Kenneth Grant: The Magical Revival

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I’m thrilled to have been asked to announce the publication in December of Kenneth Grant’s wonderful The Magical Revival. This was one of the books that I found most influential in my earliest years on the path…

Starfire Publishing Ltd is delighted to announce the republication in December 2009 of Kenneth Grant’s The Magical Revival. First published in 1972, this new edition is limited to 1500 copies. Printed on high-quality paper, 274 pages, with a new frontispiece, a section of seventeen plates (many in colour, some new) and illustrated endpapers, the book is sewn hard-bound, with an attractive full-colour dust-jacket designed by Steffi Grant. The boards of the standard issue are bound in black cloth, and the price is £30.00.

The first 118 copies comprise a deluxe issue, available only from the publishers. The boards are bound in paper, with a further quarter-binding of black Morrocco, finished with top and tail bands. Each copy is individually numbered and signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant, with dust-jacket, and enclosed in a slipcase. The deluxes are not expected back from the specialist binders until the end of January 2010, but orders are being taken now. The price of the deluxe is £120.00 and, due to anticipated demand, orders are restricted to one per person. Both editions can be ordered directly from the publishers:
Click here for a PDF brochure, including order form.

Starfire Publishing Ltd
BCM Starfire
London WC1N 3XX

Postage is extra, and varies according to destination as follows:

Area Standard Deluxe
United Kingdom £ 5.00 £ 8.00
Americas, Canada £ 9.00 £13.00
Europe £ 7.00 £11.00
Australasia, Pacific Rim £10.00 £14.00

Payments via Paypal should be emailed to

Cheques, postal orders or international money orders are also acceptable forms of payment. They must be in Sterling only, made payable to Starfire Publishing Ltd, and accompanied by the order form printed overleaf.

Starfire Publishing titles are distributed in Canada and the USA by Holmes Publishing Group LLC, Postal Box 2370, Sequim, WA 98382, USA. Email for price and delivery.

About this book . . .

When the original manuscript of this book was submitted for publication, the author was told he had provided “too much material for one book”. This proved to be correct. The work here presented – in an enhanced edition – became the first volume of three Trilogies. It provides a detailed analysis of certain occult traditions which existed long before the Christian epoch, survived its persecutions and anathemas, and reappeared in recent times with renewed vigour.

The continuity of this magical current as reflected in the work of Aleister Crowley, Austin Osman Spare, Dion Fortune and others is here traced through the Tantrik Tradition of the Far East, the Sumerian Cult of Shaitan and the Draconian, Sabian, or Typhonian rites of the ‘dark’ dynasties of ancient Egypt.

Sexual magick and mysterious rites have always been practised; drugs and other substances have constantly been used to induce ecstasy, to produce visions and to facilitate traffic with the denizens of other worlds or planes of consciousness; but an initiated rationale of the process such as presented here has been rarely forthcoming.

The genuine magical tradition as revived by Adepts like Crowley is here related to its ancient sources and brought into line with phases of contemporary occultism that are evolving a New Gnosis to supercede the sterile superstitions bred of an aeon-long misunderstanding of the old.

As a contribution to occult lore, The Magical Revival and its companion volumes have become standard source-books in their special field.

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