The Thelemic Mass

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A Facebook to announce the public performance of the Thelemic Mass in the NYC area.

thelemic mass

Within the College of Thelema exists an ecclesiastical order called the Temple of Thelema.

All aspects of the College of Thelema are religious in character. The Temple of Thelema, in service to the thelemic comunity and under the warranted Aiwass Temple No. 8 in New York, is pleased to announce the public performances of the Thelemic Mass.

The Thelemic Mass is an exclusive ritual of the Temple of Thelema. It is based on Liber XV (Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica Canon Missae) written in 1913 by Aleister Crowley.
This ritual (Liber XV) has been performed by the O.T.O. for many years, and embedded in it, there are steps, signs and mysteries pertaining to such organization.

Temple of Thelema undertook a very modest rewrite. About 93% of Crowley‘s sublime original was left intact, and the other 7% is our distinctive contribution. The rewrite was intended to accomplish the following purposes:

• To preserve the essence of the ritual as first written.

•To remove details distinctive, and often confidential, to O.T.O. (in respect of their entitlement to their own Mysteries).

•To fortify it with stylistic elements distinctive to, but not private to, our own rituals.

•To further equilibrate the balance between gender energies in the Mass: Social standards on this issue, thankfully, have shifted in the 90 years since Liber XV was crafted. If there is any ritual where the feminine needs to be on an equal standing with the masculine, it‘s this one!

•By subtle tweaking, to enhance the magical and dramatic power of the ceremony, working on the solid basis already present.

You are cordially invited to join us and participate in the Mysteries of the Mass.

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