93 Co Release the Enochian ‘PELE’ Ring.

Dr John Dee’s Enochian ‘PELE’ Ring now available.

We have been asked so many times over the last year if we would be making the famous Enochian ring of Dr John Dee.

This has been on the drawing board for a long time and has now come to fruition.
Please see the 93 Ltd gallery for a picture, as this will certainly paint a thousand words. The ring has by enlarge been constructed in the traditional fashion, and I have kept close to the original information given in the texts. The beauty of this ring is in its simplicity, and bearing these factors in mind I have not tried to ‘guild the lilly’ with this one. The ring is available in Silver and 9ct Gold, and a Rose gold and Yellow Gold plated option will be available.

This is not on our website, so for further information about how to obtain one please mail me at: thelema93@live.co.uk 93. 93/93

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