A Merry Crowley Christmas

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Another chance to see a News item from December 2007…

Your attention is drawn to some audio broadcasts on BBC Radio 7 of The Scarifyers, a very engaging historical adventure romp involving the appearance of one Aleister Crowley.

The programme makers’ web site draws attention to a free related download: “Mr Crowley’s Christmas”. With the unerring sense of timing that LAShTAL.COM is known for, I’m pleased to be in a position to offer the play for download from this site with kind permission from the programme’s producer and writer.

Read on for more information and for associated links… Click here to download Mr Crowley’s Christmas from LAShTAL.COM. All rights reserved by cosmichobo.com

The Scarifyers plays are available for download from commercial sites linked from the producers’ home site: http://www.cosmichobo.com. They are very entertaining and the appearances of Crowley are well-observed and amusing.

In email correspondence with me, the producer of the plays and writer of the first Scarifyers adventure explains his reason for incorporating Crowley as a character: “As a plot device (hopefully he’ll become more than that in future stories), but that aside it was just the idea of turning the popular idea of him on its head. As you know, he was far from the ‘wickedest man in the world,’ yet 60 years later that’s still most people’s idea of him. So the idea of making him some sort of a hero appealed. And also, whatever your feelings about Crowley, stories such as how he walked through crowded restaurants believing himself to be invisible are just funny, and do lend themselves to humour…”

Highly recommended stuff! Enjoy…

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