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Members of The Aleister Crowley Society and visitors to this website will know of the enormous respect and admiration I have for Gary Dickinson and the work he has done to restore the Stele of Revealing to appropriate Thelemic and Crowleyan prominence. His talks in London on the stele and on Crowley’s “Walk Across China” have been very well received and his line of reproduction stelae, released through the auspices of the ‘Company of Heaven’, are unrivalled in commitment and execution. I am delighted, therefore, to publish Gary’s announcement of his new website…


The Company of has a new web-address at

This is now the home-site of Gary Dickinson, artist-executant of the Company of Heaven.

The Magical features all of the Stelae of Revealing currently produced by the Company of Heaven, providing information and images about the Company of Heaven’s replicas which will be of interest to those unable to view the examples on display and available from The Atlantis Bookshop in London.

As its title suggests, The Magical also covers Gary Dickinson’s wider interests including the recently established Mandarin’s Eye I Ching Consultancy. Personal I Ching consultations, as well as written interpretations for those living outside central London, are both available.
Enquiries are welcome at

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