Speech in the Silence #2

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My thanks to thiebes for this News item…

Speech in the Silence, the official podcast of ARARITA San Diego Thelema Group, has released its second episode. In this episode:

* Intro music: “Song of Adoration” by Frater Oz
* Listener feedback
* “Every Man and Every Woman is a Star” by Fawn Lengvenis
* “De Lege Libellum” reading (part 2) by Frater Oz
* Musical interlude: “I Am the Heart” by Oliver Althoen
* “Living Thelema” by Dr. David Shoemaker
* “Sermon on Baphomet” by T Polyphilus
* Outro music: “Song of Adoration” by Frater Oz

Download the complete episode at SpeechintheSilence.com.

Full disclosure: I help to produce this podcast and occasionally contribute.

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