Postnuke/Joomla: A Request For Assistance

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Members with experience of Postnuke and Joomla and with plenty of spare time are urged to contact the owner of LAShTAL.COM…
It’s becoming very clear from responses to the Survey that many visitors are finding the format of LAShTAL.COM somewhat frustrating, based, as it is on the ageing Postnuke technology.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to move the site across to Joomla but keeping the current content is way beyond my skills.

So, if you find yourself with loads of spare time that you’d like to fill with unpaid service for LAShTAL.COM and if you’re comfortable with importing into Joomla from Postnuke, PNphpBB2, Coppermine Photo Gallery and MediaWiki, please get in touch by email to

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