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I have mentioned in the past that donations towards the costs relating to the hosting, development and maintenance of LAShTAL.COM are always gratefully received.

Read more for the latest example of why such donations (PayPal to are so essential.

Ridiculous though it may seem to those not directly involved, the costs are substantial…
I received, early this morning, the following email (individual, identifiable details removed, of course)…

Dear Paul it has come to my attention that archived matter on mentions me by name.

I regard all mentions of my name, my business, or my creations on your website as defamatory.

I have taken notice of the posts and passed the matter on to our solicitors.

I would like you to comply with my request to remove all archived material relating to me, all mentions of my name or the ‘Hell Fire Club’ products.

I am in a position to engage in protracted legal dispute with anyone who will not comply with such a reasonable request.

Even ridiculous emails such as this require legal advice. And it’s not cheap!

Please donate towards the legal fund through PayPal at

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