“Lion & Serpent” Issue 15:2 Now Available


The summer solstice issue of Sekhet-Maat Lodge’s official journal, “Lion & Serpent,” is now available. Contents include: <ul > <li >Gugalanna by Hals Reynolds <li >An Account of the Season by the Editor <li >Sex Magick by Pentecostal Thelemite <li >Capybara by Liv Rainey-Smith <li >The Great Hymn of the Aten by Pharaoh Akhenaten <li >Transmutation of Meat and Drink by Fr. Peredur <li >The Starry Sky by Sr. Theodora <li >Mr. Clown by Andropos Troy <li >Liber LXV Series (part 4) by Dathan

Printed issues and free PDF downloads are available via L&S homepage.

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