Lion & Serpent 14:4 Now Available

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The winter solstice issue of Sekhet-Maat Lodge’s official journal, “Lion & Serpent,” is now available. Rare Crowley poetry, astrological news, Mr Clown, voice magick, and lots more in this issue.
Contents include:

  • Beauty by Aleister Crowley
  • Elocution Magick by Κηαβϛ Καοϛ
  • Sekhet (I) by Aleister Crowley
  • God’s Muse by Sr. Daphna Kohn
  • The Rended Veil by Fr. Hrumachis
  • Plumage by Liv Rainey-Smith
  • Paean to Capricorn by Br. Obelos
  • Symbolism of the Creed by Fr. Ίακχος ט
  • The Starry Sky by Sr. Theodora
  • While You Were Sleeping by Andropos Troy
  • Liber LXV Series (part 2) by Dathan

Printed issues (with full-quality artwork) and free PDF downloads are available via L&S homepage. This is the last issue of volume 14. Beginning with volume 15, anyone can sponsor our work and have your name recorded for the ages in print for as little as $10.

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