CROWLEY Starts World Tour Again

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Thanks to karl for a fascinating and welcome update regarding the Crowley movie, Perdurabo.

Regular visitors to this site will have read much about the film. This announcement is a significant update.

Quoting directly from karl:

First part of work-in-progress independent movie about Aleister Crowley’s magick, entitled Perdurabo, is visiting different European and American festivals. Crowley, also known as the Beast 666, Perdurabo, or The Wickedest Man in the World, was the XXth century's greatest magician, and it was needful for long time that somebody does a film about him. Perdurabo was filmed with digital video, and written and directed by Carlos Atanes, filmmaker from Barcelona who has done a lot of underground productions. Joaquin Torres Baumgartner was the director of photography, Marta Timon made settings, and the musician Xavier Tort composed the original score.

This first part (49 min length) re-sites the facts happened in Sicilian abbey of Thelema. The Thelemites (Leah Hirsig, Betty May, Raoul Loveday, Mary Butts and Ninette Shumbay) live abandoned because a command from Mussolini has expelled Crowley out of Italy. However, two persons who are looking for the Beast visit the abbey: a Hollywood actress, Jane Wolfe, and a mysterious German (whose identity will be revealed in the second part). There are more details about the movie at

Since today, Perdurabo has been showned at Szigetvár Retina Video Meeting (Hungary) and at Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Fantastic Festival (Argentina). In 2004 spring, it will be screened at Sevilla (Spain), Reyjkiavik (Island), Brighton (UK), and perhaps in Montevideo (Uruguay) and Cracow (Poland). We know a copy of Perdurabo has been also sent to Karlsruhe Independent Days Film Festival
Kurt Krause

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