Aleister Crowley and the Aeon of Horus: Book Launch Party

24th January 2010 (Sunday) 3-6pm

Avalonian Aeon and Friends

A Sunday afternoon book launch on the Treadwell’s shop floor, celebrating the release of Paul Weston’s book on Crowley, Aleister Crowley and the Aeon of Horus.
Subtitled ‘from the Nazis to the atom bomb, LSD, and UFOlogy’ this is lively book of fascinating connections. It is Paul Weston’s surreal and hyper-real take on Crowley in connection to Babalon Working, Sirius Mystery, Stele of Revealing, psychedelic sixties, Church of Satan, Process Church of the Final Judgement, rebirth of Witchcraft, Manson murders, Thule, orgone energy, Abraxas, Mothman, Illuminati, Men in Black, Gnostic revival, Nazi Occultism, Montauk, Loch Ness monster, Necronomicon, the psychology, magick, and mysticism of Thelema, the crossing of the Abyss, secret cipher, Extra-Terrestrial Gnosis. Join us for a drink and get your signed copy on the day.

Price: Free but advance booking required.

Reserve your place via Treadwell’s by email (, or by phone, 020 7240 8906. Treadwell’s hosts courses and workshops taught by most experienced and gifted practitioners we know — tutors who are not only advanced in their subjects but are also able to consider their practices thoughtfully and critically. Our aim is to make the study of esoteric disciplines available to thinking, well-read enquirers. You can get details on current events at We also do tarot readings (, and you can subscribe to our mailing list ().

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