Aleister Crowley TV Documentaries…

      No Comments on Aleister Crowley TV Documentaries… is currently hosting some remarkable Windows Media Player files…
Visit and you can download .WMV versions of the following Thelemic documentaries:

  • Without Walls: Channel 4 piece-to-camera by playwright Snoo Wilson

  • The Other Loch Ness Monster: Superb Scottish-made documentary. Detailed history of Boleskine House, Aleister Crowley and Jimmy Page; including interviews with John Bonner (UK Head of the OTO), Colin Wilson, Sandy Robertson, Malcolm Dent, etc. Features a part performance of the Gnostic Mass, based on production assistance by Mogg Morgan.

  • Masters Of Darkness: Channel 4 documentary. Well-researched and slick presentation. Includes brief sequence with Patricia McAlpine.
  • There’s plenty of other material, too, including several interviews with the late Gerald Suster.

    Absolutely essential stuff! Thanks, Mortimer…

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