Crowley, Wicca, Gardner and Hitler

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A very lengthy article in the online newspaper ‘IC Liverpool’ gives a detailed account of the life of Gerald Gardner.

Of particular interest is a section about an alleged ritual performed in Ashdown Forest, Sussex… The article extends over five ‘pages’ and can be seen by clicking here. The section most relevant to this site is as follows:

An acquaintance of Gardner was the infamous Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). “Not a very nice person who used his friends very badly,” says the author Philip Heselton.

In 1941, Crowley and his crowd also held some sort of ceremony against the Germans in Ashdown Forest, Sussex. Gardner, buried in Tunis, was generally regarded as a benign figure. But Crowley, the black magician and self-billed “wickedest man in the world”, was thrilled when his few friends called him the “the great beast”.

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