New Release from Scarlet Imprint XVI

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News of the release and book launch for the latest offering from Scarlet Imprint

Brothers and Sisters,

We have returned from the mountain top with the divine lightning.
All pre-ordered copies of XVI will be sent on Monday.

This is a radical collection of writers confronting what it means to practice magick in the shadow of the Tower.
XVI contains these essays:

John Michael Greer – Magic and the End of History
The shape of time, the myth of progress and the fall of civilisation

Ramsey Dukes – XXXII – Not One Tower But Two
The forbidden pleasures of 9/11 and the fight for freedom

Carl Abrahamsson – Everything Must Go…On!
Metaprogramming the future through art

Eric K Lerner – The Tower
Shango, santeria, phallic magick and the tarot

Raven Caldera – Being the Change
The path of a trans-gender plant shaman, from permaculture to bdsm

Michael Idehall – The Tower of Babel
Qliphothic initiation on the averse path and the astral realm

Peter Grey – Seeing Through Apocalypse
John Dee, Babalon, brain chemistry and apocalypse denial

Dr George J Sieg – Occult War for the Aeon
Aeonic warfare from iot, oto, ona, to evola and the church, as civilisations clash

James Wasserman – Defeating a Vile Threat
Advocating patriotic thelemic resistance to attacks on our liberty

Hafiz Batin – Orgy in Matter
The spiritual warfare of an ismaili gnostic in the west

Dr Dave Evans/Francis Breakspear – Twin Infinities
Chaote on crowley, car crashes and identity crises

Stephen Grasso – Things Fall Apart
Fighting dystopian doomsayers with vodou

Kyle Fite – Falling into Fire
An initiates journey through the labyrinth of Burroughs, Blake, Hesse, Crowley and Bertiaux

Julian Vayne – The Ecstatic State
The war against some drugs and the ritual use of ketamine, toad venom and foxy methoxy

Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule – The Tower Crashes
Direct artistic intervention, babble babel, and both theatrical and ecological action

Peter J Carroll – Eschaton
The godfather of chaos magic enchants for the eschaton

Alkistis Dimech – Coup de Foudre
Woman and revolutionary witchcraft from the sabbat to collapse, from Michelet to Jack Parsons to now

The text is riven by images from:

Stafford Stone
Kyle Fite
Fredrik Soderberg
Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule
Hafiz Batin
Michael Idehall
Eric k Lerner

The full description of XVI and ordering details for the Babel edition are now live here:

A few of the Kill all Kings fine editions remain unclaimed, please email us for details.


Those in London, or within striking distance, are invited to join us for molotov cocktails and caviar in Watkins Books to immanentise XVI:

Friday, 28 May 2010
18:30 – 20:00
Watkins Books
21 Cecil Court

A reading, a fierce bout of vodka and we will spill out to a central London drinking establishment to further fuel the occult revolution.
Please note, this event starts at 18:30 sharp and concludes at 20:00
The reborn and revitalised Watkins Books is the ideal place to launch XVI and we look forward to seeing some of you there.

In Nomine Babalon

Peter and Alkistis x

PS Our apologies for the delay on dispatching the pre-order.
We promise that it will be worth the wait and thank you for your patience.

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