the Thickets of the Seirim. £450

The Witch Vessel Series.
From a series of 72 paintings of witch-vessels, each bearing a different Arcanum of the Sabbath.

Witch-Vessel III
Oil on canvas board, 8″ x 10″, 2009 £425

Witch-Vessel IV
Oil on canvas panel, 9″ x 12″ £475

Witch-Vessel IX
Oil on canvas board, 9″ x 12″, 2009£475

Witch-Vessel XIII
Oil on canvas panel, 9″ x 12″, 2009 £475

Swallet Wight
Oil on canvas panel, 8″ x 10″ A representation of the undinic face of the hidden spring and subterranean stream, as a specified manifestation of elemental water, together with seals of petition. £400

Elixir Silenus
Oil on canvas panel, 9″ x 12″ An imagic emanation of the Dew of the Rustic, that dually-manifest elixir treated with certain formulae in Ars Philtron. Though its magical particulars partake of the Azoëtic principia of the God, or Black Man of the Sabbat, its power reaches its highest potential when manipulated by the hands of the sorceress, and according to her Will. £475

Tricephalos of Qaynam
Oil on Canvas Panel, 12″ x 16″, 2009 The Imaginal Eidol of the Watchers or Fallen Host of Heaven, whose magical arcana were graven upon a stone that caused future generations to stray into the Accurst Fields of Arte. The seal encircling its zenith commands the gnostic Formula of Exile, and the realms of such mythic figures as Cain, Elijah, Nebuchadnezzar II, John the Baptist, and the Wandering Jew. £650.00


3) Some Xoanon Titles

Andrew Chumbley, Qutub, also called The Point, Xoanon 2008 86pp Illustrated. This is one of 72 copies fully bound in midnight blue goatskin. The leather used has been cured in manner that preserves the natural texture. At the centre of the blue leather covering the front board a small, square dot of gilt, the Point of the title. This is surrounded by a circle of script discretely blind stamped (is no gilt or colour) into the leather. The spine carries the title, author and publisher’s imprint blocked in gilt and has raised bands. The end papers are of double sided hand marbled paper. The swirling blue, green and purple colours, shot with gold harmonise with the leather, the pattern which is determined by the uncontrolled movement of inks on a watery gel reflects the infinite possibilities of the Universe in which the Point manifest. There is a silk place ribbon and the book is protected by a stout cloth bound slipcase. A truly elegant work!
Half of this work consists of a mystic poem of 72 verses (plus one for zero and one for infinity), the remainder a commentary plus eleven illustrations and a glossary. The author finds in Sufism, the beliefs of the Yezidi and certain Berber heretical cults the counterparts of the Traditional Witchcraft as manifested in the Cultus Sabbatai. The work is historically important in defining the nature of the Cultus Sabbatai plus also a book of great elegance, clarity and intelligence. Order No. Q-01-DELUXE UK Pounds 330 Please note I have copies of the standard edition (700 printed) available price £60

Daniel A. Schulke, Ars Philtron, Edition Codex Vasculum, Xoanon 2008
301pp This being one number 46 of 72 deluxe copies bound in full bottle green goatskin with dramatic gilt blocking on front cover and spine, raised bands. In stout clothbound slipcase. Originally published in 2001 in an edition of 144 copies, however the text has been greatly expanded and often rewritten and the illustrations redrawn and added to. This work presents an approach to herbalism which is highly magical (indeed sorcerous), alchemical and practical and which embraces the narcotic qualities of many plants. It provides numerous practical recipes for tinctures, cordials and so forth as well as describing the lore of the plants as preserved in the Cultus Sabbatai, thus giving clear indications of the nature of the groups teachings including sexual magic. The illustrations are sorcerous mandalas which have an elegance, and grace that derives from the functionality of their symbolism. The author notes that the traditional craft of plant use was associated with witchcraft and often had very negative associations of hexes and poisons causing intoxication, madness, illness and death. These associations are not disowned but rather regarded from a Gnostic viewpoint and charted as negative counter balanced with positives in an overall mandala of the different plant potentials under the patron of the Craft who is a form of Tubal Cain. As is often the case where a writer acknowledges both darkness and light he shows particular responsibility to others both human and animal. Traditional recipes including body parts of creatures being set aside as unnecessary and callous.
Order No. CS1-DELUXE £400
Please note I have copies of the standard edition (of which there were 720 copies) available at £60.


4) BBC TV Programme about Austin Osman Spare

A future episode of the BBC 2 TV Programme “The Culture Show” will be featuring a film about the life and work of Austin Osman Spare. The film is being made by the BBC itself and the producer, Steve Crabtree, has a long term interest in the artist and, with this project, has achieved a marriage of his work and personal enthusiasms. Filming will commence in October / November and then proceed through the winter. If you have works of art by Spare that can be featured in the programme you can get in contact with Steve at:- Likewise, if you might be interested in appearing in the programme to give informed opinions about AOS


5) A Miscellany of Esoteric and Occult Books!

Anon, Codex Saerus, A Practical Guide to Satanic Ceremonial (the Black Book of Satan), Order of Nine Angles nd Large format (acquisition inscription indicates pre 1999 publication date) spiral bound 54pp What is Satanism; the Temple; Conducting Ceremonial Rituals; the Black Mass; Death Rituals; the Rite of Initiation; Dedication of a Temple; Ceremony of Recalling;Satanic Orders; Sinister Chant; Organising a Satanic Temple etc. Fine Order No. 590023 £25

Anon, Goetia, The Lesser Key of Solomon, Clavicula Salomonis Regis Trans. S.L.MacGregor Mathers, Ed. & Intro Aleister Crowley, Weiser 1995 Intro by Hymenaeus Beta, Illus by Louis Breton from De Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal & anno by A.C to his personal copy Paperback xxvi + 134pp Fine Order No. 300126 £7


Some Chaos Magick Related items

These three items were sent to those making enquiries to the I.O.T. in the 1980’s. Given that the foundation of any magical order is the aspiration of candidates it is useful to see how the IOT responded to that aspiration when it was growing very rapidly. The achievement of the IOT shgould not be over-looked. Not only was a magickal order created, but rather than using recycled glamours as most do, in this instance new paradigms were created.
Anon ( Pete Carroll), Liber MMM, A Publication of the IOT, Not Dated True 1st Ed? Large format 7pp leaflet. States “Being the initial instructions in Mind Control, Metamorphisis and Magic for Applicants to the IOT” VG
Chris Bray, S.A. Occult Excercises and Practices No. 17, An Introduction to Chaos Magick, Sorcerer’s Apprentice 1987. Three large format duplicated pages secured with single staple. The contribution of Sorcerer’s Apprenctice and Chris Bray in the formulation of Chaos Magic is often overlooked, this early text is very difficult to obtain Good +
Anon, Duplicated Letter, IOT Not dated Single side, 135 words. Sent to
applicants with syllabus of IOT. Very informative concerning the early
nature of this magical order VG
Three items, Order No. 590014 £55

Pete Carroll, Chaos Collect, Rite of the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros, Non Given, no date Large format, card covers 46 leaves printed on one side. Edited by Soror Zauberkraute 210. Gives planetary rites, also Thanateros Ritual; Auto-de-Fe, Mass of Chaos (two variants); Rite of Birthm Rite of Marriage, Death Rites; Chaosphere Rite, Chaos Monasticism. Probably produced for internal circulation within rite Order No. 590016 £40

Stephen Mace, Addressing Power, Sixteen Essays on Magick and the Politics it Implies, Privately Printed 1996 Large format, card covers 166pp homely production values. Some of the essays were previously published in Chaos International and Nuit Isis, others here published for the first time. A very scarce item born of the Chaos Magic current
Fine Order No. 590022 £35

Stephen Mace, Nemesis, And Other Essays, Privately Printed 1998 Large format card covers 82pp. Includes discussion of Christian magic, the magical paganism of Emperor Julian, the Unabomber etc Fine Order No. 590021 £20

Stephen Mace, Sealing the Fire from Heaven, A Technique for Creating Individual Systems of Sorcery, 4th Ed. 1984 Privately printed Card covers 106pp Original work drawing upon Crowley, Spare and Abramelin. Utiles Spare illustrations. An important work marking the absorption of Sparian ideas into modern occult currents VG+ clean copy Order No. 590002 £35


Anon (Trans. Henry Adam Bellows), The Poetic Edda, Edwin Mellen 1991 xvii + 442pp Fine Order No. 84432 £20

Anon. (Stephen Sennitt), The Family, No Publisher given Not dated (1988?). 8pp booklet with text on card covers too. Cover illustration A biliography of author’s collection of Manson related items, mostly articles in newspapers and magazines, produced so as to encourage swops with other interested parties. Very scarce item, testament to Stephen Sennits deep interest in the Manson phenomina, also a useful resource for others who might share the enthusiasm. Very scarce Fine Order No. 590003 £20

William Sims Bainbridge, Satan’s Power, A Deviant Psychotherapy Cult, U. of California Press 1st Ed 312pp Important study of the Process Church (referred to in the text as “the Power”. The author studied the Process as a participant observer and this work is based on many interviews with ex-members and uses internal documents etc. Fine in Fine DW Order No. 590021 £120

Henrik Bogdan (re Kenneth Grant), Kenneth Grant, A Bibliography – from 1948, Academia Esoteica 2003 Card covered booklet x + 29pp Cover illustrated with drawing of Grant by Austin Osman Spare, reproduces two drawings of Kenneth by Steffi. Introduction by Martin Starr. Truly excellent work of bibliography which painstaking lists the “impossible to obtain” ephemera Fine Order No. 72050 £30

W.E. Butler, Apprenticed to Magic, The Path to Magical Attainment, Aquarian 1972 105pp Excellent & important work in Dion Fortune tradition VG Order No. 73250 £15

Charles Cammell, Songs and Sonnets, Humphreys 1913 8ins x 7ins 56pp Gilt decorated cloth, rubicated title page, top edge gilt Free endpapers and pastedowns very browned otherwise VG Order No. 300257 £15

Charles Cammell, The Poems 1911 – 1929, Grant Richards 1930 xi + 268pp Signed inscription by author though the name of the recipient has been scratched out. Author was a friend and sympathetic biographer of Crowley, he was also the father of Donald Cammell, director of Performance and actor in Angers Invocation of my Demon Brother rather worn, cloth faded Order No. 300274 £15

John Cornwell, Powers of Darkness, Powers of Light, Travels in Search of the Miraculous and the Demonic, Viking 1991 1st Ed xiii + 395pp Plates Examination of supernatural events still experienced within Christianity. Well informed and intelligent F in VG DW Order No. 70019 £12

J.R. Craven, Doctor Robert Fludd, (Robertus de Fluctibus) The English Rosicrucian, Life and Writings, First Impressions 1993 xvi + 260pp Some Illustrations. Facsimile of 1902 1st Ed., a full and scholarly account of Fludd and his milieu Fine Order No. 56035 £20


Aleister Crowley and related items:-

Al (Liber Legis), The Book of the Law, Level Press 1974 Paperback 68pp. Thoughtfully compiled by Llee Heflin. He bemoans the theft of the original manuscript some seven years prior to publication as he published the text autrhorised by Crowley but then notes the inconsistencies with a photocopy of the manuscript obtained from a British library (presumably the Warburg). After giving the text as published by Crowley the text as transliterated from the photocopy is given with footnotes noting differences. Interesting historical publication. VG Order No. 6407 £25

Astrology, With a Study of Neptune & Uranus, (Liber DXXXVI), Spearman 1974 Ed. & Intro. by Stephen Skinner Frontis Illus xx + 204pp VG in G+ DW Order No. 450075 £15

Aleister Crowley, In Residence, The Don’s Guide to Cambridge, First Impressions 1992 Facsimile. of 1904 collection of verse demonstrating his humour, this work carried the advert that gave rise to Fuller’s Star in the West. Paperback x + 94 + 20pp Fine Order No. 430062 £10

Liber Aleph, The Book of Wisdom and Folly being Equinox Vol.III No.6, 93 Published 1991 xxxii + 220pp Tasteful hardback binding with sail cloth blocked in red metallic foil, the Equinox device on the front board and the title and OTO lamen of the spine. Coloured endpapers and coloured frontispiece plate. Useful prolegomenon by Hymenaeus Beta. Very slight wear to blocking on spine but Fine + copy Order No. 420037 £90

Magical Diaries of To Mega Therion, The Beast 666, Spearman 1979 1st Ed. Hardback 251pp Intro. & Ed. Stephen Skinner. Gives A.C.’s diary for much of 1923 in Tunis, following his expulsion from Italy 251pp The thorough index makes the work easy to use. It provides a brief but useful chronology of Crowley’s life, list of magical mottos used by people associated with Crowley, glossary of abbreviations and cyphers used by Crowley in his diaries. VG+ in DW which is Good (quite rubbed and chipped) Order No. 450052 £20

Magick, In Theory & Practice, Subscrbers Ed 1929 10ins x 7.5ins xxxiv + 436pp top edge gilt. Endpapers browned but VG clean and sound copy Order No. 70055 £180

Mysteries and Ordo Templi Orientis, Mysteries & Operations of the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Degree, 93 Publishing, L.L.C. Limited edition of 23 copies. 6 leaflets, five of which have 12pp, one 10pp, each dedicated to one degree. Not dated. Not to be confused with the 93 Publishing founded by MacFarlane. This was issued c1993, each booklet being entirely derived from Frances King’s Secret Rituals of the OTO. The was probably based in Canada and there is a very brief introduction in French, though this may be a trope. There have now been various editions of books publishing OTO rituals, this must be amongst the scarcest! Order No. 6411 £60

Rites of Eleusis, Mandrake Press Ltd 1990 No. Ltd Ed of 1000 Gives full scripts of the Rites, photographs of the original performances Introduction by Keith Richmond essay by Terrence DuQuesne & supplementary texts Large format (30cm x 21cm) Plates 304pp Fine in DW that has two tears (2cm & 4cm) wear to corners, light creasing Good Order No. 540019 £90

Rosa Coeli, Rosa Mundi, Rosa Inferni, Neptune Press 1976 No. Ltd Ed of 500, this being nuber 459. Large format (12ins x 9ins) Card covers 47pp Illustrated by Auguste Rodin. Passionate love poetry. Unobtrusive fading along spine but Very Good Order No. 450028 £35

The Fish, Mandrake Press 1992 First Edition No.Ltd. Ed. Of 750 122pp Introduction by Lawrence Sutin A novel written at Cefalu, but not completed. Crowley’s notes for the ending are appended. An adventure tale, a satire of Christianity, a critique of Buddhism and an exploration of symbolism. It was born of an act of sex magic, the Cephaloedium Working, the magickal record of which appears as an appendix F in VG DW Order No. 56018 £25

Arthur Calder Marshall, Magic of my Youth, Hart-Davis 1951 1st Ed 225pp Author a good friend of Victor Neubergs, give substantial anecdotal account of Crowley & related literary & occult scenes. An insightful book Bookplate, VG no DW Order No. 450215 £20

Louis Marlow, Seven Friends, Mandrake 1992 Numbered linited Ed of 750 this copy unnumbered. 171pp Illustrated. Editied by Anhtony Naylor and inscribed by him to Dennis Bardens. The friends being Oscar Wilde, Frank Harris, Aleister Crowley, John Cowper Powys, Theodore Francis Powys, Llewellyn Powys and Somerset Maugham. There are also various appendices Fine in Fine DW Order No. 100046 £5

Keith Richmond (relevant to Aleister Crowley), Progradior and the Beast, Frank Bennett and Aleister Crowley, Neptune press 2005 316pp Illustrated. Bennett was one of Crowleys most important followers and has been cited as one of the success stories of the Thelemic system of personal development. This work explores his life and his relationship with Crowley. In the process it gives an illuminating account of the operation of the AA and the OTO under Crowley from the earliest of times. Bennett emigrated to Australia and established the OTO and AA there. This account of the international operation of the early O.T.O. is enlightening. The police raid on the OTO in London is described as is the use of drugs by early OTO members in Australia. In 1920 Bennett travelled to Cefalu where he came to be regarded as Crowley’s star pupil, being recognised by Crowley as an Adeptus Minor and initiated into the IXth degree of the OTO. He returned to Australia where his commitment to Thelema fractured his family and led to press scandals. Gradually he drifted away from Crowley, alienated by the Beast’s demands. However, his interest in magic continued unabated. This is a work of true scholarship, assiduously researched and also very well written. The author is sympathetic yet sensible. The dustwrapper carries an image of a portrait by Crowley of Bennett as a Neophyte of the AA performing a ritual at Cefalu. This is one of Crowley’s most striking paintings and is reproduced to a very high standard in colour without the imposition of any text. The decorated endpapers carry a coloured reproduction of “At Play on the Cefalu Foreshore”, another painting by Crowley, also dated 1921 Fine in VG DW No. 4523 £55

John Symonds, King of the Shadow Realm, Aleister Crowley; his Life & Magic, Duckworth 1989 Incoporates much of the material from author’s previous biographies Paperback 600pp Spine creased Good + sound copy Order No. 570006 £15

Snoo Wilson, I, Crowley, Almost the Beast’s Last Will and Testament 666, Mandrake of Oxford 1997 1st Ed. 252pp paperback. Imaginative exploration of fact and fiction, and identity with the Beast, to give an insightful image of the Old Man which is forthright about his flaws Fine Order No. 300061 £6

Various, Amrita, No.2, Puella Camp 1995 Large format, card covers, 22pp. Australian Caliphate OTO Articles include:- Iblis & Heretics of Islam; Alesiter Crowley – Why and How of Ecstasy Fine Order No. 590010 £5

Various, Amrita, No.3, Puella Camp 1995 Large format card covers 30pp. Illustrated. Articles include:- David Fenton-Hall – Adumbrations of Baphomet (7pp, very good); Kali Rite etc. Fine Order No. 590011 £5

Various, Amrita, No.4, Puella Camp 1995 Large format card covers 36pp Illustrated Articles include:- OTO History; Aleister Crowley – How Horoscopes are Faked; Charles Manson etc Fine Order No. 590012 £5

Various, Mandragore, Vol. III No.3 Typhonian Issue, Grove of Star & Snake 1979. Large format, card covers 62pp. No. limited edition of 210 copies, this being number 165 Editorial policy of journal appears to be fiercely independent as far as inter-OTO-grumpiness. Some illustrations. Reviews of Grant’s books; poetry, comments etc. Order No. 590019 £35

Mark Krubsack, Theurgia Goetia, Preliminary Copy, Konx om Pax Camp 1987 Large format, card covers 41pp. Presents text from ms in British Library of Theurgia, the second book of the Lemegeton. Reproduces seals etc from the original ms F Order No. 590017 £35


Peter Koenig is a controversial figure who has cedrtainly uncovered an immense amount of documents and information relating to the historical background.

Peter Koenig (Editor), Abramelin and Co., ARW 1995 368pp Paperback Mostly German, some, but not all, relating to Abra-Melin. It does reproduce Gods of Egypt as Related to the Enochian Tablets by Frater A.P.S. a Golden Dawn document by Dr. Pullen-Burry dating from 1895. Also reproduces typescript of Israel Regardie’s Addendum to Book of the Concourse of the Forces Fine Order No. 96013 £65

Peter Konig (Ed), Der OTOA-Reader, ARW 1994 Paperback 144pp Illus Mostly in German but reproduces in English Michael Bertiaux correspondence and an account of an undercover visit by the Old Bill to a San Francisco Caliphate OTO Temple Fine Order No. 96003 £75

P.R. Koenig (compiler), Das OTO Phanomen, 100 Jahre Magishe Geheimbunde und ihre Protagonisten 1895-1994, ARW 1994 Card covs 274pp German Text with frequent quotes of English Fine Order No. 4521 £65


C.F. Russell, Barbara Cubed, O.E. Press Ltd. 1992? Card covered booklet, The only indication of publisher and date is a handwritten note upon a blank preliminary page, otherwsie there is nothing to indicate that it is a reprint of the 1944 1st editioon aside from the more modern feel and the European A5 format. Russell operated his own magicakl order which originallY taught sex magick, then geometry and finally Chinese. This work presents obscure geometry and is marked “For the Practicus” suggesting it was a component of A.’.A.’. type instruction Fine Order No. 590006 £15

C.F. Russell, Book Chameleon, A New Version in Verse of the Yi King, 1967 (self pub.) Card covers xx + 164pp. In fact the second edition but much larger, with a considerable additional material than the 1st which appeared 27 years earlier, The author practised sex magick with Crowley at Cefalu. They fell out and Russell founded hios own sex magickal order, the Choronzon Club. In time geometry and Chinese rather than sex became the vehicle for his occult endeavours. This text is an interesting half way point as tantric principles are still clearly being employed and discussed. Scarce Fine Order No. 590001 £75

C.F. Russell, Book Chameleon, A New Version of the Favorite Book of Confucius, Self Pub. 1940 1st Ed Small format card covers 66pp. Author practiced sexual magick with Crwoley at Cefalu before founding the Choronzon Club in the USA F, near Mint condition Order No. 300083 £45


Some items from the College of Thelema which operates an A.’.A.,’. lineage deriving from Jane Wolf who studied with Crowley at Cefalu and whose achivements were recognised by Karl Germer, then Phylis Seckler and so forth.

James Eshelman (Trans.), The 32 Paths of Wisdom, Temple of Thelema 1993 16pp large format leaflet, card cover, pages secured withj single staple.. The author’s response to encountering various translations of the Sepher Yetzirah was to effect his own translation, presented here, to establish in his own mind the meaning of the verses. Author very prominent in the branch of the A.’.A.’. That was headed by Jane Wolf Mark to front cover VG Order No. 590004 £20

Frater Pi & MacGregor Mathers etc., Liber Oe, Tarot Symbolism & Divination, A Traditional Instruction of the R.R. & A.C., College of Thelema 1997 Large format, comb binding card covers 76pp. This being a revised and expanded version of “Book T” which Mathers (and perhaps others) wrote for the curriculum of the second order of the Golden Dawn. This version was created for use part of the curriculum for the A.’.A.’., as operated by Phyllis Seckler. This copy is one of the second edition, issued one month after the fiurst edition Fine Order No. 590008 £35

Gregory Peters, The Regimen of the Seven, Planetary Path-Workings, College of Thelema 1994 Large format 37 leaves printed on one side. The workings art take from Denning and Phillips, Planetary Magic but adapted to be consistent with the New Aeon. Gives detailed visualisations. Practical Thelemic occult endeavour in A.’.A.’. Context Fine Order No. 590009 £25


Michael Dames, The Avebury Cycle, Thames & Hudson 1977 1st Ed. Larger format (9ins x 7ins) Illustrated Finds in the layout of megalithic remains around evidence of Goddess worship and the celebration of the wheel of the year. Whether one agrees with his hypothesis or not a striking example of the ancient monuments inspiring and influencing human consciousness into the modern day. A noted work iin the field of Earth Mysteries VG in VG DW Order No. 7172 £13.5

Michael Dames, The Silbury Treasure, The Great Goddess Rediscovered, Thames & Hudson 1976 1st Exploration of Goddess worship in megalithic culture that has been influential upon modern ideas about the Goddess Many Illus 192pp Large format F in F DW Order No. 30013 £10

Sir John Daniel, Philosophy of Ancient Britain, Williams & Norgate 1927 xv + 277pp the author champions the integrity and cosmopolitan nature of Ancient Druidic belief Some wear but G+ sound copy Order No. 84423 £20

Arkon Daraul, Secret Societies, Tandem 1965 Small format paperback 223pp. Author in fact Idris Shah. At times imaginative but an eye for the powerful glamours cast by secret societies. G+ Order No. 100012 £5

John Dee, The Diaries of John Dee, Day 1998 1st Ed xi + 367pp Ed Edward Fenton Draws primarily on Halliwell’s Private Diary of John Dee (1842), the diary elements of True & Faithfull Relations (with some of the visionary material retained) & ms which came into the posession of Elias Ashmole Excellent, scholarly Ed Fine in Fine DW Order No. 480139 £20

Nuel Emmons, Without Conscience, Charles Manson in his Own Words, Grafton Small format paperback 276pp Plates VG Order No. 590005 £5

Dave Evans, History of British Magick After Crowley, Kenneth Grant, Amado Crowley, Chaos Magic, Satanism, Lovecraft, The Left Hand Path, Blasphemy and Magical Morality, Hidden Books 2007 Paperback 435pp. Based upon a doctorate study supervised by Professor Ronald Hutton (the respected academic scholar of modern paganism) this book explores previously uncharted territory as far academic research is concerned. However the writer explicitly identifies himself as “both an academic and a magician”. Evans is tenacious in his investigation of Amado Crowley and ferocious in his dismissal of the claims to beastly paternity. Mint Order No. 440072 £8

Dion Fortune, Sea Priestess, Self Published 1938 Scarce 1st Ed Classic occult fiction 316pp There is some yellowing tro preliminary pages, front free endpaper has bookplate and small address label. DW is protected which disguises fact that it is in two parts, being split along part covering junction of spine and front board. There is a fari amount of rubbing along edges of DW, and some chipping. Portion covering the back board has a small and unobtrusive ink stain. Book itselfg in VG clean condition Order No. 90004 £95

Dion Fortune, The Cosmic Doctrine, In Two Parts, Helios 1966 157pp Revised Ed with additional material & Intro by Secretary of Society of Inner Light VG in VG DW Order No. 5083 £12

Julian Franklyn, Death by Enchantment, An Examination of Ancient & Modern Witchcraft, Hamish Hamilton 1971 1st xii + 244pp Plates Quite wide ranging and anecdotal but worth examination VG in VG protrected DW Order No. 578 £13.5

Justine Glass, Witchcraft, The Sixth Sense & Us, Wiltshire Not Dated Paperback 203pp The author informants include Pat Crowther, Doreen Valiente, Robert Cochrane, Gerald Yorke. Anecdotal but much interesting information VG Order No. 614 £8

Gerald Harvey, Secret Lore of Witchcraft, Haldeman-Julius 1946 Card covered booklet 24pp Voodoo Worshuip in U.S.A.. ; Voodoo’s Thriving Business in Harlem; Italians and the Evil Eye; Witchccraft Among the American Indians; Midwestern Whites and Witchcraft; the Devil in Arkansas; Demonism in Englan; Vampires and Blood-Madness; Awful Superstition of Vampirism, Modern Believers in Vampirism; Vamirism in Catholic Countries; Legend of the Werewolf; Black Mass & Satanism; Christian Churches and Witchcraft; Pentecostal or Holy-Roller Cults; Ritualistic Nudism paper browning otherwise VG Order No. 84699 £12

Ellic Howe, Magicians of the Golden Dawn, A Documentary History of a Magical Order 1887-1923, RKP 1972 1st Ed. xviii + 306pp plates Classic & very scholarly history now highly sought after. Fine in Fine DW Order No. 480084 £90

Chris Hyatt, Undoing Yourself, with Energised Meditation and other Devices, New Falcon 1997 Paperback xxxvi + 248 Illustrated Introduced by Robert Anton Wilson and Israel Regardie This copy has signed inscription by the author to Steve Savedow, author of the Magician’s Workbook, Goetic Invocation and translator of Sepher Rezial Hemelach F Order No. 8203 £15

Michael Juste, Many Brightnesses, Neptune Press nd 1st Ed (c1950?) Ltd. To 520 copies. 42pp Author (aka Michael Houghton) founded the Atlantis Bookshop and is an important figure in 20th C British occultism, though his writings are scarce. This books of poetry includes Hecate, the Succubus, Unity, Hatha Yoga etc Fine Order No. 10065 £20

Allan Kardec, The Spirits’ Book, Psychic Press 1975 Hardback 438pp Originally published in French this work was translated into various languages and became very influential upon South American spiritist religions Fine Order No. 440086 £12

Kersaint, The Thirteen Pantacles of Promise, Dangles 1975 1st Ed 96pp Small format hardback book, light blue paper printed in dark blue. Described the history of the pantacles, or talismanic seals which printed in red and black upon parchment like paper which are tipped in so that they can be reoved and used by tearing along a perforated strip.An uncomplicated but not inelegant system of practical, results based magick. All 13 talismans here present, actually quite scarce VG Order No. 70110 £30

Francis King, Satan and Swastika, the Occult & the Nazi Party, Mayflower 1976 Small format 288pp. Only published in Paperback, scarce as most copies were pulped because of allegations of plaigarism by the James Webb, author of the Occult Underground and the Occult Establishment. King’s publisher should have been more robust as the accusations were without substance, being a product of a paranoid insanity which sadly cost Webb his life. In fact this book should be noted for presenting a rare original thesis concerning Hitler’s occultism VG Order No. 5802 £60

Isobel Sutherland and Francis King, Rebirth of Magic, Corgi 1982 Paperback 217pp. The only edition of this work which describes the French occult revival, the Golden Dawn and its derivatives. Dion Fortune and the Society of Inner Light, ritual magic in the USA, sex magic, witchcraft etc VG Order No. 100045 £8

Donald Michael Kraig, Modern Magick, 11 Lessons in the High Magickal Arts, Llewelllyn 1992 Paperback xvi + 557pp Excellent introduction to ritual magick. VG Order No. 420014 £7

Donald Michael Kraig, Modern Sex Magick, Secrets of Erotic Spiritualityone, Llewellyn 1999 Paperback xvii + 378pp. Includes a careful paraphrase of Emblems and their Mode of Use, the instructional text where Crowley is his most explicit concerning his ennunciation of OTO sex magick Fine Order No. 540005 £10

C.W. Leadbeater, Freemasonry and its Ancient Mystic Rites, Gramercy 1998 241pp Illustrated F in F DW Order No. 84642 £5

C.W. Leadbeater, The Chakras, A Monograph, TPH 1947 102pp Nine striking coloured plates with tissue guards, one a fold out. An important landmark in the western assimilation of the idea of chakras. Also the clairvoyant perception of the chakras illustrated here were innovative beibng quite different from traditional Indian representations. Some dampstainging to covers but overall G+ sound copy Order No. 8153 £25

Frank Letchford (re Austin Osman Spare), Michelangelo in a Teacup, , Mandrake Press 2005 Large format paperback 360pp Illustrated. Memoire of Austin Osman Spare with numerous reprints of newspaper articles, photos etc. VG Order No. 4520 £18

Samuel Lieu, Manichaeism, In the Later Roman Empire and Medieval China, A Historical Survey, Manchester University Press 1999. Xiii + 360pp Authoritative academic text upon Manicheaism, its nature, its spread to Europe and to China along the silk route. Manichaeism’s persecution in the Roman and Chinese empires is detailed as is its survival Fine in Fine DW Order No. 299683 £45

Alec Maclellan, Lost World of the Agharti, The Mystery of Vril Power, Souvenir Press 1982 1st Ed Influential book. Author postulates secret underground kingdom, with capital in Tibet. While few would follow him literally as a work of occult imagination the work has been influential, draws on the occult traditions of Lytton & relates to the occult endeavours of the Nazis. Plates 231pp VG+ (no dustwrapper) Order No. 10184 £6

Donald McCormick, Murder by Witchcraft, Arrow 1969 Paperback 190pp Plates Examination of the 1945 Meon Hill murder at Lower Quinton and the discovery of a skeleton in the hollow of the Old Wych Elm in Hagley Wood two years earlier. Both murders were considered to be witchcraft related at the time. The author, himself a member of wartime British intelligence, here argues that the Hagley wood may have had connections to spy rings. A very scarce book. Covers quite warn and creased Order No. 110906 £25

George Terence Meaden, The Goddess of the Stones, Souvenir Press 1991 1st Ed. 224pp Illustared including coloured plates Fine in Fine DW Order No. 440029 £6

Terence Meaden, The Stonehenge Solution, Sacred Marriage and the Goddess, Souvemir Press 1992 1st Ed. 224pp Illustrations including coloured plates Fine in Fine DW Order No. 440028 £7

John Michell, Megolithomania, Artists, Antiquarians & Archeologists at the Old Stone Monuments, Thames & Hudson 1982 1st Ed. 168pp Many illustrations. For centuries megalithic remains have fascinated and intruiged with speculations about the significance articulating with occult ideas. Fine in VG DW Order No. 440053 £7

Russell Miller (and Kenneth Grant), Bare-Faced Messiah, True Story of L. Ron Hubbard, Joseph 1981 1st UK Ed Plates 390pp. Includes some discussion of Ron’s involvement with Jack Parson’s & the OTO Fine in Fine DW Order No. 10507 £13.5

Will Parfitt, The Living Qabalah, A Practical & Experiental Guide to Understanding the Tree of Life, Element 1991 Paperback 256pp Excellent work now out of print VG Order No. 5502 £13.2

H.Stanley Redgrove, Bygone Beliefs, Being a Series of Excursions into the Byways of Thought, Rider 1920 1st Ed xvi + 205pp Pls Pythagoras; medicine & magic; Superstitions concerning birds; belief in talismans, ceremonial magic in theory & practice; architectural symbolism, quest for the Philosopher’s Stone, Roger Bacon, Cambridge Platonists etc sp darkened but VG Order No. 5417 £25

Israel Regardie, A Practical Guide to Geomantic Divination, Aquarian 1972 1st Ed. Hardback 64pp Very scarce in hardback Fine in VG DW Order No. 6409 £25

Israel Regardie, Foundations of Practical Magic, An Introduction to Qabalistic, Magical & Mediative Techniques, Aquarian 1982 Paperback 160pp Comprises revised essays:- Art & Meaning of Magic; Qabalistic Primer; Meditation; Qabalah of Number & Meaning; Art of True Healing VG Order No. 420019 £8

Jeffrey Burton Russell, Satan, The Early Christian Tradition, Cornell 1971 1st Ed 258pp Some illustrations. Eamines notions of Evil in the first five centuries of Christianity Fine in Fine DW Order No. 110683 £20

Suzanne Ruthven, Malleus Satani, the Hammer of Satan, Ignotus 1994 Endeavours to accurately describe modern Britsh witchcraft, paganism & satanism in face of media hostility Paperback 194pp Mint Order No. 10090 £8

Daniel Alvin Schulke, Viridarium Umbris, Pleasure Garden of Shadow which Treats of the Secret Knowledge of Trees and Herbs Deliver’d by the Fallen Angels unto Man, Xoanon 2005 Numbered limited edition of 576, (xviii) + 518pp Illustrated. The author is the Magister and Verdelet of the Cultus Sabbatai, the witchcraft order previously headed by Andrew Chumbley. This is a beautiful book. Handbound in green in sage green cloth which shimmers as the leaves of the herb sage do, perhaps chosen for the reference to wisdom in the name. Copper blocked on the spine and front board with elegant symbolic decoration designed by the author whose striking illustrations appear throughout the book. Most of these illustration depict the genius of particular plants which command their healing powers. The nature of this herbalism is deeply magical and occult. The author displays impressive knowledge of herbal lore and magical practice using plants. This work is an major component of the corpus of books born of the Cultus Sabbatai, perhaps one of the most interesting magical witchraft currents operating at the present time. Mint Order No. 550002 £250

Miguel Serrano, Serpent of Paradise, Story of an Indian Pilgramage, Rider 1963 1st Ed 270pp Friend of Jung & Dalai Lhama seeks secret hermitage in the Himalayas which teaches the science of the serpent of paradise which he finds in himself.Curiously author contrast his path self development, “the Magician” with that of the “Saint” where self is dissolved in all. VG in VG DW Order No. 73254 £25

Ronald Seth, Children Agaist Witches, Hale 1969 190pp Plates Examines the role of children as accusers in the witch trials. This copy ex-library in DW Order No. 440007 £6

Ronald Seth, Witches & their Craft, Oldhams 1967 1st Ed 255pp Pls Illus When 9 the author witnessed an act of hostile magic in an isolated fenland village which started his interest in the subject. This work examination of historical witchcraft VG in VG DW Order No. 1306 £8

Tienno, Liber Nagual, None given Not Dated 80oo Large format spiral bound card covers. Dated between 1987 (from title listed in a bibliography) and 1999 (acquisition inscription.. Contents include Seven Keys to Power; Way of the Shadow; Rune Magick, Bibliography; the Invisible Two-Edged Sword; An appendix by Forte Eibon. Appendix of symbols. Probably associated with Order of Nine Angles Fine Order No. 590042 £30

Various, Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, Transactions of the Quator Coronati Lodge No. 2076, Vol. 100 for Year 1987, 1988 (8pp) + 269pp + (9pp) index Card covers. Articles include J. Webb – Scotish Rectified Rite (Strict Observance); Bob Gilbert – W. Wynn Westcott and the Esoteric School of Masonic Research; Andy Durr – Ritual of Aossciation and the Organisations of the Common People etc. Fine Order No. 6405 £20

Various, Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, Transactions of the Quator Coronati Lodge No. 2076, Vol. 92 for Year 1979, 1980 Card covers viii + 246pp Artcilces include:- Ellic Howe – The Rite of Memphis in France and England 1838 – 1970; E.C.B. Mac Lauren – the Search for the Missing Word etc. Goxing, Good only Order No. 6402 £7

Various, Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, Transactions of the Quator Coronati Lodge No. 2076, Vol. 100 for Year 1987, 1988 (8pp) + 269pp + (9pp) index Card covers. Articles include J. Webb – Scotish Rectified Rite (Strict Observance); Bob Gilbert – W. Wynn Westcott and the Esoteric School of Masonic Research; Andy Durr – Ritual of Aossciation and the Organisations of the Common People etc. Order No. 6401 £15

Various, Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, Transactions of the Quator Coronati Lodge No. 2076, Vol. 108 for Year 1995, 1996 Hardback 280pp Articles include:- Bob Gilbert – Chaos out of Order; the Rise and Fall of the Swedenborgian Rite; Martin Starr – Aleister Crowley Freemason!;# etc. etc. Fine Order No. 6404 £20

Various, Studies in Reliugious Science and Technology, No.1, Religious Science Camp OTO, (Australian Caliphate OTO) 1993 Large format card covers 36pp. Reprints first two chapers of Psychic Wedlock by Ida Craddock. Odinist material that clearly rejects Nazi associations, aborigine initiations. Good spirit Fine Order No. 590007 £6

Various (Ed. Sydney Anglo), The Damned Art, Essays in the Literature of Witchcraft, RKP 1977 vii + 258pp Sydney Angelo – Evident authority and authoritative evidence, The Malleus Malificarum / Reginald Scot’s ,Discoverie of Witchcraft, Scepticism and Sadduceeism; Peter Burke – Witchcraft and Magic in Rennaissance Italy, Gianfranco Pico and his Strix; Christopher Baxter – Johann Weyer’s De Praestigiis Daemonum, Unsystematic psychopathy /Jean Bodin’s de la Demonamanie des Sorciers, the logic of persecution; Alan Macfarlane – A Tudor Anthropologist, George Gifford’s Discourse and Dialogue; Stuart Clarke – King Jame’s Daemonologie, Witchcraft and Kingship; Margaret McGowan – Pierre de Lancre’s Tableu de l’Inconstance des Mauvais Anges et Demons, The Sabbat Sensationalised; M. Wynn Thomas – Cotton Mather’s Wonders of the Invisible World, some metamorphoses of Salem Witchcraft; Christina Larner – Two Late Scottish Witchcraft Tracts, Witch-Craft Proven and the Tryal of Witchcraft Fine in Fine price-clipped DW Order No. 97047 £60

Various (Ithell Colquhoun), Springtime Two, An Anthology of Current Trends in Literature, Peter Owen 1958 126pp. Edited by Peter and Wendy Owen. 14pp given over to Ithell Colquhoun, mostly given over to extracts from Goose of Hermogenes, but also some poetrry including “Elegy on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” VG in VG DW Order No. 95541 £8

Nathan Johnson and Robert Wallis, Galdrbok, Practical Heathen Runecraft, Shamanism & Magic, Wykeham Press 2005 Hardback 398pp Illustrated deals with the underlying cosmology before exploring trance, the invocation of deitys, ritual and magic. An important and significant work New Order No. 110826 £20

Kenneth & Steffi Grant, Austin Osman Spare, Zos Speaks, , Fugur 1998 Large format 295pp Many illustrations including coloured. Important work presenting the Grants’ account of their relationship with Spare (reproducing correspondence etc) plus the Book of Zos vel Thanatos being Spares previously unpublished magical writings. Corner of one page damaged otherwise Fine in Fine DW Order No. 4522 £90

Various, Journal for the Academic Study of Magic, Issue 5, Mandraek 2009 Paperback 327pp Articles include:- P. Jewell – Flavius Jospehus Tyerminology of Magic, Accomodating Jewish Magic to a Roman Audience; Dan Harms – Role of Griumoires in the Vonjure Tradition; Dana Winters – Cabalistic Ritual in Marlowe’s Faustus; Sabina Magliocco – Italian Cunning craft; Marguerite Johnson – Witching Hour, Sex Magic in 1950’s Australia (Rosaleen Norton) etc New Order No. 4526 £20

Various, Journal for the Academic Study of Magic, Issue 2, Mandrake of Oxford 2004 Paperback 387pp Justin Goodman – Modernity & the Social Diagnostics of the Demonic in Lovecraftian Magic; Vanessa Chambers – A Shell With My Name on It – The Reliance on the Supernatural During the First World War; Filipovic & Rader – Human Body in Southern Slavic Folk Sorcery; Lionel Snell – Four Glases of Water; Dave Evans – Trafficking with an ‘onslaught of compulsive weirdness, Kenneth Grant and the Magickal Revival etc Excellent stuff! Fine Order No. 4524 £20


6) Abbreviations

1st Ed First Edition; aeg All edges gilt; Anno. Annotations; bd Binding; bds Boards; Bkpt Bookplate; Bkt Booklet; cl Cloth; cold Coloured; dec Decorated; discold Discoloured; DW Dustwrapper; Ex-lib Ex-library with stamps etc; F Fine (almost like new); facs Facsimile; fep Free end papers; Frontis. Frontispiece; G Good (well used); gt bl Gilt (gold) blocking; HB Hardback; Illus Illustrated; Insc Insciption; IP In Print; Ltd Limited; LF Large Format; M Mint; Pb Paperback; mks Mark; n.d. Not Dated; OP Out of Print; o/w Otherwise; Pub. Published; SF Small Format; sp Spine; teg Top edge gilt; Trans. Translated; UP University Press; VG Very Good (some signs of use) Minor Inscriptions & small booksellers labels generally not mentioned


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