In Memoriam: Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida

This from 666TSAEB…

It has come to our attention and thus seemeth worthy of report, the passing of the Brasilian Initiate, Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida into the Next Step on the 24th Day of June 2010 e.v.
Those of you familiar with the Publications of Marcelo Ramos Motta, will recognise Euclydes’ name from the Editorial of The Equinox, Vol. V No. 4 and the various other published references in extant elsewhere. Euclydes has persevered over the years as both an A.•.A.•. Instructor and Inner Head of several Brasilian O.T.O. offshoot organizations with ties to the Germer/Motta Lineage but have since come and gone over the years, leaving only Order Documents and Appointments to certain Grades behind. Euclydes was a close neighbor and long time friend of Marcelo Motta in the formative years. Motta and Seixas in loving jest, co-wrote the song Peixuxa (The Piscean Fish) with all its Christist implications, actually dedicating and pointing the lyrics to Euclydes himself, (in our opinion a tribute of sorts.) A few of Euclydes’ paintings are posted here at A Google search will surely surface any finer details for those with further interest in the life of this most dedicated spiritual man. One recent link to a youtube video trailer features a very short Euclydes line, appropriately enough at 2:16 mins into it, in reference to the movie mentioned in the attached letter from Toninho Buda.

We quote here a translated rendition of our first informational email regarding Euclydes’ passing and the accompanying photo from our friend, Toninho Buda & Raul Seixas biographer.


Gregory von Seewald


Dear Friends!

It is with sadness that I report the death of Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida, on June 24th last week in Rio de Janeiro.

He had called me there are 15 days saying goodbye, because it would undergo another lung surgery and was feeling down again. But he was quiet and said it would be just “a pass”.

He was a man of incredible honesty and sincerity to every race. Sometimes too naive, always fought for the ideals and the dissemination of esoteric knowledge, especially the Law of Thelema. He produced several books on the subject.

For those who do not remember, he was the instructor of Raul Seixas and Paulo Coelho in the Alternative Society in the years 1974 75 and 76. He was also the creator of the “Society New Aeon” that Raul Seixas sang in their songs. He always lived as a recluse and refused to appear in public and the media.

Luckily I convinced him to give a testimonial for the film director Walter Carvalho last year. His only public appearance will be seen in the documentary on Raul Seixas, which is scheduled to go to cinemas across Brazil in October. (the film will be called “Raul Seixas – The Beginning, the End and Middle).


Toninho Buda

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