TOTOCON II – Texas Regional OTO Convention

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Scarlet Woman Lodge, O.T.O hosts


at Casa de Luz 1701 Toomey Rd., Austin, TX 78704 Saturday, November 14, 2009 e.v. and Sunday, November 15, 2009 e.v. from 9AM-6PM C.S.T.

Texas O.T.O. Convention II is organized by the Texas Regional O.T.O. for the Thelemic and wider Magical community, with a focus on practical magick and related topics.

Join Scarlet Woman Lodge for two days of workshops on mysticism, magick, and other aspects of spiritual practice.

  • The Warrior’s Way – Frater EWL – Among the topics discussed will be rites of passage, ceremony, the meaning and practice of honor and courage, nature awareness, issues of materialism, and much more.
  • Wielding the Flaming Sword: An Examination of Crowley’s “777 and other Qabalistic Writings” – Fr. P.F.D.V. – A thorough examination of the book 777.
  • Beyond the Greater Feast; Death and Dying for Thelemites – Soror Tzaddi – Will discuss death and dying from the Thelemic perspective, share personal experiences, and do some visualization and meditation exercises.
  • Roots of the World-Ash Wonder Tree: Exploring Thelema’s Antecedents – Fr. Anubis – Join us as we take a trip through history and examine the various people, philosophies and spiritual practices that preceded The Great Beast’s reception of The Law in 1904.
  • The Mark of the Whore: The Magick of Tattoo – Mulysa Mayhem – Will show the diversity of those who choose to mark themselves and the similarities between the reasons individuals choose to be tattooed.
  • The Lodge as a Magickal Tool – Heretical Confessions of an O.T.O. Bodies Master – Fr. do – Selfless service is not a thing obtained, it is not the goal; selfless service is a result – the result of Selfish service.
  • and a Celebration of the Gnostic Mass Plus Vendors, a silent auction, social events, and goodies unobtainable anywhere else! Registration is open to the public for $45.00. Limited space is available. Register now!
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