The Magical I Ching

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“If some years were added to my life, I would devote them to study of the Yi…”

The Company of Heaven, in association with The Atlantis Bookshop, is pleased to announce ‘The Magical I Ching’, a practical introduction to the Book of Changes.

Starting on Monday 2 November 2009, the six-module course will give participants the basic vocabulary to begin their own dialogue with the ancient Chinese Oracle of Change. The I Ching has been a source of wisdom and guidance for over 2,500 years. Its profound philosophy and its reputation as an extraordinarily accurate system of divination have ensured that the I Ching has also found a place in the Western magical tradition.

The course covers the I Ching’s traditional history and key facts in its historical development as a system of divination in China and beyond.

Participants will be introduced to the basic philosophical concepts of the I Ching, learn the traditional symbolic significance of the eight trigrams and explore their correlation with the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

There will also be the opportunity to learn two traditional methods of consultation, and a third method used by Aleister Crowley.
As one of the first Westerners to practice divination using the I Ching, Crowley consulted the Book of Changes daily for lengthy periods during his life, frequently using it during important magical workings.

Crowley regarded his attribution of the eight trigrams of the I Ching to the Qabalistic Tree of Life as one of his greatest achievements. His approach to the I Ching using these correspondences gives both a unique insight into the symbolic structure of the I Ching and also a fresh perspective on the Tree of Life.

The course will be supported by notes summarising each module’s content and there will be opportunities to encounter materials and artefacts historically related to the I Ching or associated with Crowley and the China that he visited in 1906.

The course is aimed at individuals interested in practising divination using the I Ching and is particularly relevant for those with an interest in Crowley’s approach to the system.

Traditional style Chinese coins, yarrow stalks and divination sticks will be available. In addition, The Company of Heaven has produced a limited series of 8 Stele of Revealing specially dedicated to connect with the Tao.

The course comprises of 6 weekly, one and a half hour modules on Monday evenings (7.30-9.00pm) commencing on 2 November at The Atlantis Bookshop, Museum Street, London. Cost £15.00 per module. Places are limited and spaces allocated on a first come, first served basis.

The course will be presented by Gary Dickinson, the Company of Heaven’s artist executant. A Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society, Gary has studied Chinese history, philosophy and art for over 25 years, lecturing extensively around the world.

For further information please contact The Atlantis Bookshop. Tel: 020 7405 2120. email:

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