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Thanks to Aion131…

We are happy to announce that SILVER STAR Volume 2, Issue (A JOURNAL OF NEW MAGICK) is online now.
We are happy to announce that SILVER STAR Volume 2, Issue 2 (A JOURNAL OF NEW MAGICK) is online at:

and we are now seeking material for SILVER STAR Volume 2, Issue 3

Silver Star seeks to provide an open source and forum for all Sirius Adepts who will to share with their Brothers and Sisters the work and play of the Art Magickal. This chaoticaly eclectic Journal of the Mysteries maintains a focus on practical and theoretical essays, fiction, rituals, art and poetry that express The High Art: the countless aspects of the mystery and alchemy of the ‘Great Work’. Our focus is primarily, although not limited to, the realm of Thelema and the Double Current of Horus/Maat: “Love under Will”! Other currents (Tantrik, Shamanic, Chaotic, Wiccan, Voudon, etc.) are also included.

In the end, Silver Star is what our contributors and readers choose to make of it. Silver Star seeks to represent the widest possible spectrum of Magick and its practice as it is evolving now.

Publication date: Fall Equinox
Deadline: One Month Before

There is no payment for submissions except Good Karma and Undying Fame. Authors and artists all retain their copyrights. 
We request that submissions, if possible, be sent in MS WORD as attachments or as text documents 
(rich text is fine as well). Images as GIFs or JPGs, and please keep them reasonably small, memory-wise and size-wise! Also, please be very clear about the titles of your pieces and the names you want to be known by. Note that we do NOT edit for style, content, grammar or typos, we spend all our efforts getting up online; PLEASE send ready-to-print materials. In other words, all typos and grammatical errors are owned by their authors…

Please send all submissions to the editor at:

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